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Assembling the Bouquet

The way I like to make it ok I don't know how many of you do this but I like to look in the mirror when I'm making it ok you guys do that too no, I think it's great because you can see you know what the bride will how it's going to look when the bride's holding it and for me it's just unease e way of doing it so I will be showing how to do that today um what do you guys usually start with when you start your bookcase? Anybody the green green okay, um well I'm going to go over what not to use when you first start because what you start with is going to be the center of your bouquet right? Because you're going to build around that and so whatever you choose it better be what you wanted to be kind of showing centered um I want to talk about making an asymmetric bouquet one that's not completely round and, you know, just like it like a dome perfection it's going to be a wilder mohr loose and kind of you know, right out of the garden type of thing so I'm in the start making it here is my va...

riety that I have I have had to put it all back inside the bucket because I didn't want him to they were starting to die a little bit outside the water um so I want to start with my narine lilies because I think they're so pretty in the middle I'm going to start with these then I'm going to take the's garden roses takes some of them out maybe I'll put on my apron before I do that so I like to use aprons when I work sometimes I could put things in my pockets and my nice clothes don't get dirty you could still look nice and have nice clothes on that's another important thing maybe to put in your kid if you're just starting its true you forget a friend yeah aprons air in their hip thing that was great so you look good you look like a rock star a flower rocks so then I'm going to take my I still be so these were the things that I want in the center of my bouquet still be and this and a little bit of explosion grass you could see why it's called explosion it kind of does explode so I'm going to start like this and then I'm going to look in the mirror and start building I could use a little bit more explosion here I'm gonna use wanna move this up a little is that ok to move this up and move it up it's a little bit wobbly some more marines this is going to be the center we think this is better to have in the center or some leaves wait, I'll take some of this out save smell so good, maybe they'll come up with a way for us to be able to smell through the screen one of these days I'm going to use a little bit of this for some color and texture right next to the flowers. But this is geranium green, a little bit of sage, and here we have kind of a center but mainly with these and focus on a little bit more of this narine to add the fluff and now I'm starting to build it. Yes, I think the students khun start piecing this together themselves give it a shot. Now I know that you guys don't have the mirror right there, but you can kind of piece it together and chiana will definitely yes, you know high yeah, go ahead. Yeah, you determine the size of the u k? Does it depend on sort of the guidance from the bride? Or is that in our game processes? Well, until you feel that it's a little bit of both, some brides don't want too big of a bouquet and some really do they want it to be just all over the place. I like it somewhere in the middle today since we don't have a bride, I'm just going to go until I decide it's time to stop, okay feel free to stand up, get comfortable yeah, whatever works for you so you can arrange the flowers and it's important to always pick the best blooms, right? Like this looks so pretty you better believe I'm going to use in my bouquet and the way I think of this is so I'm looking at it in the mirror and I'm going to go with I'm going to pick these leaves that air it's not going to be inside the bouquet and then I'm going to look at it and say, well, I'm kind of building my ace chemistry already you can see that this is and this is already asymmetric right? And I'm just going to build upon this more and more out a little bit more right here a cemetery you're mostly using the blooms in the color you're doing yes on some leaves like for example, this is going to be used again I'm going to use the sage to accentuate my asymmetry like this. I want some dusty miller in here now that this vision sort of come to you when you were in the preparation stage or is this just from looking in the mirror this just from looking in the mirror and what I think would look good okay, I'm going to do this and see how this looks I think it looks pretty good I'm going to add it sometimes don't be afraid to take things in and out you can put something in if you don't like the way it looks, then you could remove it that's the beauty of being in charge of your bouquet coming here about the focal flower now madeleine's he wants to know do you pick a focal a focal flour from the beginning? Or do you just sort determine which flower would look best as you're arranging? Well, local flower should be the flower that is the most beautiful in your eye and to me actually my focal flower and you'll see that in the end it's going to be the pani these pennies but the roses so beautiful to start with I don't like to start with with the peonies because there's such there's so big that you kind of want it's going to be the last thing that you add to your bouquet you want to build the bouquet and then see where it where it could, you know, host this big beautiful flower and that's a revelation because I personally would have thought it would be the other way around that you would start with the focus in the center and then build yeah, I mean I do have a focus and that the center of my flower my my bouquet is the rose, but somewhere down here there's going to be a penny and you'll see I'm going to add some more explosion grass because, um, it could get a little lost among all the flowers that you put in, so you want to make sure it's still there it is making a statement it's really helpful when you remind us to speaking of lost? Yeah, what flowers you're putting in? Yes, chatter is trying to keep up and maybe a quick recap of each of the flowers that are in there are, as you put them in, just one of you know, ok, so, so far I have got rose sage explosion grass. Um dusty miller, this is marine lily, another rose and some still be thes ones right here, which I might just use some more of right now. How are you guys doing? Question? Help but notice that it's almost like one cited. Yeah, what were you trying to build it so it's? Almost like a wall. So it's almost like that. And then but toward the end he will see that I'll add to the to the this side's to my side of more flowers. But first, because of looking in the mirror, it's natural that I'm just going to make a one sided thing once the front side is beautiful, then I'm going to add more flowers in the back, okay? No, I think he didn't have a mirror would it be okay to hold it in front of you and start to build it that way and I'll turn it around so you could also yeah I mean the way I used I used to do it before I discovered that there was so much easier was put it together and then just kind of look at it or go like this to make sure it looks beautiful from all angles and um that's it so if you don't have a mirror it's not the end of the world got married recently is that flowers have some weight to them? Yes and I of course wanted a huge ok and so that's what I have but you can see in my wedding pictures me holding it away from my body a little bit because it was so heavy and, um, you know, which was just something that when I decided on what I was going to do, I didn't anticipate so I think that's a great point, you know, I have to be honest, most bouquets I've made have been heavy just because of the variety that I used in my bookcase and you don't want a small bridal bouquet so it's naturally going to be heavy so um those brides better be ready there better be there better work out before their wedding there most prices have had that you know that bride boot camp experience where they're working out, you know, for the dress but you gotta work out for the flowers, right? Yes, you're gonna work out to be strong enough to hold your bouquet. So how are the students doing things coming along way? Have any anybody want to volunteer to maybe look in front of the mirror and see if it looks different in the mirror? Oh, come on, it'll be interesting to me you'll see a different that isn't really such a good approach, is it? I mean, you can see what that's going to look like. You could see that you might want move this down a little or put a flower in front of it to keep it from kind of looking like it's wilted it's not wilted, it just kind of limp, so you need some support for that you're gonna put maybe a rose or something in front of it that's another thing like run oculus and sometimes two lips can look limp even though they're not. So the best bet for those would be to use them in the middle of the bouquet versus somewhere like this because by the end of the day it's going to look like this and in a bride's hand and you don't want that, you don't want it to look like that after it's been around quick question, this might seem a little random but let's say that you don't need to take a bio break in the middle of making your bouquet, but you've worked so hard and you're here holding it together. What do you do? I've never had that experience thiss but that's where the husband comes right another hand, you know, I cannot tell you the number of times I've called my house is that you come here and hold this or he's the one who ties all of my bookcase for me in the end, you know, I hold it and he ties it. I mean, it's always nice to have a second pair of hands around and if he's not around, then it's my children, but I've never had that expense, but you can always ask somebody or you could just go to the bathroom with the ok nobody's going to know I'm gonna know where it's been. Yeah, that is an important thing. You don't want to let go the bouquet at any cost. No, at least I know I don't, um, uh through experience doing more traditional hand bouquets it's easy to just because you're constantly twisting it around and holding one hand and moving out, you can just put it down on the table and walk away. And usually things won't move or put it inside another thing is you can put it inside a bucket like a vase you know rapid quickly with maybe some rubber band or something put it in a vase and then walk away I have a thing about putting bouquets on tables because I feel like it squishes one or the other side no matter what you do is going to score something so I try not to do that as much as I can so these beautiful little balls here they're like little bells balls they're called shailene and I want to have like I want to have them in the middle of my bouquet somewhere kind of hanging out like this and you want you want to kind of use them a little bit higher than the rest so that they could they could show their bell shaped selves better and it gives that sense of wildness and organic quality terrible k I mean the question coming here yeah sheri and they said in the past I've had people tell me when doing bouquets to add each stem at an angle I noticed you're kind of putting them straight in yeah how do you do that? Do you typically aligned them straight or at an angle? Well my entire bouquet is kind of at an angle if you can see because because of its asymmetry so I don't like to some people put him so that all of these stems, we're going to be like this at the end because it goes around and around on I don't find that I can really easily handle it, so I try put him in straight because it's, just easy for me to handle my bouquet better as they get bigger, but did you see some of our students here? Are you loitering at an angle right there, the dignity and then doing it from up top, which is also a good idea, which I don't do very much, but that there's more than one way to do absolutely do it the way that you are most comfortable with, which is the most important thing, whatever works for you now, I want to add a little bit of color to this bouquet and really are darker color comes from these lovely plum branches that we have and this this I do at home all the time, I like don't prepare it ahead of time and I have to go like this on and that's ok to do that's what makes you human? So I'm going tio through this and maybe add a little bit of color over here and I'm also slowly trying to adm or in the back too, because I find that it's getting pretty good looking in the front, so I'm going to add a little bit more in the back as well that is what the bride has to look at that is very true that's the one thing people forget about and I try not to have flowers that are the same right next to each other if I can avoid it literally learning how to empower ourselves here in create these beautiful arrangements and you've or they would have gotten all of these flowers from a march or their local florida but let's say that someone were to actually purchase a bouquet like this rene wants to know what we're building I mean, what what's the typical price that you would pay retail for something like that it's which is another reason probably why a lot of people want to want to show up for this to know what they're going to say by doing it themselves. I mean, I don't know, I guess it depends on the size on the type of flowers that you're using and based on what I'm using today, this book a would be, um two hundred seventy five dollars retail and of course it's the labor part of it to write that you're paying for really and the fact that peonies are not cheap flowers nor our garden roses door on none of these that marines are not cheap, what we're using as our kind of the texture textural flowers like these are not still be are not cheap um we had a question come up about the mirror technique yeah, this is something that you do on lee for bouquets or do you find this helpful for all different types of arrangements? I only do it for bouquets because with different with centerpieces I can see and I could walk around it and I get it I'm not attached to it, but with the bouquets I'm sort of attached to the bouquet eso I would have you know, I can see it better this way first is if I you know, but if I wanted to walk, we'll talk about that too. With the centerpiece is that it's very important to make it and then walk away and look at it. I don't have a way of walking away from this because I'm holding it so that's the mirror it gives me that walk away option unless you have a rubber band in a vase. Yes, true your husband's hand exactly or just taking that step back is that stepping back from your work to look at it like a painting? I think this is a work of art. Um when you're painting something, you look at it from a distance and examine it um, same idea here, how are the students doing everything coming along the way they look beautiful? Look at all the group clear, yeah I like that you use your puny a it's really? Pretty so I am curious to know from the students what is it like to work with flowers that you haven't selected yourself? How is that creative process going? I think she did such a good job with the color palette that it's hard to make something that doesn't look nice. Yeah, she chose a beautiful flower staying to anyone else wanna share michelle oh, yeah, I love the palate just so organic and goes everything. You go well together because just working away there, how many flowers can I get you? How are you doing? Rachel it's good it's funny. You know, like I said, I'm such a big a fan of kiana is work that it's the's are some different florals and I think I would have selected myself on often because I kind of cheap out at the market formal terms. That's really nice tio had tohave like, sort of her design I influencing what I ultimately create. I'm curious to know that these sort of visions come to you guys, you had these flowers sitting on your desk for a little while. Were you already seeing these come together in the last segment where you just sort of putting it together as you go, um usually it's just kind of work with the process? Yeah we kind of not let it happen organically exactly other ways to get in the way yeah thing that makes its way just like naturally you over think it that's advice for life now I don't think that's a life lesson right there. Well, I think the other thing is you think it's gonna look one way and in the flower hangs totally different that's going to take it out and put something else in place and I guess that's the beauty of this process to that you haven't gone through all of this work to really cement and tile of these things together it's very formidable and interchangeable yeah, exactly and everyone's going to look different you know, we have the same flowers to start from here, but if you look around the room each bouquet is unique in its own right that's the beauty of it right in some it's not a recipe like that first photo she showed us, right? Right? Yeah, yeah, right, exactly, exactly. I didn't want to offend anyone initially when I want. When I use that for I didn't want to offend anyone. I actually made that. Um, you know, based on what I have seen being done, I don't want to offend anyone, but I wanted to just show that there's a different way of doing it then just a round packed together that's the idea is that you don't want to pack flowers into europe okay you want him to look like they are just happily resting together so let's say that one of your flowers rests a little bit too much and maybe goes permanently to sleep forget it's messed up and it's a local peace how how might you fix that if it's in the center it is in the center I would go ahead and cut it without taking the stem out because you don't want to mess up your thing and then try and put another one in from up top um but honestly I haven't had that happen because the roses with roses it's really hard for them to get wilted they don't they don't wilt very easily there they're hardy enough flowers to be able to rely on them to put it in the middle of europe okay but yeah if that happens you could definitely cut cut the cut it from like this inside there and stick something else in the middle that's good I wouldn't thought actually cut it I would have been trying to fish around messing around means he would have to mess around with your with the entire structure of your bouquet right that was something that I was just wondering do you ever get to a point when you're arranging the bouquet where you decide you look in the mirror and you say I don't like it and you just start from scratch something that you fix on the fly or do you start all over I start all over when I start putting it together and I said I think I just don't like this I get very frustrated on then I picked that think the whole thing apart and they you know do it again that hasn't happened very often but it has happened I love the color of this run oculus and it's just so perfect with the rest of these so I'm definitely gonna use it somewhere that I'm sure is going to get some, um exposure does anybody have any questions for me? Any thing that we can talk about while we're working we just had another question kind is from chocolate buckeyes and they say I was always taught and designed to avoid even numbers I'ii groups of four six and you pay attention to even versus odds and your design absolutely you know I believe that three is much better than two and five is a lot better than six so yes that's why you know if I decide that I'm going to put um you know how many pennies I'm going to put in here is are they going to be three or just one because um they take away from each other is beauty when they're only in groups of uneven groups so lose of two or groups of four yeah that's a great point for example I just put this dusty miller and I don't like it it's too bulky and here I want to take it out it's just too much I'm going to have to replace it with maybe some explosion grass instead because it's a more delicate look and maybe a smaller bunches of dusty miller now this is a lot this is better a little bit less in your face so I'm kind of keeping this this area for my pain you know and I'm going to look and see if it's ready yet it looks pretty good right here going to put my and that's your focus flower can local flower now you all of you have focal flowers kind of lined up sometimes it may be difficult when you have a couple of flowers that you really love and how do you really decide on that local flower well in the way I work is no matter what flowers I like a penny will always be a focal point because it's just a bigger flower it's just beautiful so I will always make that a focal point and everybody loves panies there's no one I've met who does not like pennies and is there a reason why you put it on the bottom of the post of putting it on the side or the top or the other? It is sort of on the side because the top of my bouquet right now is here on this is like the side of my book, eh? I'm going to add more things in the bottom now, so this is I guess is a top I don't like to put it here more in the center because that if whatever I put underneath that will squish this beauty and this this way it's just kind of stays on its own and I like to use some of the ones that haven't been quite opened yet either because I feel like that this gives a nice texture to the to the bouquet, the bad's give a nice texture and then I'm going to look and see where I can add some more like, for example, this rose is getting a little squished I'm going to pull it up a little to make sure it doesn't get lost and then I'm going to put this over here, my plum branch and I'm thinking that this is getting a little bit in my way, so I'm gonna cut it a little bit just so I can work easier with it. Sometimes the stems can really get in the way we're gonna look at it some more and see what I could possibly put in there and I think I could put some more silent and here and when you trim that, did you leave it a little bit longer than yes and you think you need yes okay, I did leave it longer just I cut it just enough so that I could get it out of my way a little I'm cutting all the taking all the extra leaves off of the stem some more silent because in her zone she's not ready teo teo get rid of the the xs on the bottom yet she's her her building no if you're building your building still right yeah, I mean definitely building when you're looking in the mirror there we had a question about when you know when you're done and this comes from flower girl and when you're looking at it like that and you place that last flower like when you feel like it's complete is there something that you look for? Um well, if I like the way it looks yeah that's I mean there's nothing there's no special instruction to it like I really love the placement of this because I think it kind of sticks out and I'm going to cut some of these leaves because they don't look so great and then I mean just all examine it and see what what else I could add, but I'm quite happy with it so far group and how happy are our students? Are you loving your design loving it a technical question? Sure, so if you're sort of like you bill tears coming down you wanted something you know yeah right this way yeah but you can't really put it in this way so how do you you sort of just um shorten it will be you have to shorten it exactly and it will have to stick out in that sense and that's why I mean that's a good branch to choose because you don't really have to stick it out that far off if you can see and it gives you that flowing sense after all so that's a good branch ok, you could have to listen to the to the flower itself you know what does it look like what it's shapes and it bends where is it going and use that to your advantage it just occurred to me but everyone's hands are different sizes yeah so do you take that into consideration when you're making a big bouquet? Especially the bride's really prettied I mean for sure again I'll go based upon what the bride wants some brides really want something big and others don't want it to be overwhelming so I'll just you don't go with the flow on that of whoever wants what I guess I just need to use both hands that they want something big and they I mean I had a bride who told me she wanted something really big just kind of you know she wanted it to just pop out when she walked down the aisle and she's very petite person and she most of the time people hold it with both hands anyway, so that worked out well for her that's actually great that you mentioned that because a lot of people are trying t visualize all of the bouquets here. Maybe you could just sort of look back into the camera holding your bouquet so viewers can see that and the students as well, kind of just hold your bouquets as if you were the the person getting married and kind of show that off the world wants to see your beautiful that's so beautiful. Amazing you guys have done a great job so lovely, very nice, so beautiful. Now we should all get married again. You can renew your vows that I think that that is a great excuse for all women to get to have lots of flowers around them I'll over and do what they couldn't do or what they regret about their day get actually, like, in my case, I didn't have a photographer and so, you know, we had this we did this beautiful dance and, um it was a tango and we had loved and we were all people got married on a boat, and we just didn't have somebody good to capture all of that now we will never be twenty five again, but maybe we could do the tango again we'll have to go to creative live photo school yeah it's amazing how much photography has taken off in the past decade really? And how different it is for weddings these days means so much beautiful photography out there and I would say flowers to there's a beautiful things to take photos of the least days there's a lot more design around the experience of getting married even more so that when I was married which makes you feel really old no yes it's great personality you know yeah are bouquets have and how that is becoming just more standard yeah, I agree not that that's there's a standardized kind of bouquet but the year free tio express yourself into you know I go I'd like a little exactly more organic look exactly. No, I agree for sure you know it's true I mean, I know it really is artistic expression and that's we were just saying how there is no right or wrong way everyone bouquet is gonna look different and that's what makes us so enjoyable? That's exactly. And for the designer is so much more fun because you're not trying to replicate sort of a standard you're getting tio, listen to your materials and pay attention to the season and be influenced by that instead of just sort of the one stock ok exactly now for this last touch I want to put something really beautiful right in front of my bride, so I'm going to put this right over here where she can look at it from every angle and maybe a little bit more greenery and now I'm barely able to hold my bouquet is getting very sick then I want to put a little bit more of my plum on the side of next to my penny because it looks it would look so pretty with right next to the penny and I want to pick one that's going to help me with with its own bend, but just like we spoke about it earlier, um I want one that's going to cooperate with me you have a name for the shape of that bouquet is a question that came up from rene andi asymmetric ok, ok, which is what on all about and another question came in from rest. Robson, I know that we're going to get into making a smaller bouquet, but let's say that that you have a bunch of greenery and flowers left left over. What do you do with it? Well, I will use these for our bridesmaids bouquets minus a few like if I'm using these beautiful peonies for the bride, I'm not going to use them for the bridesmaids um, because you want to make the bride's more special than the bridesmaids and maybe I'll use you know sometimes I'll use the pennies that are left over within inside arrangements for head tables you know, for if they have their own special table than you know you can do that with their leftover flowers I usually don't have that many leftovers so I haven't had to do that I think you were reading the mind of poppy hill in the chat room because they were just asking about the differences between the bride's maid bouquets and the bouquets for the bride is there a different thought process when you're creating the right so I never forget I had a bride who told me so what is my bridesmaid bouquet and it look like I don't really want it to overshadow mine oh of course you know it's her day and she wants it she wants to be the star so I think that the bride maids bouquets will be a an extension of what your bright bride's bouquet is they will still be beautiful but not as quite as special as the bride's bouquet and just to follow up on that you know how the boxes come with the arrow that says this side up how do you ensure that the bride on this is from mandy winter how do you ensure the bride is using the great question I find you know what I make sure to meet my bride right before I give her her bouquet because I have I will always show her what how she should be holding her bouquet so I will always say you know this is your bouquet this is the side that needs to go in the front and that's how I do it and how did you keep track of that? You just know in your mind how things there are going to go because it's gone through transport at this point and maybe you have multiple weddings that you're right well I mark on I usually put these in right away after I'm done I'll put him inside a vase and usually the bases are very plain glass vases you know cylinder vases just so that I know that nothing down here we'll get crushed and then I'll put a little sign on it you know make sure but usually I meet my bride's before I give them their bouquet I not even if I have to weddings I make the time to go and hand them their book a or if they have a bright I mean an event planner then I'll stay make sure this is how it needs to be shown and all of that so wonderful and I'm almost done with this how are you guys doing? Are you are you all done with your bookcase? So do you have any more flowers left no left? Maybe you can put some greenery in the back of your bookcase to give it more support and that's actually another good question what happens if you run out of flowers? Um well, you can come a borrow something from me here right away you love it and then all of a sudden you realize I've done that I didn't get enough flowers you mean from the store, right? Oh, no, I would never do that that would never happen because I always buy more than less. Okay it's always okay to have more left overs than not enough flowers the way I see it so I always have more than I need to need to get just just buy a bunch or two, maybe for each variety, so yeah, um don't buy less for sure try to buy more and that's for you don't get what do you think? She oh, when miami sister in law got married and I did all of her centerpiece arrangements how that I didn't know that I was going to be doing that I should have learned on site the day before, but she ran out of flowers and so it was a mad dash to many grocery stores tio to get the rest of the materials but it was also really funny way where you're like I'm doing a lot of work here, but this is this is a once in a lifetime sort of experience if I'd been in that's a good point, the grocery store can be your lifesaver in situations like that and there's always your garden if you have one or your neighbor's garden actually that's a really good question to ask our students where do you forage for your flowers? If it's not in the grocery store, the march or what's the craziest place, you know, creativity flower? Well, berkeley has a plant molestation hornets and that's the e r okay, station don't fortune burke, we don't agree with that the crazy s life. I'm kind of think because I know that sometimes when I'm in the park, I will see beautiful flowers that catch my eye and you are sometimes hesitant. You don't want to disrupt it. You don't want to pick it if it's not, you know, ready for it, I guess in bloom, but you know, sometimes you see some really good looking flowers out there and they may work in your bouquets. Yeah, what what's your craziest place? Well, I I love to make little just wild hand tied bouquets from wildflowers on dh, but you do need to be really conscientious. And one thing that I've done is you take, like, just a little bit from here a little bit from here, but, um if you're on a residential street like a traffic island, you know that's a fun place to go because you're not actually in someone's yard and it is very likely something that's actually hidden from view that if you if you take it and make it your own no one's losing anything you know because no one I could see it in the first place so that's what? I always try to keep in mind that I'm not having an impact that matters to someone else but I will find little treasures let them toe always be looking you never know when I'm gonna be anyone else um I I ke over at kensington there's a farmer's market every sunday so it's not crazy but it's another great place to get some fresh local flowers yeah, I love the farmer's market for flowers one time I went to the floor of my local farmer's market and they had these little peppers on the you know, just on the branch they hadn't picked them and I got them all and then they had some oregano and so I made I came home and I mix it with some of my roses no my guard and it looks so beautiful I'm using an arrangement so pretty yeah, I look a lot of farmers markets and we're likely to have them here in the bay area sure, a lot of them now we had a question here about the structure of your bouquets and this comes from my bouquet in the chat room and they say how do you still have structure without it getting too messy or too tight? I find that some brides want the loose look but you don't want it to fall apart so I for example like if you look at this okay you're right it's got structure but it's also got that wild look to it because I used it so important to use different variation ofthe flowers and the foliage because that's what gives it that sort of thing? The non structured look even though you have structured it so I think what if you have a lot to work with then it's really easier to make that wild loose flower arrangement okay? I'm just curious and follow to that have you ever had a bride ask for a certain type of bouquet and you had to just say sorry that's not gonna work or kind of steer them in a different direction? Yes, yes I don't want to get teo detailed but yes and a lot of times they are they're cool enough that they'd listen to you and they say ok, cool I didn't know that I understand what you mean are but yeah, sometimes people want some stuff that you just you know I don't want to use and like I would never use for example what are those called, um birds paradise in a bride's bouquet? Because it's just not soft, it's not, I guess. It's no lush. Not for me anyway to use and it's hard to you to maneuver with it. It's hard to make it your own because it's such a beautiful for maybe maybe if you're doing any cab on arrangement or something more sparse. But I haven't had any brides really asking me teo change my way too much and just to get your take on it chocolate buckeyes wants to know. What do you think about baby's breath? I know that's like this favorite take on no. So, my baby's breath are these? Um I have never used baby's breath and I'm not saying that baby's breath is not pretty, but I just it's kind of like carnations. I love carnations, carnations, air such beautiful flowers and now they they're coming with such different variety, but they have a bad reputation and so I would never use them. Although I have seen some really original work with with baby's breath, like just using them in volume to make setting at a wedding not necessarily in bouquets, but just like lots and lots to make it garland with our, um, things like that, but again, that would not be my this is my my baby's breath right here or these but it's not it's not the cheaper option that's the problem it's the marks I always go with the more expensive options well that goes back to the lushness that goes back you design quality and right and you have to start with the kinds of materials that are going tio in it you survive that that your bride wants or the right yeah I don't necessarily use the things that are you can find them everywhere I look for things that are unusual and so that's why I'm always driving with these in my car because it could really easily be just a quick stop on the road to grab a couple of this and that here without anybody catching me yeah I think that's a good point I mean maybe baby's breath is good for your kind of everyday arrangements but for once in a lifetime wedding situation you want to have something that stands out that's going to be united and memorable and again because traditionally used so much it's no longer unique so I look for things that that will set me aside from that that I want to be set apart from your everyday um florist thing you've ever um let's see, I don't know if it's that I mean that unusual but I've seen I like lok watts I think lowe quads are cool and there's a tree down my street yeah, that's. I don't know that I've had my eye on, but I've been too busy to go clip it. Um, I like low quads. What if you I use so many different oh, you know what, cotton would have you closing me, use cottonwood. So cottonwood is, um I wish I had my blogged here, but I found the flower mart from actually victoria of ah flores, that large she brings them was amazing things sometimes so they they are, like they're like berries hanging off of branches and then these things after a couple of days, if it's war, they have a mind of their own, and they they're beautiful while their berries, but they turn into cotton, so you wind up having fuzz balls everywhere in your studio, and it is beautiful. I have a photo of the final product that I would have shown if I had my ipad here, but yeah, cottonwood is quite interesting to use.

Class Description

A wild, lush bouquet for the bride is an essential component of a DIY wedding. Join Kiana Underwood for Build Your Bridal Bouquet and learn how fun and simple it can be to create unique bouquets with an organic look.

This class will prepare you for the process of assembling an eye-catching, non-traditional bridal bouquet. You’ll learn about how to prepare the flowers and develop a color palette that complements your wedding colors perfectly. You’ll also explore ways to incorporate asymmetry into your bouquets for maximum impact.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, this class will teach you how to create bouquets that stand out and photograph beautifully.