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Finishing the Bouquet

So are you going to tie it up now and yeah, you should ask someone's help hold it while I tie it. Yes can we get a volunteer here? I will hold your flowers if you want to help her. All right where I can hold it if you guys with tired for me here we're having a ceremony. Oh, definitely hold it very so I'll hold it if you would please just yes, sure. Walk us through the wrapping process and not at all. I mean, I could make it more complicated by making, but I just I did the whole floral tape thing, you know, tape it all the way. Do this. Do that that's perfect. Then you could just be a little bit little bit no tight are a little bit tighter. Yes, just like that. You want another one around? That's pretty good, actually. Okay, you're welcome. S o I said that just tying it once to get everything in place was going to make it easy to make my life easy. And then then you could put some full floral tape around the stems to kind of get him a little bit less all over the place and easier to hol...

d and make your the actual stem tighter and thinner, so then I'm going to go ahead and take my floral tape and rapid you don't want to wrap it too much because you don't want a floral tape to really show I don't I don't like it that way anyway and then there's, there are two ways that I approached the whole wrapping thing. If I'm going to use a ribbon, then I will wrap it a little bit more, just thicker, but if I'm not going to use the ribbon or if my room is going to be very a thin, then I'm just not going to drop it very much at all. I'm going to make it make a very thin area, I'll show you, but for this one, I'm going to wrap it. Maybe about an inch on the stands or maybe two inches, two inches would be good and this is in a separate area from the twine. Yes, it could go over the twine. It can go. Yes, that's. Fine. Because the twine he does have one. Not on the yeah, it's just to hold my bouquet and place for me so that I can go ahead and maneuver easier with my tape. How are the students doing? I'm going back over swine. Actually, you know poppy hills says, you know, to keep a while, the wilder look you can't tie it all the way down, correct when I wish the flower doesn't get exactly what I'm saying I don't I don't like to tie it all the way down because I don't wanna have to number one he was too much ribbon to covered with and also I like this stems because it's that which gives it that organic look, but you can see the stems and that's not to say that it beautiful ribbon is not great, which I will use, but there's two ways you could do it, you could understate the ribbon or you could really just go all out with the ribbon, but that just depends on what your bride ones on your own personal style, you know? Is there a rule of thumb about how long the standards should be after you've completed the bouquet? Um, I like them not too long and not too short, and I'll show you how in just a minute once I'm done wrapping it. Yeah, good thinking of bourbon I had another florist gave me a tip one time, and she said that if to cut ribbon that you should always have a separate pair of scissors you only use for a ribbon yeah, that keeps the exactly and I thought that was a great that's, a great tip and that's very true and I find I found that fabric scissors actually worked the best you they're not really that expensive but they are different than regular scissors this's that may sound that is exactly what makes it so much easier and so much prettier so much more finished you know? So the way I did this is I'm definitely not going all the way it's about an inch a little inch and a half with that and then I'm looking at this and thinking well, you know, I want just about this much off of my I don't want it too long I don't like stands too long so I'm going to cut it about them being exposed because they could get look up address you haven't seen that is that something that you don't want anything that I have had to worry about because I guess I haven't used anything that stains maybe if you're using ink like I would never for example use ink berries you know, winning berries are I would not use those in a bride's bouquet because if they if one of those think one of those berries pop what's going to happen it's going to be terrible on the dress so I don't use usually I don't use anything that's going to yes so I'm like I look at I mean it's really straight for what I look at this and they're anything you know I really like that the way this looks, I like the length just fine now I will there's two ways again that I approached this either I will go ahead on put just one very simple ribbon around it like this and this covers my it covers my green tape, which I don't want it once seen after all and then over this I will put a couple of pretty complimenting I'll make a couple of bows with different color ribbons or if you don't care about bows and ribbons so much you can just keep it like this and the way I secure this is first I have to cut this yeah do you need a tail on it or you're not no tail okay just like that sold me by a tale o just like excess? No, you could not it oh no, I don't know it because I'm going to use um the's pins and I try to cover the part that I cut by folding my ribbon, so I hid where I had just cut with that folded piece I'm going to put one pin on top and another in the bottom and it doesn't have to look perfect you're not in the front or the back in the back yes, so the placement of the pin doesn't necessarily matter as much no and I kind of like this ribbon a little bunch e because you know it it gives it that natural look it goes along with my whole style and then if I want to dress it up a little bit I'll use ribbons like this this I think this is a really pretty one it matches my my palate quite well I'll go ahead and wrap this around it and now in terms of coordinating ribbon tio the bride's dick or what what I personally did as I had remnants from the alterations in my dress on and so we ended up using that yeah. Where do you get your the direction for that? Do you just used ribbon? Some brides are quite particulary about what they want in there you as faras ribbon goes and some don't care and some just want burlap I have a bride just signed with me who wants burlap so it depends on your personal the bride's personal preference really um now if I can have somebody hold this again for me so I can thank you kate look really nice with that bouquet every girl deserves flowers now are you tying that up? Ah, on top of the ribbon there yes. Yes, very close to the body basically see the top of the yes the very top of that original ribbon and that's it I mean I don't do anything special to it just a simple bow and let's say that the ribbon gets a little brinkley do you do then steam in or yeah, you can do that for sure. I like that this is long. I like this look, if you don't like it, you can cut it more but this is something that I like and since it's my okay I can do what I want with e I love the teamwork that we have here with students helping each other out and tying things up it looks great this is where a night with the girls comes is yeah, absolutely. You need some help? This is a great thing you could do with some friends so any cruise but people help yeah, come today, walker on way with anybody like to hold my book a while I walk around chris want to this's heavy and it has a very strong below the bull. Yes, you should be higher shows maybe a little bit higher and let's see, yeah, that looks good. I like how you created the u s senate tree here too. I don't like that you put this in the middle because it brings back there um seem so yeah, and then you got there you go for the stems. Is that a good amount below? I like it it's it's about the same as mine. I might call it a little bit more, just a little maybe like this much okay, you need help. The only thing I might have done is kept the stems a little bit longer that's fine it made has to do with your personal preference really? So I turned around and keep it a little bit longer because you can always take exactly keeping the longer is good and also it gives you the ability to put it in water easy without your, uh we've been getting wet. Another thing I could say about actually that I forgot to mention I'm glad it was brought up I don't put the ribbon until the very last moment that I I'm going to take it to the bride so until then if I'm making out the night before it's going to be on and just with a twine or the tape inside water and that you don't want the exactly yeah yeah can't we love to hear your thoughts as you go around to what do what do you see what exceptionally s o I love how this is I would have added a little bit more of, uh the silent up here just for some some of the jingles of the styling on top but I think it's great you're a pro yeah, you have done that here, which is great with the silent and I love the use of kind of how you dispersed all of it as I said oh yeah you did do that but it's hiding yeah, but he was a little bit more you know, just the green in between but it's lovely thank you tow falling very much hero also very nice. Yeah, I would have used a little bit more silent up here just to kind of make it all flow with the rest of it but otherwise it's beautiful is this whole one branch you feel pretty? Yeah, it was this your pressure cut it. Yeah. No, no it's really beautiful great job on your you've got your thing going over there it's very pretty you're given and here I would have also you over here I would use would have you was a live it more of these in the back um otherwise it's beautiful you ladies are awesome. I love it could teacher yeah, great job would you like to keep it e I would love to take it home, but for the rest of this you're gonna be making a smaller version. Yeah. So again hold it for you. Yeah, we should put it in water. So basically this's this's the bridles bukit bridal bouquet and then in the next segment we will talk about how you can compliment this with something a little bit smaller and less ah extravagant but as but but beautiful and still

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A wild, lush bouquet for the bride is an essential component of a DIY wedding. Join Kiana Underwood for Build Your Bridal Bouquet and learn how fun and simple it can be to create unique bouquets with an organic look.

This class will prepare you for the process of assembling an eye-catching, non-traditional bridal bouquet. You’ll learn about how to prepare the flowers and develop a color palette that complements your wedding colors perfectly. You’ll also explore ways to incorporate asymmetry into your bouquets for maximum impact.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, this class will teach you how to create bouquets that stand out and photograph beautifully.