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Communicate Like a Boss

Dia Bondi

Communicate Like a Boss

Dia Bondi

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Class Description

Getting ahead in an organization requires a lot of different things—from working hard to making connections to being at the right place at the right time. But one of the most important aspects of career advancement is having strong communication skills.

Being a compelling communicator helps you stand out from the crowd, gain influence, be seen as trustworthy and get invited into new networking opportunities. But how do we increase our visibility without being perceived as a grandstander? And how do we communicate effectively while remaining true to ourselves?

Renowned communications strategist and coach Dia Bondi will help you develop your reputation as the go-to communicator in your organization by showing you how to not only say the right words, but deliver them from the heart.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be the most compelling person in the room without being “too much.”
  • Elevate your impact through content choices.
  • Get useful feedback so you can accelerate your communication competencies.
  • Come off as genuine and authentic when you speak or present.
  • Overcome common issues such as rushing and lack of organization.
  • Start off strong and end with a bang.

Ratings and Reviews

Felicia Tan

This is a super helpful class! It helped open my eyes to how to communicate better just by changing the speed and volume of how I talk, as well as paying attention to the beginning and end points. She is easy to listen to and follow, both a good teacher and speaker. I loved the exercises she did live with the audience members, and I felt a lot of their feedback was helpful too. I liked her teaching style, and I could definitely watch her for a 3 day seminar if I had to, but luckily this class is short, concise, with no fluff and very helpful.

Lorena Villegas

Dia's style of coaching is fantastic. Its not a one size fits all approach and she is skilled in relaying her feedback in a way that is incredibly constructive and supportive. Dia's energy is genuine and sincere. It's her personality and presence that kept all of us engaged and wanting to learn more.

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