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So we have you already been warned about eight hours worth of content tio cover in six hours or so generally speaking that means something's got to give one of the experiences it's probably going to be your brains so you know hang in there and you know take notes commit one of the things I'd really like you all to do today because we are going to cover so much you know you'll be able to watch this information over and over again those of you out there that purchase who will be able to watch over and over again this is one of those things that that might take you a year if we were to sit to work together and really cover all of this and do all of this right so so take the pressure off first and just what I really want you to focus on today as you take notes is to maybe star one two or three at the most things that you're going to take immediate action on then that would really go for the audience out there and duct tape land as well because I really am going to reveal lots of informatio...

n lots of resource is there are steps there's there's kind of a hierarchy to the steps that I reveal and so you know you've got to start at one point but really just this is a great topic to kind of look at and remind yourself that you're going to be in business for a long time, you're not going anywhere. You need to just start putting it in, you know, board by board, brick by brick, whatever metaphor we want to use. So the mind you where we are in day two yesterday, for those of you that didn't get a chance to watch yesterday we covered really the growth foundation, the strategy part which anybody that's heard me talk for you read anything that I've written knows that I believe the strategy before tactics today certainly evokes that strategy. We're going to bring that strategy part, you know, so thinking, thinking in terms of what I asked you to think about, mostly yesterday, we're going to bring that now into a lot of tactics. In fact, the rest of the two days together really is a lot of tactical things, but I feel like we can move forward in those areas because now you have this foundation of why you're doing it. You have this foundation of who you're doing it for. Andi really makes decision making so much easier. So for today, when I reveal some tool or some network or something, that that that maybe is good for some businesses you'll be able to side well that's not really good for my business because that's not where my customers are or because that's not really our objective you know, to meet those people there to entertain people on facebook right? So you'll be able to kind of use your strategy that's the intent anyway use your strategy as a filter so tomorrow then of course we'll really dive into lead generation sales and kind of wrapping it up in a session on you know, how do you get all this done? How do you put it all together? Okay, so remind you again marketing is a system system saves you time save yourself time, energy and money, right? Ok, so where are we in the system we covered really? The first three points yesterday your strategy of an ideal client a value proposition we covered your hourglass and we talked a lot about or started really the conversation about content so today we're going to transition to the online building a total online presence we're going to talk no surprise here this whole first session is really about content again today, okay, so you, you know, sweet kind of did foundational content now we're going to really dive into your entire content strategy certainly as it relates to what you do online really? Then we'll finish the you know, the last couple points in the system will be tomorrow so you see how this is really building and it really does take you being here you know, three days that just really kind of in part as much of the information as possible all right? So building a total online presence there are essentially seven stages to this now here's one of the problems I have sometimes with with internet marketers you know, people that teach online marketing is they tend to really think in terms of each of these elements like a ceo or paper click advertising or social media email as kind of the separate buckets on dh certainly there are separate tactics their separate skills or separate practices that go to utilizing each of these but if you don't think in terms of total integration of all of these, every single one of them will be less effective right? So the idea behind this is to present it as a total system. How many times is that where we were keeping track of how many times that says system already about five times today, right? So so as a total system so that they can support each other fact I when social media first got hot it was really not uncommon at all for people when they come up to me and say, where do I start should be on twitter should be on facebook and I would always tell them start with content because if you don't have something to engage people to send them back to your website toe a reason to capture their email address, then then social media is just a fun place to play, I guess, right? And so so the sum so many of these things have to really be built almost in a hierarchy or a chronological order, so we are going to address them throughout the day in that kind of order, you know, building block by building block. Okay, so that's, why we're really going to start with content, then we're going to go into organic s ceo, and when I talk about content, I'm intentionally using the word platform because I think that that's, really how you have to think about the importance of that in your business and certainly in your online presence. Then we're going to go to organic seo, which is when somebody goes to search engine types in something your websites coming up, hopefully on page one in the results that a search engine has decided or determined is what the person was looking for. So it's not paid it's not free, because it takes a little work, but it's, it's, it's gold, you know, if you're coming up on page one for some of your key search terms, because you know, think about your own behavior when you go out there searching typically if you find kind of what you think you're looking for on page one, maybe a scroll to page two if you haven't found it but you don't go ten, twelve pages looking through those results, right? It's those first ten, twenty results that really pay off I have been blogging now actually would be almost ten years that I've been longing on. Dh it's amazing to me, the amount of traffic that I still get to block post from two thousand five, two thousand six I just have to sometimes I click on it myself when I look at analytics because I was like, what I write about back, you know, it's it's really it's really amazing, but that traffic just it just comes you know, I really theoretically, you know, continuing to write, continuing to get links of course makes you know, google and the search engines think my sights important, but that that content that I put out there all those years ago is still paying dividends, and so you know, a lot of people want instant gratification organic cascio is not necessarily instant gratification, although I would venture to say for many businesses, particularly local businesses, just doing a few simple things better in that category would actually dramatically improve your results we're going to talk about email marketing it's so funny when again, when social media you know, really kicked off and really got hot. How many? How many pundits were out there saying, well, emails dead? You no, no, no, we're just going to open an email anymore, and I think it's sort of ironic that I get more email from the social media networks for then from anywhere else. You're reminding me to go back to twitter reminding me to go back to facebook reminding me, who's liking something on on linked in I mean, it is absolutely, unequivocally your best way to get conversion online bar none you know, we'll discuss that in depth of how to do that, but anybody that's telling you all you need to do a set up of facebook presidents and get lots of likes and that's going to sell products you know is dreaming. We will talk about social media market it's become an essential element, but again, I believe on lee, if properly integrated on lee, if looked at as a way to get to capture leads as a way to showcase your content as a way to get links. So so s e o and social media and content are intertwined in a way that you really can't break them apart. In fact, I would venture to say that without obviously without producing content, but then also obviously without the social media signals of people retweeting of people liking is very difficult to actually get your content to wreck those three things have to be woven together, you have to think in terms of them supporting each other and having converged objectives or you really will, you'll have that feeling that, well, I'm tweeting, but I don't think anybody is listening or I'm you know, I'm getting I'm putting status updates on facebook, but I don't know what it's doing for me, right? That that's simply because we don't have really a strategy for how all of those things were going to go together. So I'm not saying that there isn't a time to just put out good content and, you know, share things I want to run today, and it was really hard to find any hills, I wonder on pills and I couldn't find it we're in san francisco, I turned right I was on a hill, right? So I took a picture, you know, from the top of this hill, and I put it on facebook and, you know, that's, the kind of I mean it's kind of goofy, but that's, the kind of stuff people like to engage, I certainly do that I don't know that I have any objectives with that other than people knowing I'm a real person that goes out and likes to do, you know, fun stuff, right? But a lot of times I will I certainly do things that that that serve my business objectives as well. Online advertising we are going to talk a lot tomorrow about advertising in general, but online advertising is a little different. It is it's not simply, you know, it's not like calling up the magazine in your town and saying, yeah, when you know how much is a quarter page, right? There's there's a lot more. There are a lot of technical aspects to it that we're going to cover, but it is a very, very effective medium, especially if you're one of those businesses out there trying to generate some organic ceo you're writing content, but again, it's going to take some time in some cases you can make some things happen with paper, click advertising tomorrow in fact, an hour from now, right? Because this stuff goes live, you could start testing, conversion, you can start testing headlines, you can do a lot of things with that that platform that really are actually over and above necessarily getting clicks and conversions for your products, but it to me it is a key part in the integration we're going to talk about mobile and about the element of location and how that's really become a key component. I mean, everybody's walking around with these devices in their pockets that we could you know, where they are, we can know what their interests are. They certainly when they pull that thing out, they have high intent right there looking for something toe locate or to buy in many cases right away the traffic on my site. When I look at my analytics now, my content is viewed on mobile devices about twenty percent of the time, so you know that that that's, how people are consuming content, being on ipad or an ipod, or, um, or on their phone, so we have to really be aware of that we have to start addressing that issue, and then we're going to end with analytics, but it's really again, one of those catch twenty twos because we really ought to start with analytics, right? But I bore you all the tears if we did that, I would, and so I have to get you interested in all this stuff and then say, okay, now, let's, create a baseline let's start tracking what we're doing. In fact, I'll say this, you know, plainly, the most successful businesses that I have worked with over the years have been nuts about tracking have been nuts about testing and using their analytics to know what's working what's not working to in many cases you know, I've worked with people before in the past that had they were spending several thousand dollars a month say on pay per click advertising but doing no tracking, no idea other than to go look, we're getting lots of clicks right? And in some cases we even would find that the some of the words some of the phrases they were bidding on that we're getting the most clicks and cost him in the most money weren't converting they weren't buying anything and then some of these little words down here that he thought, oh, there's a kind of insignificant they're not getting that much that's where all the sales were coming from. So guess what? We cut out eighty percent of the budget and we're still doing the same sales, right? We can't do that. You can't know that without really getting serious about a learning analytics and I'm not saying that it's easy their books and books and books uh on the technical aspects of understanding that or be hiring that, you know, for a lot of businesses, it is so essential that in fact I found good conversion testing analytics people that well generally pay for themselves, you know, almost overnight in some cases if you're already spending money on trying to generate online conversions so that's kind of the path we're going to go down today uhm and we are going to start now with content again. Ok, so one of the first places that I always tell people, particularly when they're just getting started online, that they need to start with is listening. You know, when I was my first job out of college was essentially a sales job of work for an ad agency, but it is essentially I would go into places and try to convince him, tio, you know, to buy what we were selling. And I remember my dad actually was was a salesperson all his career and independent sales rep, I think that's where I kind of got the the entrepreneur bug because I saw him, he didn't have jobs like all the other dads back that, you know, I saw how he was very independent, but one of the things he would always tell me is he would go into an office somebody's office, and he would sit down somebody knew he was calling on the first thing he would do is look for pictures on the wall, look for diplomas, look for books that the person read and was like, these were kind of signals about ways we could connect. You know you've got three kids. Oh, I see you went to this college. Oh, I love that book, right? And not in an unauthentic way, but just, you know, we we look for connections, right? Well, you know, that was any sales person. I think what would do that? You know, when you're trying to make a connection with somebody it's just a natural thing, you know, where do we have some common points where we have some common bonds? Well, now, because of all these tools, because of all the sharing because of all the networks way have the ability now to get that same kind of data in a way on our prospects in our custom mers, to really learn what's important to them. Yesterday we talked so much about behavior and and beliefs and things on, you know, when you're developing your idea client persona well, now people are sharing that kind of information. I mean, that kind of stuff had to be kind of gut feeling or you had to really dig for that kind of information were people are actually willingly giving you that information right now. If you only listen, your industry is telling you what's missing if you only listen, journalists are out there telling you how you can create stories with their publications if you only listen so you actually need to create what we call a listening station for your business, and I'm going to go through the exact steps of that we're gonna talk about a total content system I'm going to show you lead capture and what that means and what what every element of your business and many places relies on your ability to capture leads going to talk about the role of landing pages, essentially pages that you're sending people to the page that we talked about it, the onset in the introduction duct tape, marketing dot com for its last creative live there's a page we built for a specific purpose for people to land on two go there, they have two options that khun they could decide they want to get the free information, or they can leave, right? It doesn't even have navigation doesn't have any way from them surf around the site very, very important element of running online campaigns, and then we're going to talk just last about and this is one thing that kind of trips, a lot of people obviously think, well, I'm running this blog's content, but nobody's reading it, but because we have to actively push that out, we have to tell people about it, we have to give people a reason to come find that they're not necessarily going to just be sitting around waiting to know what you wrote on this morning's block close right? We have to we have to alert them we have to find lots of ways to push that content out so let's talk about the listening plan. So what are some things that we can listen for commonly obviously, who thinks it would be interesting to be able to know what your customers were thinking doing feeling right? Would that be interesting at all? Right? So here's a tip if you're on twitter and I'm assuming you probably are at least maybe you don't know why or what to do with it, but I'm assuming you're on. They have a little feature called twitter lists all right and anybody can create a list you can put anybody whose whose tweets or public which is ninety nine point nine percent of the people can be added to a list, right? So go and find all of your customers and add them or your best customers or you can segment types of customers a customer's be customers, however you want to slice and dice it and create lists. Now, once you create a list, you can then use a whole set of tools that will allow you to bring those lists and just be able to scan him because you know one of the real challenges I'm sure you all feel this one the real challenges with with any of the online stuff is a lot of, you know, a lot of us woke up one day and had ten more things to do, right? Because all these new networks and all these new things and so one of the rial essential keys is to to find ways to automate as much of this to make it easy to make it a routine, if you will. So I happen to use a tool called hoot suite um that's, it's just hoot suite dot com we're going to talk about it a couple times. I'll show a screen shot when we start talking about social media, but from a listening standpoint, what that allows me to do is create kind of all these column it's, it's, just software or actually it's a it's a service in this case that's online, I can, so if I create a list, I could say I want to follow that list, right? And then it'll just set up all these columns so I can create lists of journalists that are important to me or I believe could write about my business, I can create customers, I can create lists of people that I really want to know what they say on twitter, right? I really want to follow, you know, what we call in. Influencers, you know, have a list of duct tape marketing consultant so I can see what they're up to, and it just really gives you kind of that scannable listening. Now, in terms of journalists, every single one of you you out there should have a list of five to ten journalists that they're important to your business or in your town. They write, you know, the business column on dh, you should actually be following them. You should actually, what I would do is create google alerts or there's a new service, some that I've really been probably more enamored with because I think google alert I think google alerts is probably on the google roadmap for sun setting, quite frankly, because it's it's service has been degraded quite a bit, it seems like so another one I like it's called talk walker. Another one I might tell you, that's called mention these are tools where you can set up alerts. I'll give me another one news a ll and e w s l e all of these services work a little differently, but but in all cases you can set up alerts. And so you can say, you know, alert me when you know this person writes something you know, lawyer me when my business has mentioned alert me when my brand is mentioned alert me when somebody mentions a product like mine or a service like mine and you can get you'll get an email alert and abuse frequently as you say once a day as it happens, whatever you want to do the settings and it just really kind of gives you the ability to scan again it just falls into the routine I get my alerts in the morning my scans room and I think nothing really do here or I think, oh, this person wrote a nice review of my book, you know, I'm going to go make a comment on their on their on the block so it just really kind of gives me that ability or this journalist wrote something that I could contribute to write I can actually go to their block I could make a comment on it I could actually send them some information because I know what they wrote about I have some really deep information on, so just just having ongoing listening abilities is absolutely essential all right, talk walker mention news all those ones that I use following finding ways to follow blog's such as you too, like all top is a website that categorizes all kinds of blog's and puts him into industry categories and they have I don't know last time I looked probably five hundred industry categories there, all kinds of obscure ones and what it does is there's there's no sort of service that ranks influential but essentially it's the it's the most well read in many cases most well known blog's for just about every industry so really kind of gives you a shopping list almost of people that you might want to listen to that aaron in your category you should put used twitter search or use you know the list building put your competitors on list I mean it's it's amazing how easy it is you can use you can actually use the twitter search function to see what they're saying see what people are saying about them that you can see what they're saying back to people which is actually is one of the reasons I really like the twitter search over just the list if you create a list of competitors, what you'll see basically is what they're saying and what people are saying you know, the at to them, right? But if you use a twitter search it real so you use their hashtag I'm sorry not to use their handle so it would be at duct tape and you can actually find out what you can actually follow what they're saying back and sometimes that some of the most telling stuff is how they're responding to two questions and complaints and things of that nature another way to keep up on your industry there's a question and answer site called cora that allows you to actually so so thousands of people go there and they ask questions and thousands of people jump in answers and the community one of the nice things about this site is the community votes up the answers, so typically good answers rise to the top instead of just the oh everybody just piles in and says what they think or promotes their product. You know, in an answer form, you know the best answers to the question get voted up so it's for me, it's kind of a cool well, first off, you can subscribe to the industry, so you don't have to just go there every day. There's an r ss feed so you can using a re rcis reader, you can subscribe to say, your industry and then when it allows you to do is is, you know, then pull up your reader and you'll see the questions, but one of the reasons I really like it is I mean, some people, some experts like to go in and answer questions and you know their question, their answers get voted up people think on this person really knows what they're talking about it, but what I like about it is you get to see the questions that people are asking right? So talk about a really good source of blawg content ideas, right? If people are asking the same questions in your industry, why don't you be the one that answers it on your block, right? So really great tool to do that just subscribing to and watching blog's I subscribed about one hundred blocks I go through I actually have it on I'm going to share with you my routine but I um I actually have it on my phone and I go through and I share lots of scan, you know, save things on bookmark things I send it to twitter and it just really allows me to really manage a lot of content and also just to keep up on what's going on now I'm for years promoted google reader it was really the my favorite tool I need to I need tio update these slides july first school readers going away um and so um if you any google reader users okay, so are you prepared sunday here feeds air going away what you're going to be okay, so good answer. What do you use? Feed lee, right? No clue he's going ryan you just get a sunset just like stop reading blog's altogether way so still I first no matter what, you need to do something with your arse s reader and here's my here I'll tell you what I'm doing okay, there are two services that I like a lot there about ten that that actually can replace google. Reader if you're reading blog's the two that I like the most once called feed lee. You already mentioned the other was called feed been b I n now, in both cases, um, you know, you need to if you have google reader set up, you need to export your arse s feeds, they have to come out of there, right? You have to you have to basically it's it creates a file so you export those out of there and then in most of these new services will actually take that and be able to use it. Right? So you you essentially khun unchanged, you know, are kind of almost a non event. You can switch to feed lee on bail, you pull up their interface and all of a sudden you're reading, reading your blog's again, right? Most of the both of those services actually have a step where if you sign up for feed lee signed for feed been they'll actually say, do you want to export your google feeds? You know yes. Give us access. Done right, magic. Ok, I would also recommend you take the step of exporting out of google reader so you can actually have that file. Okay, so save that file it's not huge, but if you know someday you know some of these new services they're going to get overrun with people and you know, maybe it takes a week you know, for your things to show up who knows? So I would export that but mainly switch to one of those services on dh then from that you can you know any blogged that you go to that so let's say your cruise around all top and you find some new blog's you've never heard of you're not reading today there in your industry and you think of these I should be following these guys to write some good stuff you take the girl, take it back to feed leigh save subscribe put it in there and magically it's in there I actually you could create folders, so I actually have topics blog's on topics otherwise it just becomes just you know, if you're reading any at all so I categorize him put him in little folders in and that way it makes it a little easier for me teo to navigate through what I'm following so here's your plan for listening set up alerts and again, you know, google alert still works I've recommended it for years, but but you might want to try one of those new services talk walker or mention and just go and put in your your brand, your personal name, the names of your products is alerts maybe your competitors is alerts, you know, you can set up a cz many as you want. Um, and I typically put the senate to me once a day setting because I there aren't too many instances where I think something's going to be an emergency, and I want to get fifty, emails, you know, a day throughout the day for this, um so set up those those basic alerts. Now you could take a ce faras you want one if you really, really like this, you know, some people will set up alerts for you anytime, some very specific topic. I mean, like gray water, you know, who is talked about, you know, that might not have thousands of alerts, right? So you might want to jump into something like that. That's that's, pretty darn specific using set up a tool to track twitter I use hoot suite. It was another very decent option called tweet deck the real differences tweetdeck actually comes down onto your desktop on dh, so you're not having a log in all the time. Um, I've heard rumors. Kelly, do you know of any I've heard rumors that it's degrading and may be going away I have used okay, yeah, I really like hoot suite on dh I'll tell you the main reason on I think I do have a screen shot of it. The main reason I like hoot suite so well is that I can actually monitor twitter, but I can monitor facebook and I could monitor my google plus page and I can monitor linked in groups, and so I really can do a lot of things from the the actual screen aiken do scheduling, so if I want to share something that I wrote on saturday, but I don't want people to see until sunday and twitter or something, I could tell it, you know, hold it for that amount of time, so I would definitely recommend who tweet I think there's still a free version if you want to do a few of the extra little bells and whistles it's five dollars a month or something in that neighbor, if you want to have your whole team of people on it, maybe it'll cost you twenty dollars a month it's probably become the tool of choice for small business anyway. Social cia ramel ad is part of your listening I mentioned that I use nimble as the sea arm system I just allows me to, you know, pull up anybody I want to send an email to or somebody that I'm really following. And it'll it'll just it's unified messaging all the e mails I've sent them all the tweets we've done, you know each other I can see their stream of facebook and twitter and so it just really kind of gives me a quick look you know let's say I'm getting ready to call that person or I want to send him an email and also does some some need things I mean it you know all of these tools now are getting that the game's all about integration as well and so hoot suite and nimble have really cool integration so I used the hoot suite integration to nimble on what allows me to do is let's say somebody you know, I was talking about my business or, you know, really promoting you know something I think well that's somebody I really you know I want to have them too I want to add them to hoot suite I want to follow that person one click there put into two nimble I've got all of their information, you know, pulled right in, you know creates a record I can tag in what I want. So you know that a lot of these tools now really good doing a good job talking to each other which is making our jobs of managing all this easier when the other two will tell you about in this category there's something called reported and it's on the screen right there, it's spelled little funky reported, um and what it does, it's a browser plug in, so if you're using firefox or chrome, you know, dependent upon which browser, hopefully you're not using internet explorer sorry, thea, biased personal bias on the what it does, then it is let's and it's actually a gmail plug it on. So what happens and how many of you using gmail for go too far? Okay, so most of you all right? What it does then is it adds a little column down the right side bar, and so let's say somebody sends an email so you don't even know it all, it actually puts in, it puts in their length in, you know, information, so, you know, maybe what their title is, you know, what their last few tweets are? You know, if you're connected with them, if you're not connected with him, you put your button and you can follow him on twitter. I mean, so it just kind of gives you write in gmail ah, whole bunch of social information on folks, so I use that plug in against just another little handy tool that, you know, and I get I mean, in my particular case, I do get a lot of e mails from people I don't know or requests people that want me to look at something or, you know, review their their information or their book or their software or something. And so it's really a nice way for me to just get kind of ah snapshot in some in some cases, right or wrong, you know, I might make a decision about whether or not he wantto investigate, you know, based on kind of what I see in that information coming in. So certainly if your clients engine email and you're going to you're getting ready to respond to an email would be nice to have some of that a little extra information, you know, I saw the susie's birthday yesterday, right? Just really listening has become an essential skill, so a lot of people don't even think in terms of that as something we're doing, you know, as online behavior ness or his marketing behavior, I think it's a starting point, so what do you guys want to know? What people want to know how much time you spend listening? You know, it's it's really died every day, right? Is the first thing which I would say for most of the things I do it's just part of the routine some days because I have these systems set up these routine set up some days I don't really spend much time I scan I look I think okay nothing really to do today nothing to really iraq to there are some days when I might I might spend you know thirty minutes on debt won't necessarily be the listening part because it's very the listening part very scannable it might be the reacting part so if there's something you know that's one of the reasons the listens because it might actually will alert you to some things that would be really profitable use of your time you know a lot of times when somebody will write you know in my case all right something that link to my blog's write something about you know, one of my products or one of my books you know it's a really great I believe it's a good use of my time to go and participate in that conversation but some days there's you know there's really nothing so um so they're in many you know I don't set time necessarily aside for but I definitely make it part of my daily routine and I um I get up really early yeah that's one of the secrets you know when people start saying how you get so much done it's I get really and I get up about five o'clock every day wow so especially for out here that certainly craig thank you all right so this is just a screen shot of who's sweet and you see so this first categories mentions of duct tape second categories mentions of john jance third categories mentions of one of my book titles and it goes on you know, about twenty different streams but it just really allows me to where I pull it up maybe a couple times during the day and think oh here's some much to respond to here's something I I should answer here's somebody I should thank you know and then I move on and I think that's really you know where people really get in trouble is when they think they have to hang out all day on this stuff right? And you know, it can be I mean, you know, you go to one of the you know, goto read it is a social bookmarking site and, you know, do a little research there and next thing you look up in four hours or going right, so um I really do kind of very routine as routine as possible about in fact the only time I'm not routines when I'm progress inning because I don't want a ride or something and so you know, this is a really good like place to go and act like I'm working so let's talk home lord there's that word again let's talk about my total content system for online again, I really think that that this people, you know, I think I mentioned it yesterday and I'll say it again today because I know you guys heard it, but but maybe not everybody else is waking up on monday morning and deciding what you're going to flog does not scale, right? You've maybe some of you word are, you know, feeling the pressure of doing that, so you have to really I look at content, I would ask you all to look at content as a six two, nine to twelve month adventure for your business. First off, it's never going to go away it's essential part now it may change how people consume it may change how we have to offer it, but the fact that people want information I don't believe is going to go away. The fact that people expect information s ceo is driven search engine optimization is driven by content completely your effectiveness and advertising your effectiveness in in paper, click advertising your effectiveness and social media, as far as I'm concerned, is really driven by your effectiveness in content so here's the system, you create a list of what I call monthly landmark content themes. So what I would ask you guys, what I'm going to ask you guys to do is to create actually a list of twelve themes that would be pertinent to your business not only pertinent to your business but obviously they're going to be driven a little bit by what's what are people looking for when they're looking for a business like yours what's the kind of information that they're looking for the second piece then is is to say ok, how are we going to create all this content and what are all the ways in which we're going to deliver this content so that we don't just think in terms of oh I have a block right? We think in terms of how can I turn it into video? How can I get transcripts? How can I turn it into audio where how can I get other people to share maybe how can I get other people to write it for me? Right? So it's this entire no it's not enough to just say here's what what we're planning you know here's our editorial calendar but how are we? What are all the ways in which we're going to get this distributed shared you know repurposed, reworked and then the last piece and actually again this is the first piece in some ways to is before we really hit the go button what are our core business objectives that all of this content is going to serve right instead of it just being maura's mohr it should be actually less is better so for those of you that really kind of feel the crush of it um you should you know I'll give you an example let's say you are launching a new product this year and and really one of your priorities is to get that product out there to really get people you know, buying it so you're really your objectives or your content objective then should props possibly be producing content that actually is part of that product? Maybe because it's a course for producing product that certainly promotes that course right? And so all the just you know, all of the thought of just, you know, writing another block post after another block post think in terms I mean, we create a lot of online training um and I'm I'll be the first to tell you this was a secret until I say it now a lot of our courses or developed out of me riding blood content, but I wrote that block content because I knew I needed it right now because I just thought it was I mean, I hopefully I thought people were going toe appreciate enjoy it think it was useful, but I had a reason for writing that and that that stated reason at least in my mind was because I wanted a une book at the end of the month that had a lot of great content about referrals for example in my case, all right, so so tying that was back to your objectives. Let's say another objective is you really want to build your list, right? You know, you know that email people interested in hearing from you in their email box is going to turn into a valuable asset for you. All of you shake your head. Yes, we know that. Yes. Thank you for telling us. Then you're content might be all about what? What could we do that would actually want to make people come to our site and give us their email address? Right? So in the in that particular case, you know, you might be saying, ok, our next ten block post should be about ex topic that would all fit together in a really lovely, tight way for an e book that people would think was just awesome, and they would then we could go toe promote the heck out of that e book, and we'd start capturing leads, right? So so that those air your priorities when it comes to deciding you know what to write and when and how to write it is to is to tie it back to your business objectives. I can't really state that enough, I know, you know, it doesn't mean that every single word has to fit in that regard, but it's certainly a third to a half of your content should be with the really stated purpose in mind it's the only way to really get it's only way to really make progress and that's why I love the monthly themes to because well, when I say plan out a monthly theme, you know each month and again I know that they're all going to be themes like referrals, you know, like social media, like the things that that fit my business that I've researched that I know that people want to come to my site to read about is that then I can start to say, ok, I know this is going to be my theme I could start asking people really, you know, guests that that I would like to have say on my podcast I could start asking him ninety days in advance because I know that we're gonna want that content and then all of a sudden, you know, when you give somebody that window, you know, all of a sudden I can get people that I really want to get to fit inside that maybe we recorded and we you know, we we save it for when that dates coming out, so first step in content in your content systems you gotta research what content what what should your themes? B first one is really just brainstorm um and that could be with your staff that could be with your customers it could just be locking yourself away without you know your phone or email available and just thinking in terms of what you know your content should be so let me pick on we pick on one of you rene so what would be given what I've shared so far what would be some themes that that would make sense that you could actually say weaken we could produce all kinds of content around this theme we might not write it all we might get guests content you know but what we know that if we're writing about you know a couple of these topics that they'll be they'll be valuable to us long term uh small business growth systems creation I was just making a note seven systems every business must have okay but give me themes those air very specific like that's all of those air great okay but when you said systems development and that to me is more of a theme right because people might be out there searching for how to do it when to do what to do it for right now that's seven steps thing that's great that probably sounds like a great e book that could come from your system steam right. Okay, so tracy you're hiding back there today? Well, what could be some themes for your photography business? Um I was thinking about doing, um, newborn safety and there's a several photographers that I know that I'm friends with that could contribute also to that and then, um I don't think people realize how important that is that some babies just can't do all those fancy poses that yeah, so I think that would be important so that so you said two things that I really liked first off the topic itself is a little different it's just a little you know, it's not straight on photography, right? I mean it's a little different it's important information is kind of information people might be looking for, so I love that but also I love that you said it's I could maybe get other people tio help me and that's a big piece of this another thing about the planning is we have guests blawg posts, right? So we can plan those out and we can actually go out to somebody that I want to write. So so you know, a lot of people just accept log books. I really go on, I recruit the people that I want to write for me, but I can tell him I need this at this time frame and here's what I want you to write about andi all of sudden what we have discovered one once we started doing that, saying here's, the topic I want you to write about it's somehow made it easier for people to write, you know, because we gave them or more structure and so that's another really key ingredient to this whole planning idea. Awesome. So second, part of it is to use some of the key words research tools that you can use to find out what are people searching for in your industry on there, I'll show you, but, you know, and we traditionally used these tools in search engine optimization trying to optimize pages, but but they're really tremendous tools to use and just trying to determine your own content strategy on dh then I like to add just for fun you know what your competitors writing about? You know what? What are they ranking well for? Why are they ranking well for the content that could be actually very informative all by itself. So here's, your toolbox, I'll leave this up here for for a bit of all of these air. Very pretty easy to find. Google wants to sell ads. They want you to do a lot of key word research right to sell ads so they have a really lovely tool if you just type if you type into search engine google, keyword tool you will come up with that big long ugly you earl but what this tool does is and I'll show you a screen shot two minutes that allows you to actually going and see not only so you put in your theme where you put in a couple themes and show you related searches it will show you the volume of searches it will show you how competitive in other words how many people are actually bidding on buying ads for that search so it gives you some it's not definitive data that you say oh I have to use this one now but it gives you really a range of of options maybe because sometimes we put it we have a tendency to put in terms that are a either too broad like if I wanted to win marketing you know it would obviously that would be you know, even a site like mine that has you know, tons of links and tons of content with very difficult for me to do and the fact the matter is it wouldn't be that relevant right people that come to me yes they might be looking for marketing but people that search marketing might also be looking for marketing schools they might be you know who knows what they're really looking for but if somebody types in small business marketing system I guarantee you I want to win that right and test it for yourself I do but but but this tool and doing this kind of research will allow you to kind of hone in on the themes that that makes sense for your business now a couple other ones that are great freaky words from a service called word tracker on and then the key were tool from words streaming war tracker and word stream are both paid. These particular tools are free, but they're paid services that a lot of times people used to really do some in depth analysis and in depth keyword research, in fact, word trackers and a really, really awesome tool. If you're if you're going to start a new web site, a lot of seo folks, you know, we'll start kind of in that using a tool like word tractor to really try to decide what should the pages be? All mountain things? Competitive research there is a guy name erin wall that produces something called ceo book. Andi has a whole list on his site of tools that would actually allow you to put in competitive sites on dh er, really, when we're talking about competition in this there's kind of two ways that I view competition one is people that you've directly compete with you know, in your community you know, in your industry I mean you people buy from them or you I mean those are direct competitors but when we're talking about the online world especially now that people sell stuff all over the globe right? We were really a lot of times talking about people that show up in search of higher than you do for the terms that you would like to win right? So doing some competitive research using some of these tools to unearth who else is linking back to them you know what their pages air optimized for what search terms they rank for I mean, you can get some really, really rich information about your competitors on dh frankly when I was first starting you know, I would just that's what I did I found everybody there was ranking highly for the terms like terms like small business marketing on guy use these tools to figure out why andan many cases I was able to outrank them just by understanding you know why they were ranking as highly as they were another one that's kind of fun eyes uh google trends it's just you know in some cases if you want you want to see search terms that maybe don't show up people aren't really optimizing pages for but they're starting to build there's kind of you know, a new new bubbling up of some terms or in some businesses, seasonal trends happened to and so you want to make sure that you're writing content at the right time of the year. If you're in a business that that that happens and I'll tell you, one more is a tool from google called correlate so it's just same same you are google dot com correlate, and that could be another fun tool, because what it does is it takes two search terms, and it shows how the search volume core lights so I had a really interesting experiment will have mentioned yesterday this client that sells baseball that's and we were able to show them so baseball bats is very seasonal, you know, people by baseball bats in the summer and in the fall, and so they would trend, but what would trend about two weeks ahead of baseball bats was baseball leagues, right? So people were looked starting the look for leagues, softball leagues, you know, whatever they were in a plane, they start looking for leagues before they would buy a bat. So it's pretty interesting information to now, so all of a sudden they start optimizing league content ahead of the season, and they start getting traffic ahead of when people start looking for bats when we found another interesting correlation gets what happens after somebody buys a bat. They start looking from information on how to hit right. And so another interesting spike three, four weeks after somebody buys a bat. So we start. We we know we want to produce content, wait, go out and get hitting coaches to produce content on how to hit. And so now they're they used to just optimize for bats. Now they're optimizing for leagues and for how to hit information, which was kind of a no brainer. That should have that anyway. But when you look at that correlation of when those things spike, it really shows you, you know, ah, trend for how they should actually be jumping in producing content. So this is just a quick screen shot of the google keyword tool. And so in this case, I put in their marketing consultant and you can see it shows, you know, all of these various related terms I could drill into any of those, and it would show me, you know, mohr related terms specifically to that it would actually do a search. So if I want to say ok, who shows up for the top ten for marking consultants? It would oh! You know he's at me over to google showed me that it also shows you on dh these are these are rough numbers algorithm numbers these aren't exact search numbers but it kind of shows you the monthly volume so you can look through that and what the monthly volume does is first off me for if phrase is only getting you know one hundred one hundred ten arkansas marketing consultants is only getting one hundred ten you know, a month searches of months probably not a you know a great one unless you're in arkansas and you only want to work in arkansas then that might be a good one but you know a term like internet marketing consultant or web marketing consultant you know doesn't get the volume of marketing consultant but it is obviously a little more specific and gets pretty high volume so it allows you to kind of go through I use this tool just as a rough starting point to really kind of test your themes and see if you need to refine your themes or see if there's another way to talk about your themes a lot of times what happens with a lot of us is that we we really start thinking in terms of our own jargon on dh sometimes our own jargon doesn't really get you know it's the industry accepted term but it doesn't get search that much and so sometimes just doing this exercise can actually see what people actually do put in for what it is that you do and that could be essential so here's a quick and I'm going to go I'm going to go through a lot of them from a lot of resource is here t kind of wrap up this session and then we're actually going to bring personal for a hot seat kelly is going to work with craig, I think on and we're going to do for these today and basically so I don't know who we're going to do who we're going to do yet other than craig of but for the other three sessions essentially how it works is we're going to ask you to share your greatest challenge on it could be related to today's topic it could be related to your business, you know, probably keep personal issues, you know, off the table but but then the group you guys is a group are going to consult kelly is going to play coach role if she was coaching that person, how she might on we'd love to have the internet folks chime in and say, well, here's what here's what I would do if if it were made all right, so your sample theme list and this is this actually happens to be my list for the year, so just to give you an idea, you know, each month s o july we're going to start writing about customer experience I will have interviews on you know, with with authors and consultants I will have guests post I will at least once a week right? Something very specific to that topic and, you know, we typically in many cases will then put all that content over too ah site like scoop it, you know, so that we can actually pull in a whole bunch of other content that we didn't write or didn't have anything to do with it really just allows us to it makes our search results go up in that topic, but it also korea helps us create a body of work that we know is important in many cases aa eh? I'm looking down the list january, you know, created a an e book on referral marketing for us out of the content that we had written in and some of the guests content. So your assignment really is kreacher list so use the research tools to your own brain storming create your list on dh then we have to obviously start thinking about what are all the ways in which that content is going to be produced, what forms you know who's going to participate, right? So one of the things that people ask me um semi frequently is you know, where do you get inspiration for content? My arse s readers so, you know, when you subscribe to feed to the all the blog's that I read, you know, typically give me a lot of inspiration scoop it is a content curation site so I can put in a topic at the site scoop it scooped out, and I'll see what other people are saying are tagging say in that car in that topic, and that could be a really great way, because it's not always the most popular, most passed around stuff it can be in many cases, it will be things that you wouldn't otherwise bump into. I still read a lot of magazines, printed bankers and remember this paper, come on, paper, right? There's something I don't know there's something about those that I still really enjoy typically throw them all in a pile, and then when I jump on an airplane, I would go through much of anybody want to know what I read the list, all right? Wired, inc entrepreneur success forbes and national geographic I used to read people magazine two but, you know, and I decide now you actually can get some really interesting marketing ideas out of that, because the they have some of the best headline writers actually in the world if you want to learn thea art of writing provocative, attention grabbing headlines, what else? What else? Smart reefs of syria's of newsletters I like that you can subscribe to by industry all top already mentioned I use a bookmarking two bookmarking services but um you can actually go to delicious or diego and again put in a topic and you can see what other what's popular and that topic what other people and again it's popular because other people have said it's popular same is true of reddit I'll tell you another one this is one of this is my secret ninja content inspiration tip look at your sent email inbox or that of your technicians or that of your salespeople or whoever actually interfaces with the customer and I guarantee you you have answered the same question over and over and over again and you're not using that as bond content or you're not using that as actual content so in many cases that can actually be a gold mine what about getting help in producing all of this content? Anybody anybody uh I want to know some sources for how you could actually get some health all those sites listed on here our services that have cropped up in the last couple years essentially where you can go and say you know here's my topic I want five block post this month I want one every week you know whatever you set up kind of a subscription thing on dh two in various ways they will they have they'll have packages some is low is, you know, eight, ten dollars you know, for for a block post this could be a great way for you to say come up with so you come up with your theme and then you come up with six or seven things that topics that maybe sub topics of that or ways to show people how to do something in that theme on dh engage one of these services now my belief is that and what I've experienced on, you know, watching other people do this is you can't just toss you can't abdicate, right? You khun delegate, but you can't you can't just toss it over and say, you know, cutting pace put that in there because you're going to get what you're going to get is something seventy five percent good at best, right? But that was seventy five percent of the work, you know, that you didn't have to do and maybe you could then but and then what? You're really going to come back and do your going toe, maybe change the voice a little you're going to say, well, I would never say it that way you're going to add things that, you know, maybe you're gonna add resource is maybe you're going to add another bullet point or two, but in some ways, you know, getting started for a lot of people is actually the hardest part on dso I would I'll tell you the one right now if I'm going to pick one if you because a lot of times when I list a lot of services, people always say what's the best one the one I've had the best feedback from the best experience people tell me, is that series so it's in the middle? There's the r y s um and one of things I like about them because you actually can pick your I don't know if they don't use quality, but you actually have sort of levels of writers, so you know, if you want you want the five dollars, one, you probably five dollars article, but you can actually say, you know, give me the twenty dollars, one and, uh and you're probably going to get a better, uh, uh more more complete peace. Another list of tools this is these are all the tools that I employed have create content. I use wordpress for my blogged I'll talk a little more about that there's a couple services for producing infographics so you could take data, um, spreadsheet form in some cases and use their kind of drag and drop tools to create infographics so it's basically a picture of the data right, which have become pretty popular um, I do screen cast, so if I want to show somebody how to do something online, so I want to show him how to set up hoot suite, for example, the screen casting tools, actually, what they do is they capture you. You hit record you khun, it'll capture audio, but he'll capture what you're doing on the screen, so you can if you definitely if you're trying to demonstrate something that is that is purely online a software, what not great great tool to demonstrate that I do a lot of online seminars, I've been a goat, a webinar go to meeting customer forever there there are a lot of people jumping into that space. Meeting burner is a good option, goto webinars gotten kind of expensive meeting burner is a good option for that. Any meeting is another good option for that on dh what? Thes, what I love about him is course, I can obviously host these live events, but I could record them, and so then I can archive them. I can embed the, you know, the finished product, I could send it out, so it really gives me a lot of flexibility. I've used skype for all I use it for my podcast on, and I use a little plug in called call recorder, and so anybody that I want to interview because all my interviews air none of my interviews I should say or in person I just doom over the phone so you skype and then I can record the audio very easily. Um I then edit audio using garageband cause I'm a mac person but there's a free pc ah tool called audacity for customs surveys informs our talked yesterday about wufu great great tool for creating if you want to do surveys u n survey your customers that could be great content so using a tool like woof, woof or surveymonkey to do that and rev dot com fairly new tool that when I do my podcast many cases I'll get him transcribe and they do the coolest thing they take an hour long audio and they parted out to hundreds of people and so so person might just have sixty seconds to transcribe, and so I don't know how they do this, but then it all comes back so they can. Actually, if you need something transcribed in about, you know, in less than a day you can have an hour thing transcribed cost a lot more to do it that fast, but but really, really reasonable to get kind of twenty four forty eight hour turnaround on transcriptions, okay, lead capture so in a word or in a bunch of words, really capture is every time somebody comes your website, what are we doing to cap to to capture their email address? I mean, the goal would be that that anybody that did a search saw tweet we come your website and think, wow, I want to hear from these people. Mohr ok, obviously we know that's not gonna happen, you know, more than one or two percent of the time, right? But the goal is that we start thinking in terms of how to get that to happen more often on a daily basis. So, it's, just an exchange of value, right used to be anymore. You you guys remember the days when you'd go to a website? We're talking two thousand to two thousand three and there just be a form signed my guest book, right? We give them our email address because, you know, we we didn't know what was coming right on. And so now if someone's gonna give you their email address, usually, you know, free. Great. But usually I want something for it, right? Because I get too much spam. And, you know, I mean just everybody's that so having any book or a tip sheet or some sort of how to I'll give you a real quick tip on any interview, those I forgot about this from a content production standpoint. If you're thinking I really need a serious of e books. But boy, how am I ever going at those written go to google type in a search term, a topic that you would love to have any book on and then add this phrase afterwards. File type colon pdf and what that will tell google is I only want to see results for this that turns me up a page that as a pdf on, um and what that will typically do is give you a list of other people that have written in a book on your topic, right? So what I have found is, in many cases, those in many cases, people have written the books, and they would just love for you to share their very book. You know, that two people have read it, and they would love for you to actually get it out there to a whole bunch of people. Maybe they even want you to co branded. They let you put your information inside of it your logo on it you'd send it out to your customers could be a great way to sort of supplement now you may find you know, as you start getting into this, you may find some people that you've part strategic partners and things that you've done things with that you do that it's routinely but this could be a great way to just turn up something um your email service provider that you're using you know you need tio we're going to talk in depth about email, but you know that most of those will actually have the tool free to create a form so that you can capture those leads so that's half of it I actually use a tool called hippity it's, a wordpress plug in and it's a controversial topic in some circles what it does is it actually creates somebody goes my sight they haven't been there, I think in the last thirty days and they stay on there for a little bit of time. A pop up actually opens up and says, hey, would you like to get the seven steps to small business marketing success who hates pop ups go ahead yeah, everybody right everybody hates pop ups but somehow or another the increase response three hundred eighty eight percent when I use it so you know why I find it right now you can use smart pop ups so like for mine it doesn't pop up on every page of pops up once it pops if you've been my sight in the last thirty days you won't see it you know? So there are ways to actually use smart pop ups and that's why I like pity there's a lot of things that you could do with that it's pretty easy design a good looking form on dh then it just goes right into my email service right now another thing you could do is there are a lot of plug ins one come on my word actually my word press thing and then I use actually has the ability for me to add a lead capture box at the end of every block post so you might think if you when we start talking about blocking that's another great way a lot of people find a lot of success so somebody comes and they read your entire block post you know a pretty good chance that they thought that was good content that's that's a good place to ask him to essentially though you know you really need to have you need to have leave capture on every page you need toe have a reason for somebody to give you their email you need to have an actual page landing page for that as well but she also need to definitely have that on on every page so there's your action plan if you want to capture leads, you gotta have useful, valuable information you've got to make it easy for people to subscribe tell him you're not going to abuse their address show samples you know if somebody when we're asking people to subscribe to our newsletter there's a link right over there says here go look at some past ones, you know, decide if you think it's worthy I actually use you know, once you get one of the beauties of lead capture is once you understand that if you capture lead, you know you can turn x amount of them into customers, you can start spending money actually, just with the sole purpose of trying to get, say, newsletter subscriptions or e book downloads or webinar attendees I give you and one other little trip trick that you might do when somebody when you capture lee and they hit that submit button and it sends him to pages says thank you for subscribing that's a good another place that where you might actually have a couple strategic partners on they produce great content, great news letters or e books you might actually say here are two other resource is that we think you might enjoy as well, and obviously I think they're sends him over to those other pages, right? Well, the reason you're doing that is because those two other providers are doing the same thing for you right because you've got a great book on dso you all three decide that you're going to do a thank you page trade so you're promoting each other with every subscription landing pages so again a landing page is where people land right that's that's the basic idea behind it but the use of landing pages in an online marketing is really become so essential it's essential part of advertising it's essential part of really any promotion that you're doing so the idea behind the landing page is that these especially built pages that that really give people very I mean that there is a strong called action you want people to do something I want them to sign up to to attend a session you want them to sign up for your newsletter I mean they really don't give you no it's not I mean the mistake a lot of people make is they run a facebook and they send people to the home page right and it's like ok, what do I do now? Right? So a landing page a typical landing page will have a really strong headline that that promotes whatever it is that that you know you want the person to do like download your e books that might say free book you know, seven steps to marketing success a lot of times an image of it oh our video of supporting, you know, here's, what you're going to get when you subscribe to our newsletter, I mean, it could be a short one minute video it's really, every element of this thing is selling the call to action, right? Bullet points, you know, people really like to scan, so it might say, here's, what you're gonna get when you down here's, the things we cover in this e book, obviously the lead capture form, so give us your name, your email address on dh, then the rial called action, you know, put, click here, you know, whatever it is that you're trying to get him to do. I also like to add what I called trust elements so you might have somebody says is the best book I've ever read. You know, you really need to down list today, you know suzy from pickett's, right? So another a great item to add on there, but you can use once you start understanding this idea of landing pages, you can really use them, you really should use them in multiple ways. So let's say you're promoting your e book and you want to promote it on facebook. You want to promote it on twitter, you want to promote it on linked in, you could make a case for actually building three separate pages for that I mean that that may seem like overkill, but you might have a slightly different message, you know, welcome from link then you know what I see you came over for here from facebook. I mean, you can actually personalize the more personalization you do, the more results you're going to get. So you're landing page action plan every single one of you should have should build a landing page if you have. If you have your your e book, your killer e book, you should you should have a landing page that promotes that. Ok, if you have a newsletter which I suggest you should, you should have a landing page for that as well. Now there are some tools out there that then I'm going to recommend that you take a look at or you can just build it. You could be I mean, landing page is just a page, right? So if you want to build a page on your site, a lot of wordpress themes have the ability to strip out, say, the navigation and I actually use a plug in from copy blogger called premise um and all it does is it it really just makes things life easier, it allows me to create a b versions. Another really, really strong thing to do with landing pages is to actually test them so I actually let's say I want to have a new have ah any book that I want people to download I can actually create two pages that look he's for all intense purposes the same one has a picture of the book one x has and an embed of a video of me saying why should get this e book I can put them both out their premise will actually rotate them so let's sound promoting promoting the same your url so the person doesn't know the difference but these pages get rotated and so I could make a pretty quick assessment say the one with the video is getting, you know, getting the called action it's converting eso I'll stick with that and, you know, try to beat that another couple I think premises it so it's software you buy so it's like a one time purchase I want to say it's like seventy nine or ninety nine a couple other tools un bounce and optimize lee are are actually services so you actually build the pages on there platform but then you obviously link him to your site the nice thing about those tools as you really you have a lot of tools, so you have a lot of templates you have a lot of ways tio embed video, they do a great job with tracking and analytics for you the and the pages don't reside on your site so a lot of times people will think, well gosh, I'm not getting the you know the ceo bounce for that but a lot of times landing pages are pages that that many times you're testing or they're not necessarily something that you're building for a long term ceo value so to me that's really not much of an issue all right with six minutes to spare we've come tio the end of the actual content eso first off let me ask you guys you know would you like mohr information packed into these sections or it was just about right now what what questions do you have right now in terms of the landing pages? I know at least within the fitness industry that it's very common that you'll go to these landing pages and I mean if you read the whole thing it'll probably take you thirty or forty minutes on dso the way they position it is you know, whatever the product is bunch testimonials called action and then it sort of just repeats itself but its new information as you go along you know what is what is the appropriate strategy there to me that's um it's like you're being beaten over the head and they finally relented purchase the product well, eh? So you're saying that to me is not a landing page in the true sense that's a sales page ok, ok so in which they have a lot of similarities because obviously the cold action is by now you know ah la people use them because they work right? I mean that's why you see him a lot you know, but I think that I think you have to balance with what you feel good about to I mean there's a lot of things that that I have chosen not to do in my business that probably cost me sales but I just don't want my brand to be associated with that on dh so here's, what I would really tell you to do is right one of those create one of those and they create one that is you you want to go and test okay? You know and then you could start you know, saying ok, how could I make this page better but it's always about testing I mean, if you if you ask any consultant should the button be red or orange if they tell you one or the other you know, be suspicious because for whatever reason sometimes the red button works and the always better than the orange button but there's nobody that could tell you why you know and in what circumstance you know, so testing is huge so just with all the content that you've given us here it's a little overwhelming to consider implementing what if you were to pick your top two or three where where would you start if you're starting from scratch where we just start well I would start by hiring a duct tape marketing concern really um you know we are going it's going you think you're overwhelmed at the u s so it really starts with yeah I would start with your I would say I would start with listening because one if you set up a listening station sometimes the overwhelmed goes away or at least the cloud goes away a little bit because you start getting some insight into a wow I I should right here I should go here on dso you know I would I would start there and then I would start playing around with me really start playing around with your themes s so you may not sit down in fifteen minute session come up and nail it but I bet you if you guys sat around and talked about what they should be you know you'd come up with a list of eighteen candidates maybe and then you start doing a little research you go out start talking to some of your customers you kind of narrowed that list down so start that process because in some cases it's it is a little bit of a work in progress so so maybe only come up with six that you all agree on, you know, in your businesses and you say yes, we should be doing this but starting the process has kind of what I find it kind of opens the sort of that little place in your brain where you start look, you know you store like oh, that would be a good one you know and you think about it later so those two things yes, I think what about like blinding pages allah squeeze pages that's a term that people use a lot of kind of a negative I don't want to be squeezed but in the factor trying to squeeze their email address out of them and creating a sense of scarcity like hey, you can only get this I don't see that you do that what do your thoughts? I don't do it because I just talking I guess I don't like that I mean the fact that they call him squeeze pages I mean that it's you know, a lot of the and I use the term internet market is not necessarily in a positive positive way a lot of internet marketers have found things that work right now that trick people that do people that you know get people to do things that because they're you know, playing on their emotions and I just don't I don't believe in it now I believe in I really truly believe that if you if you you know if you give incredible value you know people are going to do what you wanted to do in there and long term, you know, look, look at how many of those I mean, I've been doing this for twenty five years. I've been online, you know, every day for about fifteen years, and I challenge you to find a negative review, a negative thing that anybody said about duct tape market, um, and it's, because, you know, I just, you know, I just don't believe in duping anybody. If somebody buys a product for me and comes back six years later and says, I never bought. I never read that we give me my money back. Sure, you know, because I just again, if it's, if it's a long term game, you know, that's, that's, how I believe treating it.

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