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Making Flower Girl Baskets

So this is very simple like I just kind of came upon this one day when I was looking tio make a basket and I wanted something a little different than just the regular old basket but also something just simple enough to do and I found this ribbon that I thought would be really cute to use around the basket to kind of cover it from its normal look and also give it some girly look all right all you do I mean this is kind of it's an easy ribbon to use because it sticks to the basket really easy easily so all you have to do is take it and start from the bottom and start rapping uncovering all of your basket basically and I do it so that I give him just enough teo secure it without really even having to glue it or any of that just keep rapping I found this ribbon at joanne's fabric I go there often because my kids have different projects and so when we're there I come upon things that I don't normally think of not securing it actually but allow you to repurpose it for something exactly yes a...

nd to keep you from having to use glue guns and what not and then this is another easy part that you could just take it wrap it around they handle to cover the handle with it sort of makes a nice little roughly basket feminine in fact we could use the both again you could use you could even use the ribbon again once you take it off here for some other purpose I just tied a little not to keep it secure here and you could even leave this last bit in here and here's a basket how's it going with students getting there yeah wow that's so cool like rachel made her is kind of tight okay it's like it has more of a fire has grown like I liked it that is so sweet I like how it's floral designers were using tension yeah carrot like yes tighter so normally if you wanted your flowers to last a long time you could put you could you know put some put a little container in here and fill it with water but considering that it's going to be held by a little girl you don't want it to be too heavy and just kind of just not worry about really putting water in it or trying to save the flowers for a long time just you know, fill it up with flowers and leaves and call it a day here I'm just going to start with some dusty miller we can start cleaning up the dusty miller a little bit and getting it ready are we just separating every leaf? No, we don't have to just take the ones that are dead we're not so attractive and with the dusty miller I did this yesterday it's better to use the scissors rather than yeah it's a little bit easier for the dust to use the scissors with these because there I don't know something about this sharper and so I just use the regular scissors for it just take some of these off and separate some of the ones that don't look very good but and then maybe separated couple a couple just so you can put it in between the flowers so that you don't have a huge bunch in the basket so I'm just going to start playing around with it and see what looks good in place my dusty miller in there so let me give you all some local I'm curious to know from the students here you guys often use baskets and your arrangements is this something that you've done before? Yeah a couple times for easter we were using basket quite a bit and yeah, you could also weigh aussies foyle's they have forced oil that's got waterproof side to it which is actually helpful the line okay that you put it as a liner and you just fold up with water too helpful if you wanted to put water in it but so the low cloud is pretty heavy, which is why I didn't want to use water inside the baskets anyway so we'll take some of these leaves off maybe clean up the low quad a little I didn't do that this morning it looks like it's got some stuff on it goes along with peaking things from your backyard you bring in some little insects with you is it better tio perhaps in a low clock scenario honey prince it with a garden hoe yeah it's been a little bit but it doesn't get rid of all the bad stuff like that. Well, this is like I don't know what this is it must be a nest of some sort of insect but I did read that yeah and that definitely helps um with not bringing all kinds of insects and you basically stripped it down geo unfortunately the leaves are too big for me to keep them inside the basket so I'm going to get rid of it and since it's these fruits and the round shape of these fruits that I really want and to show in my basket then I'm going to take most of the leaves off and see if I can keep one in there perhaps but I'll try it if I don't like it I'll take it off now I see on rachel on your branch you have some different sizes you have some that are not ripe yet that are bright green how do we approach those pretty I would keep them why not? If you have a different color and different size of them so that's great and then you could maybe if you can divide them to put him in different parts of the basket or just keep them all together just keep picking leaves off yeah, well, it's even a different texture exactly how the friends exactly I'm going to cut it and try to see if it looks good in here and other small look good keep this one in here and see how that looks I don't like the way it looks. I'm just kind of no but more dusty miller and a smaller one, maybe right next to it everybody's in a good pace here got a little bit of this a little odd to mind your favorite ex minds wonderful explosion grass for some sparkle it's kind of like arranging with dry flowers and then we can start putting some peonies in here. You want to cut it short enough so that it's it's nicely within the basket that could certainly be an arraign a centerpiece? Yeah, people water in it, it will be just fine and then I have some roses here that I'll use the smell amazing. I know that you mentioned that you don't want these baskets to become too heavy if they're going to be carried by yes, so what is your rule of thumb for the number of flowers roughly that you're trying to o r fill it up till it's full enough that it looks good but not too much more than this and this is this is not bad right now still it's a little bit heavy on this side someone at a little bit more flowers here just like in balance that it's hard for a little girl tio try to balance as she walks down the aisle and when we say little girl what what age range you think that types of a basket is appropriate for? I feel like girls from four teo eight or nine would be considered flower girls and of course I've had people who have used baskets like this in their wedding as just the arrangement you know instead of a book a they've used a basket like this, which is also a good idea it's kind of different than your regular bouquet for bridesmaid so then it's not so bad because they have ah and adult holding it and it won't be as bad as hard, but everyone seemed that three year old coming down the aisle just getting used to walking and love to throw things everywhere is quite adorable, but I guess you have a judgment call that one has to make you've got to keep in mind who was holding the basket for sure you don't want the flowers all over the place as just walking down the basket on the floor put some more explosion here little this's is great delivery to someone maybe that wasn't feeling well a nice little little basket of flowers. Yeah, the basket looks great and it is kind of sturdy and it will stay in one place. It's a great way to transport your flowers. We have a little bit of an empty space here, so I'll fill that up. We have some sage and our bucket. Is that something we can put in for sure if it still looks good by all means use it. This is our last segment we can go to town on whatever you use it all is it it worked out? Look what you have balance and this seems like, you know, it's just going by your feeling too are you keeping track of? No, just feeling this space is where I think that there should be a little something on I think I'm done I don't want to fill it up too much more. Maybe I'll play a little bit more grass here to keep that from getting too empty. This is a situation I think most people who are looking at this arrangement probably looking at it from above, right especially if you have a tiny girl holding family above so and I want to make sure I'm going to even use a little bit of my wonderful star carnations here they smell so good they're so beautiful will be using these in our crowns as well which would be a cot nice addition because she's going to be if she wears the crown then it will look nice together with her holding it in this basket too too tall yeah I listened I actually over the break were talking about how beautiful these carnations are and they're unlike any carnations that we've seen are our smelled before they're amazing love using them and these air again from the same source the flower mart these air from brandon st flowers at the flower mart now we have an interesting question here from renee in the chat room now do you have to arrange these any differently to maybe make them more durable just in case a flower girl could drop these orjust jostle them a bit? Is that a concern when you're putting these together well it's pretty sturdy because they have each other to be supported by so that'll hold up a flower drops on again I don't want to put too many things in here in case she's you know they're younger and they're they're a little bit wobbly sometimes so um but yeah it's on the basket itself kind of helps because it's not a flat and slick in the bottom it helps that the weave of the basket actually helps with a with securing off the stems what's everybody doing for me I'm working in some of the green low quiet leaves to set off the dusty miller because I feel like it was getting lost in the pink and the white so just say that's actually a great point because chiana was you know just like oh hey I'm done with it but you can't actually put some parts to the side and then decide to reincorporate that back into the design exactly just in a different way well yeah I mean I think that it's important to point out that if this basket had remained brown it's obviously a different color palette but when you have it in white you have to be careful not to overload too many light colored actually you're getting I'm getting it you're getting for sure I'm learning a lot about my color palettes and that one really jumps out when you have those greens to break up the white and I'm done with mine around tio looking well I like how you use your lilies there during lily's so pretty yeah I love this thiss one is looking pretty full yeah maybe a little bit more here to balance that the officer this low quark very cute I like this thank great how heavy this is good you might want to have a little bit more here just yeah and that looks lovely it wasn't pretty when it opens up all the way yeah so pretty and it looks like it's quite balanced yeah it's not too heavy. Very nice lovely and that what's beautiful is that how how long have we been at office? Not very long at all. It really does not take that much time. If you have some simple measures these you just keep it simple. Yes, and you have the right flowers exactly and bring your imagination exactly before you know it. Yeah, and you could again this could be used for any occasion really for a nice spring centerpiece or others they basket for mom. Anything very pretty and it'll still good too because the carnations no really good now in terms of preparation since you said that you don't traditionally use water to help keep the life in the flower right would the baskets income last in the order of things? You mainly yes. There would be right before right after I make my boot nears. Basically those one still get some. This would be right before I go to the wedding with the venue because it really needs to be and I would ask that they keep it somewhere cool and, uh so day of essentially absolutely okay it's pretty simple. I would I would make the baskets at a time with the ribbon and then the next day you know, right before that I would drop everything else off I would put this together and now we see how you're able to do that. Yeah, it really isn't that difficult of a challenge I like to simplify things if you don't need to be complicated to be beautiful so and that's my motto one I think with what's kind of on trend is to dio like though rose petals like on either side of the aisle or in sort of ah predetermined shape and do not have sort of the erratic rose petal tosses of a little flower girl so you still get to incorporate them and have a beautiful flower I'll exactly and have it and we have a general comment just about the number of weddings that you take on per weekend. Rene wants to know no more than two just because I'm a one woman show usually yeah, and anyway I like tio I like to enjoy creating I don't want to be about the machine, so I don't take on very many at once and I would like to enjoy being with my children once in a while too and there is a season where you're more busy than other seasons yes from now through november so what month are those? Someone might be watching every month it's from now through november it's busy starts now let's see, we're in april I have a wedding next week then I have three weddings in may umm june july especially in california it's wedding season and it goes through november because the weather is so beautiful in september, october and november and the variety that you could use for november weddings or just beautiful out of this world so much to so much to incorporate you know, and you try to incorporate different flowers of the season depending on people getting married? Absolutely. Last year I did a november wedding where I used lots of fruits um persimmon persimmons were all over the place and of course, lots of branches and such foliage is so beautiful in the fall that you could do so much with it with us, especially with the color palette when when the right says oh, just go to town on all sorts of autumn colors then it's great yeah so you guys feel pretty good about your baskets take a look. How about you want to bring them up on the table so you have no shot of all the baskets together? Let's see how you guys carry them? Our girl minute the procession. Yeah. Any final comments from you, john, on how these air looking, they look amazing. We could maybe feel this a little bit put a little bit of grass, especially because they're short the ones will bring them by, walk them down the aisle the one can see very

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What could be sweeter than a wreath of blooms on a flower girl’s head? In Flower Girl Baskets & Crowns, Kiana Underwood will teach you everything you need to know about floral design for the wedding party’s tiniest member.

Kiana will show you how easy it can be to use fresh flowers to create beautiful crowns. She’ll also guide you through the process of constructing gorgeous, unique flower girl baskets.

In this fun and beginner-friendly class, you’ll learn how to create flower girl’s baskets and accessories that are lush, unique, and beautiful.