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Graphic Design for your Business: A conversation with Guy Kawasaki & HuffingtonPost

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Guy Kawasaki

Graphic Design for your Business: A conversation with Guy Kawasaki & HuffingtonPost

Guy Kawasaki

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Welcome to creative live I'm ca murphy I'm the head of the money in life channel here and today we have a very special guest guy kawasaki uh if you don't have a guy is hey is the chief evangelist for campbell which will be talking about today he also is achieve evangelists for apple back in the day no small deal he's also written numerous books I think I read thirteen through last count ah he's also the brand ambassador for mercedes benz is pretty cool that is very cool. So a pretty impressive background eso today he's here to talk about camba which is a design tool that we were just saying democratizes designed for people. And I was also reading that anything that you touch his gold no it's not what I said at all okay, so I call it guys golden touch ok, maybe that's what guys? Golden touch is not what you just said, which is everything I touch turns to gold I wish that was true guys golden touch is whatever is gold guy touches ah, the big difference is the victor and the context in wh...

ich I use this is that people ask me, you know what to take to be an evangelist, what it takes to be a successful marketer and my theory is guys golden touch, which is align yourself market evangelized great stuff because it's much easier to evangelize great stuff than crap so canada is such a great product it is very easy to evangelize that's great so tell our audience and we have a lot of entrepreneurs freelancers, small business owners what what is camba and you know what does it do well at the highest level I hope people realize that this is a visual marketing world at this point it's not just text it's not just email it's about social media it's about advertising it's about pins it's about instagram it's about all that good stuff and all of that is so predicated upon great graphics whether you are taking a picture of your food of your shoes of your mercedes whatever it is on instagram whether you are pitching investors on a sixteen by nine format pitch whether you have written a kindle e book and now you need to design a cover whether you want a facebook cover page that adequately displays your brand attributes all of that is graphics and so in this world not everybody is a graphic designer you know not everybody can afford to pay for a graphic designer not everybody can wait for a graphic designer and so that's the world that we're trying to democratize I I I like to say that you know cameras a fast free and easy version of photo shop its cloud based getting your browser there's an ipad app you go to canada there's a bunch of things already designed in advance for you the standard instagram pinchers google plus twitter face we'll also their stock photos and things that you like dollar yes which is amazing and so you you select the category let's say you as a small business you need to make a medium rectangle ad three hundred by two fifty ad and so you go to the a b section click on three hundred by two fifty we're going to show you dozens of ads already created in advance you click on one of them then you add a picture let's say the temperate you picked had a snow scene but you're really a hawaiian bar and so you would type in our little search area beach you'll find dozens of beach pictures you drag your beach picture into that template the snow see now changes to a beat seat you change the tech x the font the color the graph the size then you go to j p you goto pdf and you're done and what I just described which may sound a little harry is a five minute process it is trivial yeah I just was telling guy did it last night for something I have to do it work and I am not a designer and it took me four minutes I also you had trouble yeah I said I was I was loath bar that's the worst case yeah yeah four minutes is the worst case but I don't know if you know this feature but there's a feature where let's say you've designed something for pictures but you want to use the same graphic for instagram, google plus twitter and facebook there's a menu item called magic resize and so when you select that menu item it shows you all the other things that you could build with that graphic said you click and so now you you started an instagram you select magic resize you say well I also want this to be by kindle e book cover I want this to be my uh my google plus my twitter and my facebook post and it'll magically resize it to get the correct aspect racial is and the optimal dimensions and create all the other designs based on your starting point that's called magic resize that's awesome yeah because when you sometimes want to resize pictures they get all juan que don't look right so there's another service that camera camera offers which is for work for work camera for work and we're actually joined by candy who is a new york city she is the mobile art director for having to posts and she is a great use case for why cannot for work is really really great and you know how it can make the process is so much easier for teams especially in teams that era's biggest huffington post so candy welcome hi. Thank you. Thanks for joining us. I'm here with guy I can stay holes arianna until arianna I said hello she's doing great I hear all the time yeah, tell her I said hello I will. So, candy, why don't you tell us a little bit about why you chose camera and how you guys use it in your processes? Huffington post what? We really discussed it as a team, the photo team editorial and design and we were kind of figuring out how do we get all of the editorial staff tio adopt some it is not photo shop in its course because you know what? A lot of people are already using photo shop and they're just do whatever they want everything that we needed was for the entire team so designs photo editorial and the thing is a lot of editors are already using photo shop they have to do things immediately. So you know, if something happens overnight, if something happens in the morning, they don't have time to contact a designer to say, can you please make something and this and that? So what we did was we created templates for having imposed branded and we did a whole slew of them on daz they ran into them or issues or said, oh, I need this use case any values case I need this special size and I need this scenario we would create them as needed and then there was like a whole plethora of them and we're still doing that and having this adoptable for editorial staff across the entire world was really important and a lot of people we never get to even speak tio or tell them about this feature we just say here use this may plug in, you know, we invite them with their email address and they're already able to use all the templates with no explanation regardless of your language so it's great and they're and they're mostly editors to write, so they're not designers what's so it no designers it's all editorial so these are people with no design background and no hand holding and the logo is pre populated copy is pre populated in the colors that we designated, and it just makes it really, really easy to get people to adopt tio a brand guidelines when we can't communicate that across thousands of people, my job is done, I will leave to keep talking and like no stop candidate for president yeah that's great and I know I know we were just talking about how we used to work in the same space and editorial and working with a bunch of writers, you know, and even myself you were just talking about how high is it for work here camera for work here it's you know it's so nice to be able to have it looked clean and professional and you know, when a big brand like huffington post is using it and writers that are not designers or using it just goes to show that anybody could be a designer on a very basic level but could make something that looks attractive and and that's something that people want to look at that's great yeah candy thank you. Thanks so much. So, you know, having imposes a great example of how they use it in their business and you know they're big brand but what about you know, the entrepreneurs and the freelancers like why why did you get involved with can campbell like why do you think that's important for them are for people to be able to do it? Because it is about empowerment? Um I really started my tech career with apple and apple empowered people to use computers people who could have never used a computer before and so we brought a whole different population of people to computing and camera is doing the same thing for design it's bringing a whole population like this use case you just heard where they have dozens of editors around the world I mean bc with stats were before can va bc what was she going to do? Yeah, it's like ok so well by a lice since we're photo shop but we'll get like eighty five people all over the world to learn photoshopped editors and you alice I don't think so so this is the use case now many people who are listening to this are not running huffington post right there small business so I found a site last night it's a woman named the coal young and she has a website in the coal s y n I c o l e s y dot com ok she is an independent photographer so she writes books about photography she sells photos and she sells light room plug it's okay so on her site if you go there now you'll see these ads which are rectangles with big tex colored background you know, twenty percent off this whatever this whatever this she made all that wood campbell that's the kind of use case that would she have bought one thousand dollars piece of software was she start paying you know, twenty bucks a month for ten bucks that whatever it is I don't think so she just all she did all she needed to do was make three or four think it's right? I mean at some level and she did it would cava and that's the use case so I don't want to give people the impression that unless you have eighty five editors around the world cameras not relevant right absolutely not true if you have to make one graphic a week can was relevant for you and this would be add social media posts flyers if you're if you are the a p t a president and you want to make a flier saying you know it's the christmas party we got templates for that we have seasonal templates for holidays flyers letters email email hitters so it's much more effective to have a direct email campaign where the email has a header this graphic then guess what pure text right all of that is there and it's you know I feel like it's a giant leap from clip art right because that's how people used to make fliers don't help us I know I know and it still exists when you're kind of scary but it's beautiful that's what I love about cameras of the typography is really really nice and it's all very modern and clean and there's so many different ways you can use it right because good things going you have a number for you can't you let you know when to stop this terrible bubble letters that were all shiny and awful and have those grady in like remember the ugly little man in power point little stick figure god terry malloy got uh and then engage these I know on bears like comic sans you know that's like the worst type fund and I know I got to say I love aerial black but okay yeah I hear your blacks different but yeah, it's just it's a great it's a great way for people to be able to do it and have a look clean and pretty where I just don't feel like there's something else, even on the market that does something you know, so we're like waxing poetically about cameron ah, but I want the most important things is, you know, people don't necessarily have to believe you or me. Obviously I'm conflicted or candy she's not convicted, she could say whatever she wants, right? But there's virtually militarised I mean, it is free. Just open your browser and go to canada dot com and try it, you know, prove me wrong, yeah, and then it's a dollar that was the thing that ok, let's, let's specify that. So in this scenario, where you're making an ad and the temple, it shows snow, you know mountain, but you want to use the beach, you type in beach, we'll find dozens of beach pictures for you you use the beach picture using the beach picture is a dollar that's the scenario talking of right? But there are hundreds of thousands of people who never pay can buy anything because they have taken a beach picture or they want to use the picture of their family, and so what you could do is upload your own photo and never pass so I don't want people to get the impression well, how much good in dollar you know, in fact you're right but there is a use case where you upload your own font you upload your own photos and you will never pay us a dime yeah just breaks my heart too but you know when we get to the higher in when you want eighty five people when you want to say ok guys, this is the template this is the font this is the color palette this is the filter effect this is the digital asset where we're all sharing for consistency yet that's when you start paying ten dollars per person per month but many people never go to that place because they're not a team if you really want to use campbell to the you know, to the if you want to go like huff, pull on it right that's canada for work yeah, and I mean if you're a crafter so let's say a lot of our audience or crafters or photographers let's say you think he said you want to upload a photo of your kraft the thing that you made or one upload your own votes free yeah like you have never have you ever paid me? I paid a dollar for my facebook cover photo last night I'll give you a dollar back okay, thank you yeah so it's it's great it's a great it's a great service and so you know in general you know why do you think design and branding is important for entrepreneurs and people that run small businesses because it is a visual online and that visual monitoring world well even you know a flyer and we think about it it's fire for christmas party that's pure text what going to dragon like a little candy cane clip art right versus flyer that's really beautiful so it is because in a world where so much is text the graphic stands out basically so there's a lot of things flying at people and so to garner attention you have to set yourself apart and one of the ways is to use beautiful graphics and that's what campbell and enables anybody literally anybody to do yeah and also just the graphic that you chose and you choose the typography it all says something about your brand which I think is really important. You know, when I was going through all the different types of funds that I could users on their recursive and so on they were fun and some of them were, you know, very similar to burns label yeah, fine there's some there's, some old school fun yeah, but I think that if you're you know trying to emulate what you are is a brand whether your photographer crafter you are service provider what what images you use and truly wants you used tells a user until the great store so in the use case where you have a nazi store and you sell handmade almond scented candles that sounds yeah you're probably going to use a really light delicate fun right so that's what you have it's all there for you on the other hand I don't know if you're selling custom parts for lamborghinis he probably won't use the little you know very fun right? Yeah he's like a so that's also there so all of that is kind of what you see is what you get and free and fast and yeah the holy grail of graphics yeah I mean branding so important I just I think that that's that's really great that you guys offer that and then in general I know this is kind of a little off topic but what do you see changing in general a technology and giving people access to these tools? I mean such a design no czar in the megatrend off all is democracy um access and believe it or not, I think the first great effect of democracy and axis is meritocracy ok so now because everybody has access to tools like canada because there is a greater awareness now it becomes more of a game of merit it's not who you are it's not what family you were born into it's not what school you went to it is either your graphics no good or they don't it's not because you could afford photo shop and I couldn't it's not because you had you know, tutoring and I did it it's not because you went to dartmouth and I went to san jose state it's it's you know the graphic speaks for itself yeah and so that is true I think with many things so create alive that you get an education you don't need to go to, you know an expensive school also if you if you want to learn marketing or you want to learn design how to use a tool if you want to learn how to do photography theater today using creative live and all its topics then it's a meritocracy right? And you can stand toe to toe with the harvard mba and probably defeat the harvard mba right there's a harvard mba is coming from a whole different mindset where you know you need a mckinsey consulting for you needed entourage you need a personal assistant who has a personal assistant you need all that kind of stuff. Um that's incense education is democratized right graphics mark dies computers democratize coding learning co writing so writing you know before they were about I don't know ten firms in new york that controlled business press you know and so you have to suck up to ten companies and hope the trixie or benefit the front this past your manuscript to some guy or some gal who's an editor who picked you out of the slag heap and then you know published you write well now guess what you write your book inward if you are really a tweak you exported tio they'll be in design and you form at it you deploy it to kindle amazon and from the time you uploaded to amazon to the time you were a published author is roughly twelve hours that is roughly three hundred sixty four and a half days faster than the old world yeah I mean, look at the martian yes oh my god. Marcia was a self published book, you know? And he just he she is a great day at the office of inspector, right? All right, so you know, so why wasn't the martian quickly had the guy road that manuscript submitted a book proposal to the ten firms in new york it would still be at the bottom of some heap right now, right or recycle more likely and so this is a great story of empowerment and he could self publish it went out immediately. Now matt damon is playing his character I mean they're on ah could that have happened before in a world where if the suck up to ten publishing firms I don't think so yeah so that's so publishing design computer blogging you got right. Get your voice out there. Now, this is not to say that everybody is going to have a martian, right? True. Yeah, it's not to say that everybody's gonna have a great design, but at least now it's more of a meritocracy. So at least you can get your book out. And if it is good, it can sell, it can be discovered. The gate, the fence, the hoop you had to jump through is gone. So obviously personally mohr crap out there now, but at least every piece of crap has a chance and a good design right at a good cover. And again, kind of good government. Every self publish authors should use the canada kindle template they got at least you'll have a good cover. Yeah, it'll be pretty, but it is that's I think the mega trend that it's all about democratization in a sense, etc represents the marketization, right? So in the pre etc world because I've been there, you would fly to bentonville, arkansas, okay, and if you ever went to the headquarters of wal mart, you would see that there are literally dozens of rules you know you go to place inside. This is like rooms one through fifty two, the left room fifty one through one hundred to the right and so you as a vendor, you're carrying your supplies, you know your thing and you go into this little room and a buyer comes in the room and, you know, that's it, right? So it's, the walmart buyer doesn't like you end of discussion. Well, guess what you go to answer you put up your, you know, your almond scented, handmade candles from sheep's milk, whatever you're doing right, and you have this delicate fund and you have your etc background and you're in business now, it doesn't mean you're going to sell millions of these candles, but at least you have a chance. Yeah, that's a beautiful thing, it is it's an amazing thing and I'm happy tio, I'm not tio going to be a part of it now, you know, and that meritocracy and having people have access it's really it's really a great change and that's why I'm a part of creative live and I'm sure that's why you support camba and well, thank you for joining us guy really, really appreciate it, and I'm sure everyone that's watches this appreciate it, tio way hope to have you back a third time. Any thought you doing all right, thanks very much.

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Strong graphics are essential for building any brand. In the Internet age, the expansion of market access has driven the need for powerful, evocative graphic design tools that make brand stories stand out. Enter Canva. In 3 years, this online design tool has grown to serve over 6 million users, launched a design school, and transformed the ease with which design beginners create professional-grade graphics.

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist for Canva, and Candy Bigwood, Mobile Art Director at the Huffington Post, joined Kimberly Murphy of CreativeLive for a chat about the potential of design to elevate brand stories.

To become familiar with Canva’s powerful toolset, check out Easy Graphic Design for your Business with Canva, where you’ll learn how to: 

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Tracey Catherine Hurst

Enjoyed this conversation as I have been using Canva for a year or more now and love it. As Guy said, we don't all have the money to pay graphic designers rates and sometimes it's not having the time to wait for work to be done. Learning to use Canva was quite easy and It's definitely one of the best tools I have for my business. I pay for the Canva for Work but the free option is perfectly sufficient. I upload all my own images so it rarely costs me anything for a Canva image. Democratisation at it's best. Tracey Hurst - The Online Course Club


That's awesome, it's really inspiring... Thanks.

Alena Resende

Just watched the class and checked out the Canva website. Seems amazing . I'm going to have a go.