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How To Move Forward and Make Money

Susan Schreter

How To Move Forward and Make Money

Susan Schreter

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Class Description

The pandemic wreaked havoc on many of America’s small businesses leaving owners with many questions. How do I even start to recover financially? How can I correct the mistakes I made in the past and build back even stronger? The truth is, the world has changed, lenders have changed, customers have changed, and it's time for you to change as well. It is time for your Plan B(etter).

Your Plan B can mean more cash in the bank and now is the perfect time to not just recover, but thrive. Success in business means more cash coming in than walking out and it also means creating saleable value for your business. Join entrepreneurship financial expert and CEO of Start on Purpose,Susan Schreter as she builds upon the important lessons from her in depth financial course “Fund Your Business For Growth.”

In this course you will:

  • How to reset your business mindset
  • Identify the missteps you’ve made previously in your business
  • Demystify the important numbers that can help transform your business
  • Need-it-now funding schemes to avoid
  • The important steps to take right now for your Plan B


Susan Schreter is a veteran of the venture finance community with expertise in the life cycle of financing companies from startup to sale. She is an MBA-level educator, expert on the factors that influence startup success or failure, and popular “tell it like it is” workshop presenter to technology incubators, the SBA, and micro-finance organizations. As a regular contributor to Yahoo!, Fox Business, and MSN, she makes the fine points of cash management, customer targeting, intellectual property, product pricing, and raising funds from investors and banks less intimidating and understandable to a nationwide following.

Susan is the author of the new book, Start On Purpose: Everything You Need to Know and Do to Startup with Strength, which provides the easy action steps and leadership wisdom to double and triple the value of a business. Susan’s “purpose” is to improve America’s startup business performance so anyone, anywhere can exceed their dreams, manage a valuable, money-making business with confidence.

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