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Editing with Intro Designer

There's a program on the ipad that's very inexpensive called intro designer and this is how I make intros or quick little pieces of animation it's a whopping two dollars and ninety nine cents I think on the app store so um last night will sent me a video email so I said, well I'm gonna do ah video for will and it took just a couple minutes and I'll play it for you in into a design issue can see how it works you have your own movie and it really just took a couple minutes because what I did I'll go back here is ceo it says tapped to change title I could make it the sidney heart story is right right also here you can see why I enabled the music the music came with the clip I enabled the sound effects that was all the swishing and stuff like that um I guess apparently I could add my own music which has custom music and import if I had two dollars and ninety nine cents for intro designer um so if again I can I can change any of this text so if I wanted to say that will hartzog I instead an...

d I can there's a little thing here that says position so I could move it up on the screen um if I don't like that font I could change it that's terrible um I mean, if I wanted something a little with a little bit more possess, so you see, you've got all these fonts and it's so easy, whenever you're done, you just played again, so I was just messing around last time I won't bore you with all that to change the text in this in this particular template, there's only like three areas for the text, you just go forward or backward, like, oh, I didn't really mean I meant all of a stone, but, uh, so I think, like, done, um, and then when you're done, you can export it and again said he was asking about the sizes six forty by three sixty you can, you know, pick whatever side you want and send it it's gonna take a little bit of a time, but don't I could share it, but I won't do it that way, so I'm going to cancel out because we don't care about that. But the main thing I want to show you here is oh, maybe it's gonna force me to export it if I go back, um, and I want to do a new one. It has all these templates. There's, about twenty templates, so if you pick thiss ones for birthdays, christmas, new year's if you go to social, you could do a facebook template you can just play it and see how it would look so that was pretty simple, but maybe at the beginning of your love all your youtube videos you want to put, you know, youtube thing with your you are well down here instead of there's music comes with it in that case you'd say choose template but appear tapia to change title and this just says visit our channel um I think it's too small so I can pump up the size a little bit so I just click the big a to bump up the size. Now I go to the next line of text, I have to lower that now because I made it bigger and I just put, you know, youtube dot com forward slash lubo tone or whatever the title you want is, um and that seems to be getting lost a little bit, so I'm going to make that red I think I'm going to make it red um you could make it larger again. I might want to make that larger and lower and when I'm done, I'm done and I can just play it uh no, these air, you know, you sort of stuck with there the way that their temple style but I do want to show you here um if you want to add an in tow to your video on outro like where they called to action some of these kind of group because they're both days and things like that but if you go to the one called cinematic you can play them and see which one you you know which one's gonna work like this when you could see ok, this is thirty seconds it's a little lengthy but you know each one of these titles you khun customize and change this one has ten placeholders um I think this is the burn was the one who used for well, this is the one we used for will and again they just all I did was go in here and choose the template and tap to change titles so that's why I changed you know cecil b tomorrow on presents or whatever and you're done you're done play it so it's pretty amazing that you can have all these cool little templates for two dollars and ninety nine cents is that where you got yours? You say I have done some on here but for lou but the loo thing I did on adobe after effects which is a bit more complicated, okay, but for a couple bucks, I mean, uh kind of need that you could do that so this is intro designer and there's another one called intro mate which is essentially the same thing um it's really the same, you know, same idea same design the only difference with intro mate is that it has different temple it's different you know? So if you don't like the kind of temples that they have there you can check out into a maid only don't even to got downloaded into a maid on here yet but the inter designer thing is so easy and so customizable if you decide you don't want the music of the sound effects you just simply turn it off there in the little set there now then could you copy that and added into my movie yeah because once you export it you have it as a file are their libraries off templates that would go with these programs? Um this inter designer has about twenty ish templates so you can just pick the template that you want like you click the plus sign in the upper right column and then you say you know, okay, I want to look at what the abstract templates are so you go through and you can see all the different templates that they have and then you can decide which one you want to download so like his mac and cheese day, I don't know if you're promoting a webinar on event you just say okay, how does this look? So if you're gonna have a webinar for an event you just change the day we'll first have to download template but I want to do that you change the date see how quickly it downloads and then you put instead of mac and cheese day it would be you know will heart day or something you know webinar you know free webinar so and this one's only ten seconds so after you export it it's fairly easy to add it to other programs whether it's my movie or well if you just use it as is so I choose this template tapia to change titles so I changed the date what's today's date the fourteenth I could see this in real time okay, so this now it says fourteen october's mac and cheese day cool huh? Call intro designer love that um and I love this parish productions as me being someone that makes water and intro videos there is no way I can make that for three bucks on blake fantastic anymore questions here in the room right. See if we've got anything coming in tony want lou when we were discussing doing my video at one point we talked about the fact that you know I do have the call to action for the opt in but I also want to offer people the opportunity to do a fifteen minute consult and you suggested that we do that is kind of like some sort of text or something after the rest of the video, how would you advise people to do that? I think probably the best way to do that is and we'll talk about that in the next section when we talk about you two but if you can add an end card sometimes it's called an encounter an entitled to youtube video so once your youtube video is complete, you bring it into the youtube editor and then just add text well, you know whatever you wanna reiterate in that call to action at the end so I would just say what I want to know what kind of text so I want to add and maybe have that here at the end of the video so you've given you called action, but you want to say we're tony saying basically is you want the call to action is the main thing, but you also want to say, oh, by the way, follow me on facebook and twitter you know you could put something in here that just might be, you know, follow me on twitter at lube or tone on then you've got it no in this case it's over me it's an overly over an overlay so it doesn't make sense but you get the idea and you could change where that is and the opacity in color and to match so like if I wanted to be read now, it's going to stay there, because I added it over everything. But you can see how it will end on this goofy shot of me. Beautiful shot of you. I don't know what you're talking about.

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