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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Off-Camera Video Tools - Part 2

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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Lesson Info

5. Off-Camera Video Tools - Part 2

Lesson Info

Off-Camera Video Tools - Part 2

The next exciting software that I want to share with you eyes even less expensive in terms of the overall app and this one's called video maker fx and this is relatively new software which also allows you to do whiteboard videos but also other kinds of videos a lot of other kinds of type videos they call it you may have heard the expression kinetic type that sort of this moving type that pops in and out and all over the place and when you get video maker fx which I believe is just video maker fx dot com um they have the kind of like internet market is they have this big long sales page ultimately it's like sixty seven dollars to buy it and then they have a lot of what's called o tio za one time offers which I usually just skip and up cells I mean internet market is a famous for this like okay here's the really inexpensive software but you can get ten extra templates for this so so you you khun resist all that temptation and just look at video maker fx dot com and you're able to downloa...

d this software which is pretty easy to use and pretty intuitive so I will again kind of walk through this on the fly here I haven't prepared anything ahead of time I do have an example of a finished one that I'll show you in a bit but for now when you go to you've downloaded the software you go to create well say creative live again creative live test so you just enter the project name and click create project and then when you go to add slide in the lower left hand corner it's going to give you all of all kinds of templates to choose from so again you don't have to do any design uhm and these run from you know the very basic to the moor I'll show you a couple of them but if you pick like express video sales letter then it's going to show you each one of the slide's basically now this one's kind of just a glorified slide presentation so this one will just have a few different texts on a gray background I could go to something um a little bit more interesting and it's going to show you you know you've got a text that animate and text that have text in them um they also have character templates these I like because they're a little have a little bit more personality so these air just each one of the slides for that template so this one for example has seven slides you can mix and match but I'm going to say for this one I'm gonna say okay I want to use the character anna presentation that's how we say an in boston anna and I'm going to say at all slides so now I've got all of my slides in the timeline down here, and I can now go and start to customize them now you can't customize the character, maybe that's why she looks so sad. Um, but you can see this is how this slide is going to play in real time. So what I would do here is, um, text area one is meat, so I'm gonna pick on sewer gang let's say meet sue so basically, I've just changed. I've just slightly changed oh, wait that that still has to be meat and text area to is the name, so we're going to change that and customize it so again, we're just working with a template here and this one that's now going to say meet sue and text area three is what do you love doing so? Skiing scheme she's visiting ski all right, so let's see how that looks and it's going to play for you the whole time? She's going to be able to see this particular slide meet so she loves skiing but she is on her. Are you unhappy? No, I'm really unhappy. All right, so all right, so that one's going to be done, but now we have to move on to the next slide. And she's unhappy waited to say why you were unhappy because there is no snow in their house says she is unhappy okay that's all it says in that slide so we're gonna move on to the next one and we're gonna move down here to our text again um towards has unfortunately we'll just say because um because one it doesn't snow in san francisco doesn't know not very often I'm gonna use the airport abbreviation because it rhymes um and again you would just add your text here whatever it may be um I'm gonna say her boots broke no not booty sorry yeah now again I want to show you here you could see how it's how its animating because it doesn't snow her boots broke of ah um I can change the font again here to something different I spelt because one didn't I so um you can see what right now I'm changing their her boots broke font and each time that bundle noticed that the font changes kind of on the fly but the point here is you can change the fonz you can change the text color so maybe you want the blue to be on blue here you can see right here is where you change the text color you can change the size you can actually even have the text do certain effects like glow a blood I'll add a couple of these just just kind of show you how it works sites you can't just wow all right, so we again I'm not going to go through the whole thing and change the whole thing I just want to show you how how you can customize it so now we've we've customized our text for each line in here you can change the text to what you want now some of you kind of to think ok these that the lines have to work with but if you don't wanna have like she's got this whole list here of of why she's unhappy now I could just go in here and delete some of those and just not have them in new at all by just getting rid of them so I can kind of you know, make the text less ahh bulky so now I took away I think it took away the third or fourth once he had changed the font here and you just continue to go through your slides. Blue? Yeah. That's a good question. I believe so because you've got shape issues you want to see what your shape is there there's this shape right? Go into shapes and you click enabled so there's your shape and here's your shape one and you can change it tio kind of match her dress, maybe there you go, so so we changed that for you um this shape is the overall background color so I'm not going to mess with that one but you see that there's different in some of these there's different animations that you can do um you can add different images and upload different images like she wants to travel but can you get make that different she wants to travel yeah you can change all the ok all the texts and all the funds did you have a question can you get rid of susan and put a zebra there is no that's the only problem with these is that you know the character is pretty much there like it's like hey you know, wipe that grin off your face well you can't really do that with this particular character but again if you go back to creating a project you can decide you know maybe you want one with what you don't want a character in it at all and you could put an image there so yeah I could do something like kinetic promotion this is like a text only so if I say at all slides now I've got a whole new presentation that I can work with and again with all of this you can change text the only thing you can't really changes the character you can change background color so if I go to this slide and I say okay, this is cool but I don't really want that um background color now it's white but I can change it to a light blue maybe but then I'd probably want to change the text so it pops a little bit more good background effect awesome is it true? Is it animation here you go down there and click on the different buttons and click through him and it'll bring a different option in the background yeah background or animation to uh there's a click through those yeah perfect thank you for reminding me I forgot about that, but I mean that's kind of cool so you can add john pointed out that you can add if you didn't hear him that when you go to the animation tab you can actually change the way the background pops into now we've changed the color and the background um I've got a little arrow here like I can add this little arrow if if you want to say check out below and we haven't even gotten to audio yet, but but you can see here again you khun basically tell a story using these slides and you can switch the order or delete certain slide if you don't want quite this many aa lot of these um templates generically you're going to come in kind of a problem solution videos, which is not a bad way to go but again if you have if you're making an offer if you have this video on a sales page on a web page and you want to say often below for my free report you know you got these you know, little arrows that you can use and things that kind of direct you to that if you want to go back so that there's no animation you just bring it back bring the animation tab back to zero um again a couple of different kinds of animations here is john pointed out so it is essentially a glorified power point but it is animated and when it's done it is an animated video and again we don't have to be on camera you could do it any time anywhere this one's a little bit more difficulty than video scribe, but it also has a lot more flexibility because again you have these these kind of texts type things flying in and out um I can you know again animate the background change the text john like all the different software programs, which is the most guess diversity of packages because the major effects does have restrictions like you can't take out anna, you can't change your facial expressions so there's somewhat of a set course you have to take that in your opinion do you like video scribe better cause we describe you can't do animated animated videos right you khun describes but is this your favorite? I like I like this because usually there are some who I don't have to use the characters at all and usually I can find a scenario or a a slide presentation or a template that's going to serve my needs so if I want to promote a webinar for example I mean maybe I don't even need the characters in there at all I could just find one that's text only but doing this kind of thing where the types coming in and out and I can change the text before video maker fx and other things like video scribe you'd have to do something like this in apple motion or in adobe after effects which I've used a lot and is very expensive and has a very steep learning curve so really honestly to do a video like this I could probably do it in twenty minutes or half an hour the same video and adobe after effects would have taken me four or five hours honestly yeah and again this uh this course in generals about getting to do something simply quickly and effectively and so it's you know, there are a lot of ways that you can go and do much more elaborate videos but if you want to do something get it done in fifteen minutes or an hour there you go yeah tell val about shortcuts yeah quick question speaking of shortcuts quick question from allison do you know if you can save colors permanently to go with your brand so you don't have to reset them each time can you save like templates at all? You know it's a great idea a great question what I do is I mean, I saved this finished video so I've got it and I know kind of what my color palette is I don't know that you khun put presets in here to save me but they do have, you know, pretty much any color you can imagine. Andi, I want to answer a couple more questions, but I also want to just go jump to the audio just so that we know that there is that aspect of it um and you can see here where it says enable music first track enable voice second track so you can add a voiceover track and music um to both now I tend to just go and say okay, well, I just want to find a good music for my for my video and again I have to listen to them kind of see they don't have a gn enormous amount here but wake up but you can test each one I used this one a lot and when you find when you like you just click apply and I will show you the whole video when it's done and I also have a quick little finished version but you can see again really flexible one of the mistakes a lot of people make when they're doing videos like that is like, oh my god, I want to use the full happy song it's like, well, you can't do that and, um because youtube doesn't like that especially and I'm not sure for l like that that much. So this kind of bypasses all that because you've got different musical themes and background music that you can choose from that isn't going to get you in trouble, which is great and in your mp three files brows yeah, I mean you could bring in I could I could import the whole song or some other music that I have okay, I wouldn't input the farewell song, but but I used like background music there are all kinds of places we're going to talk about this a little bit later in a separate segment but all kinds of places to get custom music one of the ones that I use his audio jungle dot net so if I have a particular piece of music that I purchased um from audio jungle dot net for twenty two dollars and I want to use that from a branding standpoint and always have it in my videos I can always pull it in from my file here right off the desktop more questions so you talked about making welcome like birthday videos, welcome videos when you're sending that toe like somebody you meet a conference or something it's a larger file right so you can't always just email it you just dropped boxing that people how do you send that to people some of these are pretty small believe it or not the video like the video scribe videos tend to be fairly small files but if not I use dropbox or something that's like high tail because like it used to be use ended which is for sending big files and that way they'll know that they've got lovely little video to watch a little bit more about and I think the next segment right about sending videos to people definitely something we're gonna cover okay on microphones best microphones to use for stuff like the audio for voice over yeah honestly if my macro ipad is a little bit in front of me I don't even worry about that because the computer picks it up pretty well I will mention that a little bit more in the future a segment on how much is this one the deer monthly seven dollars I think I'm pretty sure this one sixty seven okay again they have because of the way that they set up they have additional office like they'll say oh get ten extra templates for another forty dollars or something so they have a lot of add ons but again even with just the stuff that you get on the regular software you know it's it's a lot of stuff, so I'll show you all into a couple more questions and I'll show you a finished version of what this looks like and then you can also well you can preview it I won't play the whole thing, but you'll see just to show you you know you could you could preview it as you go and a lot of these templates are kind of written so that you can kind of you know, this sort of already sales messages so in some ways you just have to kind of follow their pattern and then check on, you know, like you noticed there was a space in here for testimonials, you know, like somebody says, you know, this product is double those sales and then when you finally want to export it, you can pick the size and the quality pit exports as an mp for and typically I just exported and save it to my don't know what I just did save it to my hard drive so that I can then, you know, put it on youtube or facebook and going back to john's questions like on those videos, if the files a lodge, there are some times when I'll just upload it to facebook and then just message that person so that they, you know, basically they're the only one they concede on facebook I'm gonna cancel that because I don't want to mess up their computer um we'll do a couple of questions and I want to show you a video that I created with this software when when we jump back to the slides and well, it's tony's question so you may be talking to this more later but in the context off sending something like this as part of a newsletter to your subscriber list can you talkto how any solutions that you're aware of for sending videos that way? Sure, and we're going to talk a little bit about video e mail in the next segment as well, but I use thes it depends a lot of time it depends on the email provider or the easing provided the male provided that using, you know, a weber get response, I happen to use infusion soft and within infusion soft, you can add videos from youtube so a lot of times the phone sending an easing I may have a video video of the week that I just pull in from there, so a lot of that kind of depends on who's, your email provider and what what you know, email software you're using and we'll have a question too. I think you have a question whether you use, describe or old video maker fx um, do you have any tips on overcoming video writer's block you know so there's got those templates and things but okay I'm looking at a screen but trying to figure out what the right yeah exactly nervous and don't do anything yeah that's a great question I do think a lot of people tend to overthink that that mess you know ok what I right what's the message going to be and especially with these like video scribe and video maker fx usually the message is pretty simple and pretty direct and we're trying to think in terms of the context in which people are watching this they're probably watching it online or on facebook you know where their attention spans are relatively short so I think really the best answer that is what is the shortest sweetest way I can say this and get the message across andi even some of these templates they're a little dense in terms of all the coffee for these because they're animation I like to try and go a little lighter on the copy so if the message is russ rocks it's like okay I just want to get to that message and I want to set it up maybe it's kind of a problem and solution you know if you're having a bad day talk to russ because russ rocks so you know you just keep it very simple and think about the message that you want to communicate you know what's the quickest shortest way I can do that so I just got a note from ah user here who says that you can actually duplicate your original file with all of the, uh the preset colors so that's the way that you can actually have a preset nice without necessary against you can keep your brand consistent so thank you that's when the benefits of having this worldwide audience and joining in live as you guys can help us with things as well so because you you know you can only know so much about all of these things I mean, you do kind of a deep dive on it and they're constantly updating so what if I said you know you can't do this with this software yesterday by tomorrow it may be you may be able to I'll show you a quick video off one of these sort of explain a video so that you can see a finished product and then uh you know, for homework tonight you go home and uh maybe check this out of video scribe or video maker fx so when you see if the video's up here definitely a promo for video maker wait wait so yes on dh that was just played in self promotion because I mean I was because I was on affiliate like selling the software so what I did rather than just then don't enable that says well by this really cool software like well if I'm gonna be promoting animation software I should do in animation that promotes the animation software so again that's another way to use it whether you want to fill webinars or sell products or services I don't know I think there's just something disarming especially when you're selling about doing kind of the fun animation because it takes a little bit of the you know, cheesy sales stuff out of it actually great kind of question that time capsule had asked and perhaps we're going into this more in the future but how do you know which is better to use for your business or brand funny and fun video versus professional video um I think there's probably a time in a place for each and it's interesting because when I was first starting and I was doing a lot of goofy videos and wearing costumes and chasing rocco around or whatever, I was afraid that eun ok people are going to take me seriously or they're going to think that I only do goofy videos so you know, I had to kind of walk that fine line between saying look, you know, I'm kind of goofy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to make your videos goofy if we work together so I think it depends on the initiative again I hate to say it depends as an answer, but but it's such an individual decision humor you know it's kind of universal and can work all the time if it works, but you must always kind of hard to nail, so you just never quite know, um, I mean, if you're a banker or a financial institution or something a little bit more serious, you might want to kind of go more corporate, and maybe a video scribe isn't the best way to communicate that message if your solo entrepreneur small business of providing a service, I think it's a nice, friendly way to make a connection and show that, you know, you're a real person and you do have a little fun and humor and you and again, that just makes that just makes you more real and makes you, you know, you don't have the budget of nike, so you couldn't do the same kind of thing and look pretty cool. Well, in a lot of people do support smaller businesses because they want to have that connection. So it's, a great way to show off yourself is part of your brand. Yeah, absolutely it's fantastic to have any final questions here in the room, or do we have anything else you want to cover in this segment? I think we'll see if there's any other questions here about off camera videos and animated videos, and again, I want to emphasize that. You know, off camera what I like to call is like my bad hair day videos there are so many different ways you can go at them again if you want something that's a little less frivolous a little less light than video scribe of video maker you can do a powerpoint that's narrated and depending on the music you put behind it you know you can really give that a certain emotion uh yeah uh there's a big difference between doing live presentation and maria and with you know, when you look at, you know, books and training on howto make good life presentations they generally say, you know, minimize the graphic part of it only very simple images sort of steve jobs style right very, very simple and because the main person is you and the life presents on video you don't have that life present kind of energy so it seems like you need to substitute with mohr content visually and maybe in words printed words and all that yes that's a great point I don't know what I think there's probably an official name for it but I call it the sponge bob square pants effect because in spongebob I know this from when my kids were little they change scenes like every six seconds which I think there's something like crazily hypnotic about it but when you're watching something online it's kind of the same you know, okay we have very short attention spans online. We're not watching a ken burns documentary where the photo zooms out for twenty minutes. We want bum bum bum bum bum, so I think part of that as a reaction on video, whether you're going to be on camera or off camera, you want things to move fairly quickly and you want your, you know, your cuts to happen pretty quickly as well. Well, does that outside? Is that into the question? It kind of does I guess I was thinking of terms of, you know, um, you know, get this sort of, um, current wisdom is, you know, when I'm on a live presentation, you don't have on three words on the screen or something like that or five and, you know, really minimized user with, you know, how different is that from from video? I think you could get away with a little bit more text, especially on something like a video maker fx video, because you're telling a story you could narrate it or you could just let the words tell the story. So obviously, you know, you saw how kind of dense those were with aa lot of type in a lot of text, but at the same time the text was always kind of moving and trying to keep your attention. So that I know that sounds like a politician and so it's like, well, it depends on how well do you have any tips on uh let's say use video scribe or video maker fx on how they narrate those I guess while you're doing it or after it's done like what might be easy way too do that? I think usually it's I mean you can change the length of the time that's up there but I find that it's easier to narrate after so that you're narrating to the image and not trying to narrate first and then, you know, squeeze the images into a certain amount of time because that's kind of tough to sink I'm going to show you a nap a little bit later that that is really kind of kick ass for that that's you know you talk and it animates while you do that so but for the time being I would say do you do your visuals to your video first and then narrate it afterwards because it's much easier to kind of follow along that way except with music video yes good point music first question from someone online now we talked a little bit earlier just briefly you mentioned like don't use for elves happy uh can we talk just a little bit more about rights and about the need to use properly legal images sounds all that stuff for for your videos chua don't use anything that will get you in trouble that's the short but you know again the reason that I go to different music sources are stock photography sources is because you know in the early days when it's like oh I'm just going to put up this song on my youtube video because it's a cool background song and use this you two song whatever I mean youtube will will slap you with a you do that a couple times on youtube in they'll yank your account um I actually had believe it or not I did a video where I did kind of a cat in the hat parody and all I had was thie captain hat hat on and I still got infringement thing from dam that dr seuss nailed me for the hat so they have pretty sensitive about that s so your best bet really is again I'm not a lawyer but I play one on tv so always use that you know the safe route is to say, you know, use stock photography it's sometimes called royalty free images and use music that you can get that's kind of stock music uh there's a million different kinds again I ii use audio jungle dot net for music because it's really inexpensive and they've got all kinds of different all you have to type in is, you know, jazzy aura pito downbeat and they'll give you all kinds of ideas that john, think there's in youtube and correct me if I'm wrong, there's a thing called creative commons, where people actually have put their stuff up there for others to take so that other people you can actually voluntarily have video clips on there, and you can actually browse through this library and pick out stuff that's available for anybody. Excellent point, and youtube also has something called the creative studio, where they now give you background music that you can use without getting in trouble. So music's a biggie photos, obviously. And again, that there's a family of sites it's, sort of a market place that I use it audio jungle dot net is one another. One is photo dune dot net. I get a lot of stock photography there and there, you know, thousands of places to source this I just find, you know, I don't want to search forever, and I don't want to spend a lot of money, so I go to those kinds of sources for that there's, another really great resource called video blocks dot com, where you can get footage, anything from, you know, crowd walking down the street in new york, just type in what you need. Scenery, ariel, slow motion and video blocks dot com has all kinds of footage, just uh, yep, video blocks, and I think, you know, they you khun download, you know, a certain amount per week, or you can every once in a while, they have a sale where it's like ninety nine dollars for the year. So I use that also because I do, you know, chroma key and things like that. So I use it to buy, you know, animated backgrounds, I mean, everything. They also have music on video blocks, dot com. So that's a great resource when, especially when it's on sale, and they have sales now and then I get a lot of footage from video blocks dot com, because you can't just, you know, I think I'll grab this, you know, such himself off the tv. So better safe than sorry, right?

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This was a really great course. I am definitely going to apply what I learned. It was so much information that it will literally take me months to apply it all, but building a business is a long game. I loved how Lou mixed high level strategy with the specifics of how to use key tools and recommended a variety of useful resources. This course was very practical. I've already started applying it and have a basic blueprint for my way forward that I will flesh out as I make more progress. I definitely know I'm going to add a lot of success to my business through what I learned in this course.

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Hi Lou, I bought the replay up sell so that I could listen and watch when it fit my schedule. So far I've watched the first 3 videos. It's great and I'm so glad you put all this together. The handouts and bonuses are useful, too. It's obvious you are a master at video and I'm happy to learn from you.