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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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YouTube Tips & Other Platforms

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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18. YouTube Tips & Other Platforms

Lesson Info

YouTube Tips & Other Platforms

I want to pop over for minutes of the analytics because will asked about that, and it's kind of an interesting thing to see live. Um, I've made $0 because I've disabled my ads, Um, but it gives you an overall view of of the engagement and videos that are performing best and estimated minutes watched in that kind of thing. I think, um, Tony had a question dio I wanted to understand with the with the link to my website type thing. So, for instance, if we've got this home page video and we're hosting it on YouTube, but it's also on our home page. If someone stumbles on on YouTube, I'd probably want to direct them to my website. But given that it's also going to be on my website, that would probably be a bit weird. Do you have any recommendations around that? Ah, a couple things. First of all, it's probably OK to have the video in both places, especially if you say, um, you know, sign up on this page. You can always add an annotation that says Sign up here and then send them back to the pa...

ge to sign up or you could create a slightly different version of that video for you tube that's customized for YouTube. So rather than saying, sign up below, um, you just say, Visit my home page for more information. So So, basically, you take the last 10 seconds of that video and customize it for YouTube's. And now you've got a home page version and a YouTube version. And so would you. Then make your home page version, Um, private. So it just go shows on your website, or so you don't have to essentially the same. So that would be unlisted or private so that it's Nobody stumbles upon it on YouTube. But with 8000 years worth of videos on YouTube, probably anyway. So the analytics show you basically like, you know, demographic information, um, and views. Oh my God, it's all over the place, erratic like my attention span. So but you might be able to look and say, Okay, well, it's spiked here. What was the deal with that? And maybe it was a day that you posted a video. Um, the audience of attention that will asked about shows the average viewing duration 19 minutes. I think this is all cumulative. So it's not by specific video. So but there's a, you know, just sort of, Ah, a treasure trove of research here and research, I have to say, is not my strong point. But, you know, it's great if you really want to kind of dig into it and say We're those views coming from How long are they staying on there? One of the traffic sources. What people watching on, um, I can't even see with the computer versus mobile phone. This is interesting. Look at the mobile views versus the, uh, Sue. I just want to say on when you have a video on YouTube, literally. I know you can do this because I did it. You can go and watch it. Sure enough, watch it turn off. Make. You don't have to watch more than two seconds of it to get views right, so that because a lot of people think, Oh my gosh, it's almost like social networking, like the more views I have, the more popular and write the more popular. And the more people want to see me so I don't get that's what I don't get about. I don't understand that part of Yeah, And I think, you know, Google founds upon artificial views. I mean, they were even people back in the day that, you know, on five that said, I'll get you 1000 YouTube views if $5 you know you don't want to really buy views are trying artificially inflate them because eventually Google will find a way around that. Slap your wrist. If not, take your account away. So you know, yes, there are sort of, um, ways around it. But the best way is to make a video that's compelling enough to people wanna watch. And Mike, you know, sort of wiseass answer of, you know, how do I get more views? I say make better video. So So, look, Sydney is awesome. Sydney's up there twice and you have one view that would be me. So Okay, um, I want to see there's anything else in here that's important to find out under the channel settings who had asked, um, where you disable? I think this is We can go in and kind of make make your settings, um, you know, basically just set up the way that your channel performs, So if you go to monetization here. Um, you can find out how you can monetize the videos. Um, and it says, like, I have some of mine monetized, mostly. Just because I haven't gotten in and change them and some not. But for the most part, if you're using YouTube to share tips and tricks and things like that, you don't want the distraction of ads in there, so I would just leave that out. Cool. Thanks. So we talked a little bit about, um, annotations and I showed you the timeline. You find invitations up here on the top there, and these are different types of annotations. We looked at that already. Um, this is my speech bubble. Oh, my God. I looked like such a stiff. Um, but again, you can add those as much as you want. And the most powerful one, I think, is the associated website. So make that link that back to your site, and now you've got a new way to get people back to your site. Um, as you can see, that I put the whole link in there as the http. So you've got a link it to a whole site. Doesn't always have to go to your home page. If you've got lube or tone dot com forward slash you know, cool new program. It'll go there as well. Um, I wanted to show you the tonight show page because somebody was asking about, you know, what do you do with the end of the video? Tony was asking, you know where to direct people? Um, The Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon. They do an awesome job with YouTube and well, with all social media, Really. But But they do a particularly good job with their videos in terms of really everything titles, descriptions. But I wanted to show you this screenshot because this is the end of one of their videos. And at the end of this video and at the end of most of their videos, these are all annotations. So basically, they've taken the lovely little Jimmy Fallon picture, and they've added, watched Jimmy's favorite videos that links to his videos. They've got more clips from tonight's episode that lead that brings you back to their They've got a subscribe, really big subscribe annotation. This is an end card, you know, Basically, it's the it's at the end of the video and it basically tells all of you is Here's what to do Now Don't go to Jimmy Kimmel. Go to Jimmy found. You know, it's like stay on the site, stay with us and even, you know, they don't even care if they stay within YouTube as long as they kind of get the idea that, like, OK, this is all the stuff you could do next. So an end card if you want to go to the effort of creating that shot that still you can create that end card and then give them, you know, 5 10 seconds to add your annotations so that that's what sits up there at the end of the video. Sydney, can you talk about how to create that? And then how toe attach it to your video? Yep. You would just take a screenshot or some slide or J Peg or anything that you want at the end of your video. And the good news is, I mean, in a lot of ways for our businesses, it could be the same one. So say we've got a generic end card. So we add that to the end of our video And then we go to annotations and we create these annotations and, um, trying to think of another way to do it. If you do this in editing, like, let's say this was the card. Before you have done any annotations, you can add that an annotation. That's sort of like a, um, overlay. It won't show up, so you'll still see this, but when you click it, it still goes to that area so you can, you know, you can add three or four annotations on top of each other. So on that end card, where we've added our annotations, I think I can show you here. It would just look like annotation, annotation, annotation, annotation. That's fine. You can you can stack them. You can add all the different kinds. In this case, um, you've got a speech bubble. But if you had a different one, a different kind of annotation, it could be just in overlay where you're seeing what's on the screen so I could make this and overlay, which means I can make this Splichal to lube or tone dot com. So I wanted to use that tonight show episode because they do a really tremendous job with it, Tony. So could you then do that in cod and kind of created is a little video clip. And then h time you upload your videos, you could go into edit and drag that in at the Palin. Absolutely. Okay, so you can add Add this to the end of every video when you can change it around, depending on what the video is. And it doesn't even have to be a video. It could just be a an image. Can you make the bottom third clickable? If you add an annotation to it, you can't imitation. Oh, but the type the annotation called type that that we used to create that the lettering you can't that does. For some reason, that is not a notation nable. I just made up a new work. More tips of the other thing I mentioned because YouTube, as you know Well, I will slap you if you use um music. That's not copy written. Now they've added this under the creative studio where you find your video editor and your audio library. They've now added a lot of music that you can use, which does again make it easy. it's free. Um, it's a good way. If you decide you wanna have music, maybe you've got a photo montage and it doesn't have music yet, and you want to add three years to it. But the other thing I want to mention about this is you know, all of these strategies, particularly the annotation, is going to increase your chances of getting more views. But as I mentioned briefly yesterday, unless you're sigh or Lady Gaga, you're probably not going to be in that 1,000,000 views range. Probably because I think the statistic here is 53% of YouTube videos never get more than 500 views, and only point 33% 1/3 of 1% get over a 1,000,000 views. And, as I mentioned, those a typically music videos and famous people like Lady Gaga, so don't be discouraged by, you know, have only got 300 views. Well, that's not bad. If it's the right 300 views, if it's in your target market, if it's in your niche, that's fine. It's more important to create content that is focused on your niche and helping them with their problems than it is to say How can I do a video that gets lots of views? Um, I know if I did Rocco the puck videos, that would get me more views. But until I find a way to make that part of my marketing strategy, I'm not gonna take advantage of that. I'm still teaching him how to skateboard, and he hasn't quite picked it up yet. Andi, I'll say one more thing about platforms, but and then we'll go to talk strategy. So, um, beyond YouTube, there are other platforms or players. This is kind of a confusing topic for some folks because people say All right, well, I'm on YouTube. Do I need these other things? Different platforms or players like Twisty A and Cultura and view Bix thes. They're sort of like the next step, The next level. Ah, lot of corporations use them because they don't want to rely on YouTube to be their host. Um, they want to have a platform like whist AEA, where you can basically pay for this service actually wished he has a free version. And you can use that to add interactive elements to your videos or to, um, control the environment of your video. A lot of people say, Oh, how did you get that cool video player that cool video skin? And if you use sites like whist AEA, um, you can add those elements to videos and really kind of control the entire environment. I'll pop over here for the West here for a moment, and you can see they do have a free version. But basically what what Westy a does is Besides put pictures, they're lovely staff, and dog up there is They allow you to customized the appearance of your video. You see, in this little live demo here, how they're changing the player to have a blue arrow or on Orange Arrow. They're doing the work for me. You can add controls so you can decide whether or not the person can fast forward the video or pause the video or rewind the video. Um, my favorite feature I want. If I can pause, this is you can actually have an email box pop up and kind of forced them to opt in before they see the rest of the video. Um, some viewers may, you know, may not be feeling about that, but if it's a really, really good content that they want. And you want to extract that email, adjust from them. Ah, platform like whist. AEA will allow you to do that so you can let them watch the 1st seconds of the video and to let them watch the additional, you know, content. You could basically force them to opt in. You can add call to actions to the video. You can add, um, you know, like if you wanted to have, like, a buy now button pop up, so wished AEA and platforms like wished you just give you much more control over the overall environment, the overall viewer experience. And that's kind of next level stuff. I mean, most of us, um, probably don't need to go to that level. But if we're doing a lot of video and we really wanted to look consistent or you know what, I insist that the arrow off my video is a blue our because that's my blue from my website. That's a way to do it. You can embed your logo, so it's pretty cool. You can add social media share buttons because a lot of people say, Oh, you know, that's a really cool video. How did you get the Facebook and Twitter widgets under there? It's usually because they using ah, platform like whist AEA. So they pause that so it won't distract us. I also like this. They've got cool stuff like heat maps. Like they can tell who's watching what and for how long and where the drop off is. So it goes beyond YouTube, Um, and really gives you some kind of serious ninja kind of elements. Everyone knows YouTube, right? I've never heard of with STS. So how would anyone get to that? And so well, Wednesday is not necessarily someplace where they'd go to view the video. You would take wished here, and then you have it as a service, and then you take the video and put it on your website. So what? We embed it to know that I should have clarify wished he is not a destination like video like Vimeo or YouTube whist. Here's a platform that you take and you use to take this video that now has your color got so it's a way to take the yields back to your website or blawg and really make it your own. So it's you use it similar to YouTube, where you upload. Correct. OK. Yep. Um, so let's go to a few questions. And there's a few things I want to come back to in a moment, but for now will leave whiskey up and we'll see. What? What's cooking in the chat? Great. We actually did have somebody who said can wished your videos. We put on YouTube. So thank you for asking that now. I wish. I mean, that wouldn't be fun. We're like, Hey, I just used YouTube to not use YouTube, right? So But I know that a lot of places will like you, especially if you're studying to do maybe online training of some kind and you want people to stay on your website. Then you can, you know, put them on a blood post and embed them there. And that's where they watch it. So they don't ever go to you YouTube and then get lost in the YouTube jungle. This Daniel page me. Ah, great question. Here it that's actually might be right around along these lines. How do you handle hosting of videos If you have quote paid videos as part of a course that you don't want available for everyone. Where do you host and put those? You can still host them on YouTube. And if you make them as unlisted, you give the links to the people who have purchased the course, and those people will be able to find and go to the link. It's kind of the honest system because you don't want them to share the link. But again, with, you know, with the vast amount of videos on YouTube, it's really unlikely that somebody's gonna accidentally stumble upon your paid content. Unless they have that particular link to that particular video, they're probably not going to find it. If you're really paranoid about it, you could make it private, and then you'd have to give permission to each of those people and say, You know, lube or tone at gmail dot com has permission to view this video, but privates a pain because you got a make it really available to specific people. So I have videos that you know, particularly for a membership group, or like paid content, and I create them as unlisted. And then I just give the members that link or I host them on Amazon s three and give them that link because nobody confined the Amazon s three stuff. Unless they have this specific link. Someone's. So you've got a YouTube video hosted host on YouTube showing it on your website. They come to the end, and this comes up this list of similar videos by how do you prevent that? You have to stay on your site, right? You can do a couple things. You can create the end card so that that's kind of the final shot it. Well, you can extend it. So it's like, I don't want to go back to that again if you, um I don't know if I could do it from my sight. But if you go to my videos because I've used that key, would that that odd key would typically what will happen when you come to one of my videos at the end is those nine or 12 or whatever. Those videos that they show will be my videos. But it's still going to take them to YouTube away from your site. I could watch that you don't want them on your site. I would try just a long you know, again a longer, because people probably aren't gonna If you have 10 seconds of black at the end of your video, people are probably not gonna hang around anyway, just to see what comes up. Tony, I subscribe to the bulletproof executive podcasts, which I believe he hosts on YouTube. And at the end of each of his videos, he has this kind of split screen thing where it's obviously, like, kind of favorite moments from previous videos, and they both sort of run. And, you know, there's a couple of key comments that air stated from there from his podcast guests. They usually kind of funny things or whatever. How does he achieve that with this but screen and the, you know, continuing toe. I mean, if you know, Yeah, basically, what they do is and re Allessio does this, too, which is why I pulled this up. Um, they basically put they do the same thing. It's like an end card, but it's like an encounter on steroids. They take the video clips and edit them in, so that at the end of the video, you're seeing all these other video clips that also have annotations over them. So if you click on that video, you go to that video. So they have kind of taken the end card one step further, and I don't want to play this because it'll be loud, but I want to see if they have it at the end of this one. A lot of times at the end of their videos, still do that. See, here's, um, here's the re Allessio video now the main video, and I think this is what you're talking about. What Bulletproof. The main video is still here, still playing, so people are not distracted. But before you've left that video, you've gotta subscribe. Option. That's an annotation that's clickable. You've got other videos that you can watch that will click to those videos. So this is a brilliant way to do this. It does take more work and more effort, but it's very dynamic because, okay, you can still watch the end of that video. But, hey, before you go, don't forget to subscribe. And by the way, here are some other videos related to this that you might like 10 bucks, 10 fundamentals or how to make blah, blah, blah um, re Allessio, by the way, is a really excellent resource for video stuff. But this is sort of like serious next level ninja. You know, that's cool stuff. It does take some work, and it does take a little bit of effort to decide. Okay, on that end cut, what I'm gonna do in editing is I'm gonna shrink my screen that they're watching. I'm gonna add a subscribe channel, add more videos, and for them, obviously it's it's worthwhile, and it's ah, great way to keep people on your channel. So I've got another question here. Maybe one more. And then let's go on, Teoh the rest that you've got prepared here, Chris says. And one of the person wanted to know, How do you use some titles in video on YouTube? That's you can add transcripts or captions in YouTube. That's one of the, um, editing options here, not something that I do, but, um, other folks do it. Subtitles plus in C. C. Um, you can do it manually. You can have somebody do it for you. YouTube will do it for you, but they will usually butcher it, especially if you have a Boston accent like me. So here's where you you know, basically, you select your language, you have to upload your transcript, and then you will. It will say on the bottom it will say the words that you're saying in your video, Um, usually not very accurately so you can go in and change it manually. Ah, and you know it. It may be worth wild to have to help again for CEO, but I find you know this At some point you have to say, I want to get this video. I don't want to do a gazillion different things to it. Um, but it's a way to, you know, another way to add text to your video and have people help follow along. Maybe if they're at work and they can have the volume up, they can kind of follow along and see if they can do it that way. But I really rarely do that. It's like and I I do. I'll go up to this point and say, Okay, I don't want you anymore. Work on this. So we're gonna go back to our video manager here because I want to show you the's all the videos that I have on my channel. Um, quite a few of them. And for any of these videos, I can decide if I want to sort of do a mass action. I can select a few of them like this one now is is a duplicate, so I can click it and then goto actions and then say delete. So I'll delete that video under here. I can go to, um, another video and Aiken sort of do a monetize or make it public private, unlisted. So this is a great way to kind of without having to dig through all your videos. If you want to do something to a lot of your videos at once, you can go to your video section where all your videos will be listed in a row. And you can say, you know, even if to one or many videos, all of your videos I want to monetize these videos or I want to add new tags to these videos. Now I'm in a different niche, and I want I don't want to have to go through every single video and add video marketing as a tag. I want to just do that so I could go in here and add a tag to whatever videos I select. This is a great way when you have a lot of videos to be able. Teoh, you know, kind of say I want to change these videos. I don't want to go back through like I say have 500 videos on here. Um, I can pick and choose which videos I want to do those actions to, and there's a lot you can do. I mean everything from language to title to whatever, Sydney Just to clarify tags, Do you use just your keywords for the tags, or do you have any suggestions on specifically what to include in tax? Um, you can. They give you a lot of leeway so you can add a lot of tags or keywords. Tags and keywords is same thing. YouTube just calls them tags, so I would just be consistent. I try and use the same you know, seven or eight key words or keyword phrases. Online video tips in quotations. Sometimes you can put just video, but you know, if you have video is a key word that such a broad key word that you know it's not gonna help you too much to try and have a combination of specific key Woods and General Key Woods. Thea. Other thing that's interesting, and I don't know where they've hidden it. But YouTube also has a, um, what they call a playbook. Think it's under community, and it's this like, 100 page book that's basically, you know, behind the scenes, everything you ever wanted to know about YouTube, and we'll dig it up for you, but I think they intentionally hide it. But it's the YouTube creators playbook or handbook. And if you want to go through the 97 pages, whatever it is, they've got all these little hidden ninja tricks and tools and things like that. Um, we'll find out later on, but yeah, I mean, it's, you know, it's all there for you. It's really just a matter of kind of deciding how much work you want to do and how far into it you want to go like anything else. The other thing on the views. Here you can go in the right hand side, so that was like the overall actions. If you want to do a lot of things to a lot of videos, at once you click on it and then select the action. Um, I don't want to do all 30 videos on this page, so I'm not gonna do that. Um, if I want to go to the individual video, I find that video and Aiken do a drop down and say, um okay, I want to change the info in settings. I want to add annotations to this video or subtitles. This is another big because it's sometimes people will say, How do I get my own videos off of YouTube? And over here, if you go into edit and drop down menu, you can say download MP four. Now, I know you've probably uploaded that video, but in some cases, you like OK, I can't find I need to get that video back off of YouTube. And then if somebody has posted, like a spring break video of you or something, you can delete your videos off of YouTube with this delete button here. It's not the easiest thing to do, but if you know where it is, easy peasy. Um, over here, these quick little views will just tell you whether or not the video is private. So if there's a lock on it, that means it's private or enlisted, and this will tell you whether or not it's monetized. And if I rule over, it will say not monetize, which means I don't have ads running on that video, and I don't want ads funny in that video. But as far as the techie Ueki stuff, um, I think that's it. Unless there's any questions, we want to go to the chat and see what's cooking over there quick. Probably fairly simple one from across. Is there any method to change the theme of the YouTube channel? If you want to customize your own channel, yes, you can do that. And, um, I'll show you that in just a second. Let me go back to my video manager, my channel. And a lot of times people say, Well, what's the difference between a channel in the account? And the truth is, there really isn't one. So if I go to my channel and, um, I meant to show you this earlier, so I'm really glad somebody asked that. See, when I scroll over the little pencil here, that's where you can edit your channel art. So what I would do. The easiest way to do this is take an image from your website. It was some kind of art that represents what you want to have on your YouTube channel. It's best if it is consistent with your website and bring that here. You could just drag it in. They give you the sizes in case you need it. And in this case, I've just used this sort of generic TV thing. But under here, you can also edit the links. So this is where you said this is where you add your descriptions. So here's my bio. I've got a few links. I don't want my email on there, my phone number or anything, but I can add my got. Find me on Facebook. Let's connect on Twitter. Um, Google Plus etcetera. So right there when you go to the little pencil, that's where you find all that stuff. Um, the other thing that I did want to show you, I can look at this, how the rest of the public can see it. I can look at it how I see it. So you can say, What is my channel look like to the rest of the world. So when I go to my channel, when you go to my channel and you come across that trailer video, I'm gonna actually play this for a minute to being the volume of because I want to show you what it typical channel trailer looks like now A lot of times and I can't show this because it's like Gary V. Gary Vaynerchuk. His channel trailer basically says, Subscribe to my channel, why you not subscribed? So you know, that's his personality. But what I do is like, I want to put a typical What are you gonna find in this channel? Kind of trail is. Well, I'll play this quickly for you, and you can see that you know, rather than say, subscribe, subside. Describe. You can just have kind of a sample of the types of things you can find on this channel. So this is sort of my typical. Here's what you'll find on this channel. Hey, it's the board tone, the online video guy, and I want to give you two quick words of wisdom regarding online video. The first is to think of YouTube as a social medium. I know you're hearing a lot about social media today, but don't forget you to. It is a very powerful social medium, and it is the second largest search engine behind people. Your customers and prospects are looking for you on YouTube, so you need to be there. You need to get on YouTube. The second is related to the first, and that is to change the way you think about video. And what I mean by that is a lot of people just assume that video is like this, like talking head videos. But there are many, many ways to do. Video and video is really any kind of visual message, whether it's on camera off camera, think of all the ways that you can do video If you don't really want to be on camera. I'm not too fond of being on camera. I spent my whole career on the other side of the camera, so I kind of forced myself to do it. But there are other ways to do video. You could do Power Point videos that I narrated. You could do screen casts. You could do photo montages. You could do video email. You can do animation there. Great sites out there like Go animate dot com and pau tune dot com that will let you create animation, create your own cartoons without having to know any software or any technology whatsoever. It's easy once you get started, so change the way you think about video. It's more than talking heads bowed in your perspective, and that will give you an opportunity to do more online video. So I hope to see you online soon. And if you want more information about me, just go to www dot loop or tone dot com season. Thanks. So that's my channel trailer. I kept it under two minutes. Yes, I didn't put a title card at the end, so something else popped up. But that's OK. And you see, I've got a long descriptive title here. Ah, relatively long description with links, and I can actually link to my blawg here as well. And if I want to see what, um, people who have not subscribed looks, people who have subscribed. Basically it's gonna show you what to watch next. As I mentioned at the beginning, people are not gonna always see a channel trail once they subscribe to your channel they'll see what to watch next. So I'll go back to my non subscribed view and there's my channel trail. I can always change that by going to the pencil here and see what has changed. Trailer or remove trailer. That's where you add your channel trailer. And everybody should have a channel trailer because it's like a welcome video for you. Tube page great wayto to basically give people a sense of what they're going to find on your channel.

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This was a really great course. I am definitely going to apply what I learned. It was so much information that it will literally take me months to apply it all, but building a business is a long game. I loved how Lou mixed high level strategy with the specifics of how to use key tools and recommended a variety of useful resources. This course was very practical. I've already started applying it and have a basic blueprint for my way forward that I will flesh out as I make more progress. I definitely know I'm going to add a lot of success to my business through what I learned in this course.

a Creativelive Student

Hi Lou, I bought the replay up sell so that I could listen and watch when it fit my schedule. So far I've watched the first 3 videos. It's great and I'm so glad you put all this together. The handouts and bonuses are useful, too. It's obvious you are a master at video and I'm happy to learn from you.