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Organize E-mail and Increase Productivity

Lesson 6 of 6

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Mail


Organize E-mail and Increase Productivity

Lesson 6 of 6

Everything You Need To Know About Apple Mail


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Everything You Need To Know About Apple Mail

So I know we've talked a lot about gmail, but apple males when I've worked with clients, it feels like people are either apple or their or their gmail so I'm just going to talk a little bit about some of the exact same things we did in gmail but in apple mail so this is a lot of, you know, setting up in apple male rules ah ah couple shortcuts s so let's just take a quick look at this um so let's the first thing I want to talk about is turning off the distractions to remember that's like the first thing we want to do is turn off all the notifications in in order to do that um male has a preferences which everything instead of settings it's preferences and we can just go connect so we would just go over here and so new message sound I have a set to none so this is under general s o new message none and um that's really what you want to do there? Um which is super super simple. I can also similar to gmail setting up someone as important apple male has vips and the easiest way to do that i...

s going to click on myself and this little star right here just makes me if I click on it it colored that in and it makes me of vips so important male such as a pipe coming through that's going to get notified when it comes in um let's talk about how to set up folders in apple mail so because I use this as mine I have to do to read pending I have all of that set up so I'm just going to show you guys how to do that s were actually gonna go back here and we're going teo go to file and we're gonna go down to mailbox and it's going to be a mailbox so on my mac I would just say to dio and I'm just going to call this foe because I already have one set up and I don't want to mix it up and it should show up in a minute sometimes it takes a little while there it is so it's right under two rib listen so it's empty ready for new stuff um the one good thing that's a little different in apple male is, um filing things I think it's a little bit easier to file stuff in apple male than it is gmail just because of this shortcut. So say I wanted this email actually let's do group on this email to go right into one of my folders either to do to read or pending so in gmail we had to click the it pulled up that list and we decided an apple mail it's a little different so I would hit control command and these are all numbered not visually you can't see the number but they all represent a number so I'm just going to say that I wanted it to go into dio so I'm going to click control command in seven and did you guys see that little mail that just like went in there so a lot of times our files when we file them they might go in the wrong folder just because it's digital we're going quick said that sort of prevents that from happening if you know these keyboard shortcuts they just go right in there especially in addition to apple mail and gmail pulling up that the and saying which one you wanted to go into instead of physically dragging it that's exact that's I would I would definitely recommend doing those so that things don't get misfiled um let me show you also how to archive a huge backlog in gmail we did before colon and then that date it's similar an apple mail but a little different so we would do two groups so we would type out the date um and then we would say let's see twelve twenty six actually I want to go back further I want to say to two thousand eleven um and then I want to go all the way up tio january first, two thousand fifteen so right now I'm an archive which I don't want to be and I want to be in trash so this highlights all of those messages from january first twenty fifteen and back so I can automatically highlight all of these and I couldn't drag them into archive aiken dragging them into trash so again is this we want archive a huge backlog we could just do that really easily an apple male the same way we did in gmail it's just a little bit different using this format um and then let's talk about checking email we can also an apple mail check email our set it to check every hour every two hours and the way we do that is here so let me just show you how I got in there again male preferences and we're just going to go to general so check for new messages it checks automatically, but aiken set it every hour every thirty minutes I can also click manually if I want to do it for every two hours so on and so forth so again, just I'd email we can do the same thing an apple uh I'm going to show you guys a rule that I already have set up that is very useful that you guys might want to set up for yourselves and gmail um so in order to get into apple males rules you go to preferences and scroll over two rules. So I actually only have one rule set up because unroll dot me helps out with a lot of the newsletters and apple males. Junk mail filtering works pretty good, but what I find is it doesn't. It doesn't catch everything. So, um, I have this already set up, um, which I'll show you how I got there, but what I do is the the rule is called junk mail. You can call it whatever you want. You could say, um, spam would have you and I say, if any of the following conditions are met, so the message content contains the words unsubscribe. So if any email has the words unsubscribe in that actual message it's going to send it straight to my junk mail? I get a lot of weird e mails like that say, s e o s o if the subject or the message content contains either one of those words it's going to send it straight to junk mail if the subject this sounds weird. I was getting a lot of e mails all of a sudden with the subject cancer in it, they were just fishing or spam mails. It's just going to take it right to junk mail. Hello, beth was another one. You I know you guys have gotten just random e mails and they for some reason happen over and over again so it's like not anymore it's not happening this other one was wanted for a tiny belly like I just was so annoyed with it that I'm like I am going tio send you straight to junk mail I don't want to ever think about you ever again so let's just I just want to show you guys how that would look so adding a rule again you can name it whatever you want and if any of the following conditions are met so I can say if it's a certain offender that is the sender I will put that in there but typically it is message content because I feel like that gets the bulk of things and so I can say contained does not contain begins within with ends with contains seems to usually work so again on sub scribe um and then I say perform the following actions I can move the message copy the message there's a whole host of things I can tell it to dio I just want to move the message to my junk mail and to my junk mail box but as you can see, you can put it just about anywhere um and so we would say ok and there's probably it looks like already e mails in my inbox that apply to that so I would say apply and then they just go to that new when I created s o I would say play around with it, see what e mails you get that seemed to be always coming in your inbox that you really don't want to see anymore, and this just sort of gets them out of there. You don't even have to think about them, and the last thing I want to talk about in apple male that is similar to gmail is we talked about right in box in the ability to boomerang emails out of your in box until you're ready to deal with them. Apple male doesn't have his many features is gmail, which is where it sort of lax, but it does have a an app called follow up dot sisi and it's free for up to ten sort of reminders a month, and I just want you guys to see what that looks like. So this is one that I have already said, hey, I don't want to look at this group on until three days from now when it it's about to expire and maybe maybe I will or maybe I won't, but what it does is this is all, and I'll show you how it works, but it has this little guy at the bottom, so say I get it and I'm like, I'm still not ready or you know come back to me in thirty minutes when I can deal with it I would just hit thirty minutes up to anything you want you can customize it and then you would go ahead and send that back to yourself the way follow up cc works though is you would say that let's here's the another group on to say I want this guy to come back to me in a day I would say one day a follow up cc and I would send this and it comes back to me in a day follow up cc similar to gmail has a lot of different what's the word I'm looking for abbreviations and sort of like a cheat sheet that they have on their web site which is a really great thing to sort of maybe print out why you're learning all of the different time frames that you can send it back to yourself it's not as user friendly because you do have to sort of look at the cheat sheet whereas right inbox and gmail had those really in there for you but it's a great idea and option for those of us who use apple male um so I wanted to say thank you guys for hanging out with me today and talking about email decluttering do you guys have any questions right now yeah just let it wash all over what's one thing you guys gonna do day males stray nails from okay, yeah, the enroll after that? Yes, there's a very good idea. Yeah, I'm gonna set up the pending and the two dio I don't have that. I have a lot of folders so that when something is dealt with that I know I'll have to come back to, like especially receive it's and things like that. Like I have it, I have a lot of folders and it just goes in there, right? But the stuff that actually needs to be dealt with, I just keeping my inbox and that's where I get a little confused. Exactly. Yeah, and I think folders or personal preference because the search features air so good now people either use them or they don't. I actually like folders for certain things because I do have a lot of clients if I need to go back and quickly reference stuff instead of relying on the search feature. But yes, what we talked about today's, super actionable stuff, which I think is the main sort of challenge that people have, and I think that all really work for you, so you decided to anyone else. I'm excited to clear out my inbox now everything before today is gone, it goes to the archive yeah, and start over yeah it's going to feel really good, yeah I guess that's my question where where is the archive like does the archive keep everything so archive and gmail yeah so our kevin gmail is called all male ok and so when you are kind something that's where you go toe look that that if you just do trash or junk it's going to delete it after a certain date and you can I think customized those but if you want to be safe and have it around archive if you just do a regular search and it's in the archive will that pull it up if you do a regular search and if it's in the archive will it pull it up like if you're in your inbox let's say they and I try to search us use the search be sure to search for something should that's in there should if not you can also just being in the regular you can type in archive and in colon and it will search in the archives that way so you don't have to actually go into the archive box and that's one of those great things on this sort of um one of the chief she said I'm sending you guys it has like the best ways to search and gmail because the search features you're so amazing ok yeah no his nails from searching your archive yeah um I mean it just about of your inbox it's just only the nbs okay, yeah and what? Use pomodoro. Time tracking. Nice. I think you're gonna really like call. I think, for may. Um, filters and labeling is really, like that's the biggest takeaway I had, you know, especially automatically being with dr labels to incoming from different people, right, super powerful. So thank you so much. Great work shop. Can you let folks out there know where about your website and what the ural escher s it's, benito bar dot com and we're based in los angeles, but we do help people virtually using doing email, decluttering and paper decluttering. But we are based in los angeles and in primarily work there helping folks to clutter their homes and their lives. And you do have another workshop here, a creative live, which is organizing your paperwork. Also really encouraging goes really well, hand in hand with this workshop, absolutely encouraging us to go more paper lists, but we do talk about paper and how to deal with in great. All right, folks, thank you again for joining us at creative life. We will see you next time. Thanks.

Class Description

Email can quickly overwhelm a workday and prevent you from getting actual work done – but you don’t have to let it control you! Organize Email and Increase Productivity with Beth Penn, you’ll learn how to manage everything that comes through your inbox so you can focus on what’s important.

In this class, Beth will share her best tips for setting up a system to manage your inbox in an on-going way. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the best time to respond, defer, archive and delete emails
  • Set up rules and organizational systems for Gmail and Apple Mail
  • Achieve the elusive Inbox Zero

You’ll learn about a whole range of productivity tools that will minimize the amount of time you waste checking emails while staying sane and organized. You’ll get more time back in your day to focus on your business.

If you want to spend more time focusing on what really matters, don’t miss Beth Penn’s class Organize Email and Increase Productivity.  



This class was tremendously helpful! So many great tips.

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