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How to Spark Creativity with Improv


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Class Introduction

Today we're gonna talk a little bit about improv, but really this isn't a class on improv. My goal isn't to teach you improv. It would take considerably longer, and you guys, there would be much more participation that has to be involved in it. This is really a course on creativity, it's really a course on ideation. There's something that we can learn from improv that helps us to generate ideas in greater quantity and quality over the course of time. I've always looked at improv as sort of the P90X workout of creativity. So many times, we're looking for tools, we're looking for inspiration. How many times have we wanted to generate an idea and just sat there staring at our computer or sat there staring at our notebook and couldn't quite figure out what idea to come up with or wasn't liking the ideas that we were generating? Are there tools that we can follow? Are there things that we can do that help us to generate ideas quickly? And improv is one of those things. So what we're really ...

gonna be looking at are ideation techniques, and we're gonna be looking at improv as a tool to get us there. And so I want to show us what improv teaches us about our own creative processes so that we can learn how to use it in order to generate ideas in greater quantity and quality. And we're gonna use actual exercises, actual improv games, in order to do this. So I've got some volunteers who are gonna play this out live, here, in studio and you at home can play it out live as well and be involved in the improv process. You'll need a partner at home, you'll need someone else to do it with, but we've got people here in studio that are gonna allow us to demonstrate live what these games are and what we can learn from those things. So, thank you guys for being here and for participating.

Class Description

Most creatives are introverts. They tend to enjoy measured interactions with chosen people, while extroverts don’t care, and find energy by being around anyone. In this class, Stefan will share exercises for improving your creativity and interactions using improv.

You'll Learn:
• How to overcome inhibition
• Creative connection
• How to generate ideas with improv
• Creative problem solving