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Chase Jarvis - Introduction

All right, everyone welcome to creative live it is time to get this two day secrets from silicon valley event started. I am so excited to introduce your emcee for today for the next two days. Mr chase jarvis chase is an artist and entrepreneur and the co founder of creative live chase come on. All right, thank you so much. A special welcome to everyone here in the live studio audience but also to you folks out there in the internet there are thousands of people just like you sitting at your desk or in your cubicle or in your bed with just snuggle down with your family doing exactly what you're doing, which is coming to learn free from the world's best and I am so proud after this basically has been a one year process from when we conceived of this to be standing here right now we've been born and raised in seattle. We have had a lot of success up there. We move down and put up this twelve thousand square foot facility here in silicon valley and we thought we kick it off with I think wh...

at the world's best entrepreneur preneurs are were in silicon valley, which is synonymous with innovation with creativity and an entrepreneurialism, so we figured we would invite the world's best into our studios to kick this thing off so you're going to learn in the next two days jampacked from from the best in the world people like pam slim guy kawasaki tim ferriss you know tim, author of four hour everything theater the top minds in business reid hoffman you know, founder of linkedin, which is has changed so many people's lives and been ableto connect them with their dream job, so we're going to be standing on this stage and there's another stage right next door will be going back and forth you're going to get to see the main stage presentations but also will be interviewing these people behind the scenes throughout the next two days again, I'm chase jarvis on the co founder of this thing and we've put it together that tape in household bleach for the first two years and now now we're legit and that's because of you folks out there in the audience who have been supporting us for so long very, very, very grateful um boy, you know, one of the things that I wanted to say about creative live before we get into the program is that in a silicon valley being synonymous with innovation and that's one of the things that we want to do we want to innovate and transform education forever we feel like it should be accessible and we should feel like it should be free so when we think about breaking down those barriers being disruptive, if you will we want to make it so that geography no longer matters so whether you're in nairobi or nebraska, you can tune in and connect with us if there's nobody else in the world who's also putting the best in the world on the stage we take the top people in photography filmmaking, design business productivity software training and give you full access to them on we don't want you to have to travel all across the world to get to meet these people want you to build to ask them a question in real time from wherever you're sitting, so we want to take down that bury the berry of access and then lastly, the berry of cost we think that education should be free that's a fundamental right and to be able tio have a business model that we have where anyone in the world can watch for free so long as you have an internet connection and you only have to pay if you want to own the content that business model I feel like is transformative for the education. So everything is a lot of not and going on in the front row here, so I'm glad you're with me and I hope you folks out there and internet I understand that that is what we're trying to do and if you can continue to help us in your mission by spreading the word, that would be fantastic

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Just as Hollywood implies celebrity, Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation. Attracting the greatest business minds in the world, Silicon Valley is the world’s startup epicenter. Now, creativeLIVE offers you direct access to the pioneering minds behind this powerful community.

Whether your business employs one person or fifty, you’ll learn how to survive, grow, and thrive directly from entrepreneurs who have done just that. After two days of unprecedented access to the secrets of Silicon Valley, you will understand the strategies behind the greatest success stories of our time.