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Lesson 1 from: Shopify Fundamentals: Set and Run an Online Store

Damiano Raveenthiran

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1. Class Overview

Lesson Info

Class Overview

thank you for purchasing the Shopify fundamentals set and run an online store course. Welcome. I'm super excited to have you join this class exclusive on the fiber learn platform, where I'll be teaching you all about the fundamentals of Shopify. Starting an e commerce business can be super daunting, especially if you've never attempted an entrepreneurial lifestyle before. As your challenges and needs can differ from other business owners. I want you to be equipped with all of the tools and resources. You will need to feel confident in your business endeavors. We've developed this course based on the Shopify platform. Why choose Shopify? You may ask Shopify is the industry leading e commerce platform that helps over a million merchants set up and run their online stores easily and gain revenue. Shopify is built foreign entrepreneurs long term growth as it integrates feedback from merchants to make the platform as effective as it could be in this course, I'll teach you a deeper understan...

ding of how stores on Shopify operate and you can learn how to manage your e commerce business or your clients. This course is for entrepreneurs, business owners, affiliates and freelancers alike who want to deepen their Shopify e commerce knowledge. In Chapter one, we will cover how to set up your online store with the right themes and apps that you should be looking for By the end of this chapter, you will be able to start the online store of your dreams in chapters two and three, we will review how to manage your products and inventory and how to fulfill your orders and by the end of those chapters you will know how to set up products with great tips and managing your inventory and fulfilling your customers orders. In chapter four we will walk through and set up your back end, also known as your Shopify admin. By the end of that chapter, you will be able to set your store settings such as general billing account and notification settings In chapters five and 6. We will take you beyond the online store and we'll explore sales channels, ads and other marketing tips and tricks that get you to build the online store of your dreams. By the end of those lessons, you will be able to gain new insight into basic SEO and marketing strategies to launch the store properly. This introduction to Shopify will set you on a path to develop operation strategies that transform the way you approach e commerce. You learn the key success factors and challenges faced by merchants like you when managing your business on Shopify. To follow along with this course, we've provided some downloadable documents that will help you in setting up your Shopify store. I will be walking you through all the technical steps, so you'll have a couple of options. You can follow along carefully and even positive video every now and then to repeat the steps with us and experiment while you're going through the course, you also have the opportunity to create your own store as a final project for this course. So you can sit back, relax as I guide you through Shopify fundamentals. I will be offering you all of the exclusive pro tips throughout this course, so make sure you look out for them as well. These are tips I've noticed most of my clients have asked for along the years of building successful Shopify stores, so I hope you will find them useful as we proceed throughout this course. We will begin your course with a quick exercise while you learn how to create your business model to create a store and come up with visuals, branding and content. You will first need to see your vision and the steps to make it happen. Be creative, have fun with this process and I'll see you in the first chapter of this course, learning all about how to build your online store.

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