10 Crafty Gifts Under $40 for Everyone on Your List

When it comes to crafters, makers and artists the one thing that matters most is…the details. Every part of a crafter’s life is typically meticulously planned, from home decor to their iPhone case. So what does an artsy DIY-er who can make just about anything, want for the holidays? Everything on this list.

Check out our handpicked classes and collection of gift ideas that will delight your craft-loving friends and family. 

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Craft Classes 

Hand-Lettering 101 ($29)
This popular class teaches crafters to take their work to the next level by learning hand-lettering and building the skills necessary to offer this special service to clients.

Beyond Etsy® ($29)
Is the crafter in your life ready to launch and do more than just sell on Etsy®? This class helps advanced crafters make the leap and build their own branded sales platform.  

Etsy® 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop ($29)
This Etsy® 101 class is perfect for the new crafter who is just waiting to make their online debut. The course covers everything from how to set up your shop to make your first sale.

Brush Lettering Basics ($29)
Crafters certainly appreciate their analog time and this course is the perfect way to give that to them. The tools and techniques for brush lettering, in addition basic strokes, is covered in this comprehensive course.

Monetize Your Craft ($29)
If the crafter in your life is looking for unique ways to create supplemental income, hobbies can be profitable when done correctly. Instructor, TV host, and craft designer Vickie Howell teaches how to pitch ideas to publishers, get creations licensed and more.  

Craft Gifts Ideas 

1. Handmade Wooden Coasters ($28)
Described as “cottage chic” these beautifully designed wooden coasters are detailed with a block printed design. Both useful and decorative, creative coasters make an excellent gift for anyone.

2. Flower Pressing Kit ($12)

This miniature flower pressing kit is the perfect gift for an artist with a green thumb. Have a crafter who needs to bring a little nature indoors this winter? This easy-to-use kit will not only preserve their favorite flowers but it will let their creativity bloom. 

3. Custom ‘Made By’ Stamp ($15)
It doesn’t matter what type of maker you looking for, they all need to add their own stamp (wink, wink). Custom stamps from Print Mint, make it easy to add a ‘Made By X’ or custom logo onto whatever they create. 

4. Hand Lettering Kit ($35) 

Is it me or are do all crafters / artists have amazing handwriting? Help your crafter show of their hand-lettering skills with a set of fresh supplies. 

5. Yarn Tote ($26)

Is your favorite knitter always on the go? Get them a yarn tote. It comes in a variety of fun fabrics and holds everything they need to knit no matter where they are headed for the holidays. 

Need more gift ideas? Check out our handpicked gift guides to find classes for every type of person on your list. 

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