10 Pinterest Boards Every Maker Should Have

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Are you a maker trying to grow your audience? You need to be on Pinterest, but you also need to be strategic about what you pin and which boards you create. In other words, stop pinning content that YOU like and start thinking about content your target market will love. The best way to draw a large audience is to include a variety of boards on your Pinterest account. Make sure that each board you create includes pins that are relevant to your target market AND match the aesthetic of your brand.

My company, Little Farm Media, has a brand personality that is fun and colorful. The Home Decor board I created on my Pinterest account reflects that. I have lots of modern interiors that are white with pops of color. I also have a Food + Drink board that has a similar aesthetic. No crock pot recipes for me, unless they are in a bright pink crock pot. Take a peek and see what I mean.

Here Are My Top Ten Pinterest Boards That Every Creative Business Should Have:

1. Food + Drink :: Don’t go crazy here. Each pin should be branded to perfection. This is not the place for practical recipes. It is the place for gorgeous images of food that you will never make. Food + Drink is the most popular category on Pinterest, so find a way to include beautiful images of food that your target market will love.

2. DIY + Craft :: There are plenty of DIY + Craft pins that are suitable for a variety of age ranges and tastes. If your target market has young kids, include fun crafts for kids. Don’t think about which projects your target market will actually do, think about what they will want to do.

3. Home Decor :: Avoid pinning articles about organization and focus on aspirational interiors. Remember, Pinners want eye candy. Think about what a ‘dream home’ would look like for your target market. Nobody wants to pin images of what their home actually looks like. They’re on Pinterest to escape their reality.

4. Fashion :: This can be tricky. It is easy to pin style content that you enjoy, but you need to put your target market first. Research which blogs and fashion magazines your target market reads and follow those brands on Pinterest. Pin directly from the style boards those blogs and magazines have already created.

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Photo by Rachel Hinderliter. See more of her work at LinesAcross.com


5. Health + Wellness :: Puh-lease stay on brand for this board. Turn to the same blogs and magazines you used to create your Fashion board. What kind of articles do those blogs and magazines publish about Health + Wellness? Your target market might be more attracted to a board filled with marathon training OR they might find daily meditations and gentle stretching more interesting. Do your research first.

6. Design :: This category could cover everything from cars to architecture. Make sure there is a visual theme throughout your pins. In other words, all of your pins in this category should look like they belong in the same magazine or catalog.

7. Photography :: This board category is a catch-all for gorgeous imagery. Think about beautiful places to travel, scenic beaches, photos of your dog…okay, not that last one. Escapism is your friend. Your target market may never travel to Iceland, but they may dream about it.

8. Quotes :: A mix of funny and inspirational quotes are sure to be pinned multiple times. Keep your quotes on brand by sticking to a consistent color palette and style. Memes might fit your brand, but they might not. Only pin content that expresses your brand’s personality.

9. Board With Products Similar To Yours :: This will increase your chances of being noticed by your target market. If you make perfume, you should have a Beauty board. If you make products with attractive patterns, you should have a board filled with patterns.

10. Your Product :: Make it easy for a Pinterest user to find a board exclusive to your brand. One board is all you need because you should be spreading your products throughout many of your existing boards.

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