14 Must-Follow Outdoor and Landscape Photographers on Instagram

Nothing quite inspires a great photograph like a great scene — but landscape photography isn’t the same as it was twenty years ago. Today’s landscape photographers are also often travelers or adventurers — and many share those adventures on Instagram, making the social network an ideal spot to find inspiration, learn new photography tricks or simply create a wanderlust bucketlist.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite outdoor and landscape photographers on Instagram, from the more traditional to the adventure-focused, so you too can be inspired by the view, worldwide.

Rachel Barkman (@rachelbarkman)

Rachel Barkman is a professional wedding photographer (@rachelburkmanweddings), but her love for the outdoors has the Vancouver native applying those same skills to outdoor and adventure shots. Her Instagram feed is filled with shots from off the beaten path, including both traditional landscapes, POV adventure shots and shots of people interacting with the outdoors. Follow Rachel Barkman for outdoor photographs so good you can practically smell the fresh air.

Daniel Ernst (@daniel_ernst)

Daniel Ernst says his goal as a photographer is to inspire exploration — and it’s safe to say the Frankurt, Germany native is achieving that goal with an inspiring Instagram feed from locations around the world. While his work freelancing takes him to many different remote corners, his Instagram brings a glimpse of those places to his followers. Ernst’s work often uses deep tones and the soft directional light of early morning or late evening. Several shots use people or buildings to anchor the image. For shots that inspire wanderlust, follow Daniel on Instagram.

Alexandra Taylor (@AllieMTaylor)

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Caught in a daydream pt. II

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Alexandra Taylor is both a photographer and a videographer, work that mixes with a passion for adventure takes her around the world. She’s a native of Switzerland but travels the world — her past exploration has taken her to places from the  Arabian desert to Iceland to France. Her Instagram feed is filled with both photos and videos of her travels, including landscapes, aerial photography and adventure photography.

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Kate Holstein (@kateholsteinphoto)

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10.10.17 Aspen Mountain 🙌

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While many landscape photographers favor the dramatic colors and views, Kate Holstein’s photographs are impressive often in their simplicity alone. Her work is often minimalist with softer, more muted colors yet the style still inspires a sense of wonder in the scenes she explores. A native of Aspen Colorado, the mountains are often her muse but travels takes her work across all different terrains. Follow Kate on Instagram for shots that prove simple is stunning.

Jame Justus Out (@Jamieout)

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Sometimes nature makes the best frames.

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Jamie Justus Out is an adventure photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. The former teacher discovered a passion for photography while traveling in China while living and teaching abroad. Now, the photographer’s Instagram feed is largely filled with images from North America with rich colors, soft light and often a person enjoying that same view — and some occasional continent hopping. Join over 120k other followers for more inspiring shots on Instagram.

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Zach Melhus (@zmelhus)

Zack Melhus works as a youth pastor — and it was on a missions trip in Uganda that he first picked up a camera. The adventure photographer now treats his home in British Columbia as an adventure rather than a familiar area — and the result is an impressive Instagram feed of spectacular views and the adventurers exploring them. Follow Zach on Instagram to learn how to rediscover the beauty in the views you’ve become accustomed to.

Christian A. Schaffer (@christianannschaffer)

Christian A. Schaffer has always loved to travel, so a career traveling for international business seemed like the right fit — until she discovered adventure photography. She’s now based in the Pacific Northwest but is still an avid traveler for her photography. Her images are often characterized by the soft light of a low sun or a foggy morning. Follow Christian on Instagram for a taste of adventure.

Kyle Kotajarvi (@kylekotajarvi)

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A snowy Monument Valley morning 🏃🏻

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Kyle Kotajarvi is both a lifestyle and commercial photographer and graphic designer. His work in design likely helped inspire his use of perspective and bold colors in his work. With work for several big adventure-friendly companies like Alaska Airlines and Urban Outfitters, his Instagram feed is largely filled with inspiring shots of the outdoors and the adventurers exploring those locations.

Andy To (@AndyTo)

Andy To’s work is characterized by playing with both perspective and color. The professional filmmaker and photographer shoots both aerial photos and adventures from two feet planted on the ground. Andy is an Oakland, California native, but much of his story is influenced by his family’s escape during the Vietnam War, including the Sony camcorder his grandfather used to share his trips to Saigon with him which eventually led him to become a Sony ambassador. Follow Andy on Instagram for multimedia work and worldwide travel photography.

Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante says his photography is about storytelling first — and an Instagram full of small series with similar subjects and color palettes helps him to share those stories. The Italian photographer is known as “Brahmino” or the first Italian photographer on Instagram. Follow Simone on Instagram for Stories told through perfected color palettes, unique composition and playful perspective.

Tiffany Nguyen (@tiffpenguin)

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this little light of mine 🌌

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Tiffany Nguyen actually works as a dentist — but you wouldn’t know that by her travel-packed Instagram feed that has also led to professional photo work with brands like Sony, Amazon and Apple. Based in southern California, she says she’s fueled by unfamiliar places and cultures. Follow Tiffany on Instagram for spectacular views and a new sense of adventure.

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Pete McBride (@pedromcbride)

Pete McBride has traveled to over 75 countries while working with National Geographic, but the Colorado native is also inspired by his backyard, including 1,500 miles down the Colorado river and traveling the entire length of the Grand Canyon — 700 miles — on foot. His work is full of contrast and unique perspectives. Follow Pete for both landscape and wildlife inspiration.

Anuar Patjane Floriuk (@anuarpatjane)

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Whale shark in the Derawan islands (Borneo)

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Anjuar Patjane Floriuk is both a photographer and anthropologist, a combination that makes his work a bit unlike other photographers on Instagram. Anuar’s feed is filled with largely underwater shots of marine life, often in black and white. Follow Anjuar on Instagram for outdoor photography below sea level.

Travis Burke (@Travisburkephotography)

Travis Burke is an adventure photographer on the more extreme end of the word “adventure” — his work has him slacklining and freediving, among other forms of extreme exploration. He’s worked with names like National Geographic, Red Bull and GoPro. For views from perilous places or under remote skies, follow Travis on Instagram.

See a favorite adventurer not on this list? Share your favorite outdoor and landscape photographers on Instagram in the comments.

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