8 DIY Picnic Crafts to Get You Ready for Summer

Crafting is traditionally an indoor gig, but occasionally, a brilliant DIY idea surfaces that makes you want to head into the great outdoors. With summer rapidly approaching, we scoured for some DIY crafts that you can make on the still-occasionally-rainy late spring days…but save for summer weekends spend on lawns. These picnic crafts are great for meals in the backyard, the park, or even around a campfire.

And of course, always feel free to share your favorite picnic crafts in the comments.

diy picnic crafts

A teeny set of salt-and-pepper shakers: Use mini jam jars to make perfectly-portable spice shakers. Because of their small size and thick width, these little jars are surprisingly durable. They also look very cute on a picnic table. Get the how-to here.

A picnic bag that becomes a blanket: Brit+Co has the tutorial to make a cute tote bag…which folds out into a picnic blanket! Perfect for outdoor concerts or impromptu lunches in the park, these would also make great gifts for folks with summer birthdays.

A snap-on waterproofing blanket: Worried about wet grass? Martha Stewart has the answer — a snap-on plastic liner for your picnic blanket. It’s easier than you think, and pretty convenient to throw in in case you’re concerned about a recent rainfall.

A picnic basket made from an old suitcase: You love ogling the vintage suitcases at the thrift shop, but did you know that they’re an adorable picnic craft waiting to happen? This tutorial from Apartment Therapy will show you how to refurbish old luggage into the cutest to-go lunch on the block.

A Mason jar sippy cup: Spilling on your picnic blanket is a true bummer — prevent a potential disaster by toting these cute Mason jar adult sippy cups, complete with non-wiggly straws. Not only are they nice and big so you can stay hydrated, they also won’t spill if you decide to, say, fill them with wine. Watch the how-to video below, then get creative with your decorations!

A portable seat cushion: Not real keen on sitting flat on the ground? One of our favorite crafters, Sew Mama Sew, has the pattern for these stylish, super-simple cushions for more comfortable picnicking. You can even pick durable, outdoor fabrics to ensure that they last a long time, and hold up on damp lawns and sandy beaches.

A bug-off camping candle: Keep the mosquitos away by adding essential oils like rosemary or lemongrass to this cute DIY candle from Poppytalk. Using a camping mug is a great idea because they hold up under heat and stress…plus they look really sweet sitting on a picnic table. Just make sure you’re lighting your candle on a flat, safe surface — this is not ideal for sitting around on a blanket.

A lunch bag: Whether you’ve got picky eaters, or you’re just into the idea of making sure all of your picnic mates carry their own weight, these DIY lunch bags will help keep everyone’s grub separate. They’re super easy to make…and easy to clean, which helps if you’ve got little ones.

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