17 Instances of Gorgeous Courthouse Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are used to shooting in all kinds of locations, from rustic barns to less-forgiving community halls and event spaces. But sometimes, they get lucky, and they get to shoot a storied old building with gorgeous light, amazing architecture — and civic workers milling about.

Feeling the financial pinch (or maybe just eschewing the lavish traditions of the previous generations), more and more couples are opting for courthouse weddings, which feature many fewer guests and a much different venue for photographers to capture. But courthouses (and City Halls) aren’t all judges in robes and strange dark rooms; some of them are truly stunning, with incredible natural light and plenty of interesting architectural elements to put to use.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of beautiful wedding photography that can result in truly memorable moments.

Photographer Kasey Jean decided to include the location as a prime part of this fun photo.


The paperwork might not be the sexiest element of a wedding, but Red Ribbon Photography found a way to make it beautiful.

Coppersmith Photography took advantage of the light and the textured backdrop of the building for this shot.

So did photographer Lily Glass.

Action moments: More fun with the backdrop of the United States legal system!

San Francisco City Hall has become a popular wedding destination — and, luckily, it’s beautiful!


Seriously, San Francisco City Hall puts a lot of wedding venues to shame.

A lot of wedding photos don’t rely on location at all. When in doubt, just focus on the bride, like photographer Natarsha Wright does here.

…Or focus on the details, which reflect the unique personalities of the couple.


And that light!

Photographer Kristin Allen chose to highlight one of the more unique features of a courthouse wedding: the courthouse waiting.

So did Paper Ban Photography.

Light + stone walkway = wedding photographer’s dream.

Old buildings are so romantic.

This couple opted to have their engagement session at the courthouse, as well, which is an option because courthouses are public spaces.

And for those who want they city they love to play a role, the street just outside City Hall is a perfect place to pose.

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