The Importance of Being Unique with Photographer Alycia White

The Importance of Being Unique with Photographer Alycia White

Now that Photo Week 2015 has officially launched, this is our final instructor highlight in this exciting interview series.

We’ve been sharing with you, everything from their tips and advice on how to make it in the photography business, how to frame perfect shots within their domains, how to create your unique style, and much more.

Today, I got to chat with Alycia White, a first-time CreativeLive instructor and professional photographer with a knack for creative marketing.

Alycia specializes in photographing high school girls and families in her local Central Oregon area. She’s long been an educator in the photography industry, where she’s created a popular posing guide for photographers looking to streamline their photo shoots with high school girls.

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Here’s our interview with Alycia.

Q. When did you feel like you really made it as a photographer?

Alycia: “When I had my first sale over $4000 and the client left thanking me.”

“I had struggled for so long to not only get better as a photographer by improving my art and the quality of my work but also in feeling like I had a legitimate business that brought in a good income. In this moment, with this sale, I finally felt like I could do this business and it was not only my passion but also a viable career option.”

Q. I love how you strive to make young girls and women feel beautiful. How did you come to focus on this in your photographs?

Alycia: “I think it was actually the other way around. I was so connected to photographing young girls because I felt I could relate to them so well. The more I photographed them, the more I loved it, as opposed to other sessions I would do and just not feel inspired or creative.”

“Because I recognized this, I developed an even greater passion to help these girls feel beautiful. That’s when I started focusing on revealing inner beauty through interviewing each girl to find out about their unique character and personality first. Then, I’d figure out how to tie that in with the way I posed them!”

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Q. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Alycia: “A photographer friend of mine posted on her page once (and I love this)… ‘The reason why I’m successful in my business and you’re not is because we are both focused on what I’m doing.’ I think photographers get so caught up in the comparison game that we lose sight of our own direction.”

“Every second we spend on another photographer’s website or trying to sneak around and figure out how they are doing what they are doing rather than coming up with our own, ideas, is a waste of time, energy and creativity.”

Q. Whose work do you most admire?

Alycia: “Not to be cliche, but I love’s Sue Bryce’s work. I love her gumption even more. She figured out how to take what she loves to do and create not only fantastic work but build a SYSTEM that helped transform a genre of our industry. Women feel beautiful, photographers are empowered, and the world is a better place because of it. Plus…she’s just a boss.”

Q. Is there anything else our audience should know?

ALycia White: lWhat I teach isn’t ‘my way or the highway.’ The entire reason I feel like I’ve been successful, is because I’ve learned from other photographers and business people that’s incredibly important to come up with new ideas on my own, weather it be in sales, marketing, shooting style, or elsewhere.”

“Growing ourselves and our businesses is about pulling from everywhere we can to get better and grow. It’s also about stretching ourselves to be INTENTIONALLY innovative and create something totally new!”

For more of Alycia’s advice on growing and marketing your photography business, join us for the free live broadcast of Photo Week 2015 live now!


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