DIY Project for Dads and Kids: Giant Bubbles!

giant bubble diy

Boing Boing founder and Cool Tools editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder is about the coolest dad on the planet. Need proof? Check out his new book, Maker Dad, which is all about awesome projects to do with your kids.

Mark and his daughter Jane are coming to teach a class on CreativeLive and show us a whole bunch of fun DIYs for dads and kids to do together — just in time for the end of summer — but, while you wait, here’s a how-to that only requires household items, like sticks and an old t-shirt. Because if there’s one problem with regular, normal, boring bubbles, it’s that they’re just too small.

Check it out:

The full supply list for this DIY project — which is great for long, dull afternoons — is as follows:
– Old Cotton T-Shirt
– String
– Two Sticks
– One Large Metal Washer
– Bubble Solution
– Plastic Bucket or Large Bowl
– File or Drill And Bit (optional)

Once you’ve made all the giant bubbles you can stand, be sure to join us for Mark and Jane’s CreativeLive class, August 4-5. Happy making!

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