DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Memory Capture Kits

valentines day DIY

Most people are so busy these days that happy little moments pass them by unnoticed. Or, even if they are recognized, immortalizing them in an album often feels like a chore simply because the necessary materials aren’t nearby or because they’ve never tried scrapbooking before. Enter the thoughtful friend — you! Here’s a sweet little Valentine’s Day gift idea that won’t soon be forgotten: The Memory Capture Kit.

Step 1. Plan your project.

How many people do you want to give kits to? Seeing as the recipients will finish with a mini-album they’ve customized themselves, this is a great gift to give out en masse. Think: One for each person in your office or each house in your neighborhood.

valentines day craft DIY

Step 2. Gather supplies.

Since our kits will include everything necessary for documenting happy moments and turning them into a simple mini album, this is the most important step. The whole point is to make it easy for kit recipients to get comfortable with the process, so we don’t want to leave anything out.

Here’s a list of the necessities:

–Paper for the pages – I picked out pages from Project Life, but you could even cut your own. Just make sure the paper is sturdy. Hole-punch the top left corner of each card so they can be bound together when every page is finished.
–Envelopes for stashing the extras – I made my own from a template which I enlarged for 12” x 12 ½” cardstock. I used glue and a paintbrush to seal the appropriate sides and a ruler to ensure crisp folds. You could make your own envelope, too, or stow the embellishments in a fancy paper bag instead.

valentines day craft ideas

–Photo tags for labeling the kits – A title tag like this is important because it introduces the Memory Capture Kit and lets the receiver know whom the gift is from (in case you’re leaving them on desks or porches). I chose these postcards from TinyPrints because I could include a quick instruction guide on the back to help the receivers get started.

diy valentines day crafts

–Binder rings to hold the finished pages together.
–Mini pencils for writing down memories.

diy valentines day craft ideas
–Embellishments – Raid your own stash for trimmings. I bet there are plenty of bits and pieces that came in kits or that you once grabbed and still haven’t used. Would someone else be inspired by these? Pass them along! Just remember that since these books will be very simple, flat embellishments like paper and stamps work best.
–Glue dots or tape for adhering photos or other ornaments. Hint: Wrap some washi tape around the pencils for easy and efficient kit transportation.

valentines day DIY

Step 3: Pull it all together

Once you have your pages ready, your title card and instructions complete, and an envelope full of extras, tie them all together with a nice ribbon and hand them out! Here’s what one mini-album page might look like when it’s all finished…

valentines day crafts

This sort of customizable handmade gift is sure to go over well for a sentimental holiday like Valentine’s Day. You will have fun putting each kit together and those on the receiving end will enjoy them every time they add a memory.

Julia Marchand is a Home Décor and DIY blogger at TinyPrints.


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