DIY: Wood and Leather Hanging Picture Frames

make your own wood + leather hanging picture frames!

Bonnie Christine, here! As promised, I’m sharing with you how I made a few wood and leather hanging picture frames for our new gallery wall! They went together quickly and I think add a lot of dimension and interest to the gallery. With the option to make them the artwork permanent or interchangeable, they really give you a lot of options to play with. Since you can make them any size you want, they are especially good for large or odd sized pieces of art!

diy wood + leather hanging frames

make your own hanging frames!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– .25″ x 1.5″ x 8′ wood trim (found in the trim section at your local hardware store)
– piece of leather or suede lace to hang it by
– staple gun
– artwork
– piece of canvas (cut the same width as and 1″ taller than your artwork)
– wood stain (I used ebony by minwax)f
– paint brush
– hand saw

make your own hanging frames! by going home to roost (5)

step 1: stain the wooden boards using your preferred stain color. let dry.

step 2: using a handsaw, cut two pieces of wood the same width as your artwork.

step 3: using a staple gun, attach each end of the canvas 1/2″ up on the backside of each piece of wood.

*note: this is to make your artwork interchangeable. if you’d like it to be permanent, skip this step and staple the artwork directly to the wood.

step 4: cut the leather or suede lace to desired hanging width. staple each end to the top piece of wood.

step 5: tuck the piece of art underneath each edge of the wood and hang!

make your own hanging frames! by going home to roost (1)

make your own hanging frames! by going home to roost (2)

make your own hanging frames! by going home to roost (3)

You check out this post to see more of the gallery. Most of the artwork is my own (besides a print from katie daisy), and just in case you fell in love with my sweet as honey hexagon quilt, you can purchase the quilt kit here!

You can also find a complete class on upcycling leather into stylish accessories in the CreativeLive catalog of classes.

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