Free eBook on Getting More Freelance Work: The Freelancer’s Roadmap

How to Get More Freelance Work

Starting your own freelance business can be a real mixed bag.

Sure, it can come with a lot of nice perks, lifestyle changes, and flexibilities that the typical full-time job simply doesn’t offer. You get to work when you want, from wherever you want, and only take on the projects you feel like doing.

However, it’s much more complicated than just quitting your job and changing your LinkedIn headline.

The first step is deciding what exactly you’re going to do for your clients – and who those clients are.

While the debate about whether to specialize or be a generalist as a freelancer rages on, I know that in my own freelance business, I’m consistently hired because I’m an expert at what I do. My clients pay me to do the best possible job, at just two closely related things: creating and distributing great content.

After that, having a visually appealing portfolio website that highlights your best work and past clients become hugely important to establishing your reputation.

You’ll need to know how much to charge for your services, where to find your ideal clients, and become extremely disciplined with regard to your working schedule. It’s no easy feat to start a business, especially one that requires a regular time investment, in order to keep your clients happy.

To get you started down the right path to getting more freelance work, we’ve compiled this free eBook with actionable resources, videos, and insights from top freelancers and business coaches.

It’s packed with 65 pages of content that’ll walk you through some of the most important, often overlooked steps to ensuring your career as a freelancer starts off with a bang.

You can download The Freelancer’s Roadmap right here.


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