Gift Certificates: One Easy Way For All Artists to Increase Sales

gift certificates for artists
Photo: Travis Modisette via Flickr

Do you offer gift certificates on your website or in your retail locations? If not, you may be leaving money on the holiday table.

A significant percentage of my art is purchased as a gift; including, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas presents, and executive gifts. This is also true for many of the artists who I mentor. An easy way to encourage more sales this holiday season? Start offering and featuring gift certificates for your product.

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Here are three more reasons why I encourage artists to go the gift cert route:

1.  Because it is much easier and quicker for frenzied holiday shoppers to buy a gift certificate than it is to select the perfect piece of art, photography, jewelry, or craft.

2.  Choosing the piece that speaks to us personally is part of the fun. So give the gift recipient that choice of choosing something that they might not have normally indulged in themselves.

3.  It’s not uncommon for the gift certificate holder to purchase more than their credit balance. Cha ching!

Here are few things to do when creating a gift certificate program.

–Create a few denominations. No more than three, a confused mind says no.
–Note that people often reach for the middle of the price list, so place your most common price point in the middle.
–Create value above and beyond the gift certificate. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and skill. Make it so that the gift certificate itself is a gift.
–Offer to include a personalized message.
–Think through your business terms, like including an expiration date. Check the laws of your state. In California gift certificates do not expire.
–Consider shipping. Do you want to include it or not? If not, state that clearly.

Now you’ve got yourself a brand new product that will be selling more of your products!

‘Tis the season. Gift the creative in your life something special – check out our curated holiday gifts

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