Why I Gave Up Thousands of Blog Visitors and Started Over

Why I Gave Up Thousands of Blog Visitors and Started Over April Bowles-Olin on CreativeLive

One mistake could cost you everything.

It did for me.

My misstep cost me thousands of blog readers and a side income of about $450/month in ads and sponsored posts.

Keep reading to find out what happened so you don’t make the same mistake.

When I first stumbled upon blogging over nine years ago, I knew blogging would be my next personal adventure.

I have a love of writing that runs deep through my veins, and I was already setting my alarm clock for 5am every morning (yikes!) to spend two to three hours immersed in writing before leaving for my day job as a family therapist.

I craved a way to get my writing in front of people. Blogging seemed like the best answer.

Because I was planning my wedding at the time, I started a blog about weddings, sharing color palettes, DIY ideas, and more.

All you once-upon-a-time brides know that you can’t use at least 95% of the fun ideas you come across while planning your own wedding.

You only toss one bouquet. You only slice into one wedding cake. You only slide one wedding band onto your spouse’s finger.

I thought a wedding planning blog would allow me to do something I loved (writing) while sharing all the ideas I couldn’t use for my wedding.

It seemed like the easiest, most logical topic.

But, I made a ginormous mistake that cost me over three years of work: I didn’t think long-term.

I didn’t think about the fact that once I got hitched, I wouldn’t want to be submerged in the world of bridesmaid chignons, lace versus tulle, and cathedral-length veils.

All I considered was the present—what currently excited me. And, just like that, I set myself up for failure.

To be fair, I never thought I’d grow a readership in the thousands. I imagined my mom would be my only loyal reader.

And, I really had no clue that CEOs and marketing managers of other wedding businesses would contact me, wanting to pay me to put ads on my blog’s sidebar. That wasn’t really a thing when I started.

But, I’m sure things would’ve been different for me if only I had done one thing: gotten clear on my long-term goals.

If I had considered what I wanted to accomplish with my blog two or three years down the line, I doubt I would’ve started a blog about weddings.

I squandered away roughly 3,280 hours building a blog I grew to resent and eventually closed down. (Good gracious, that makes me nauseous.)

It wasn’t a complete waste, because I learned a ton about blogging. But, I could’ve built a blog that I still love today if I’d thought things through.

You might be thinking, “Of course you should’ve thought about the long-term.”

But, many of us make this same mistake every single day.

How many of us make jumbled business decisions without having a strategic plan or vision for what we really want our businesses and lives to look like?

How many of us build businesses we end up resenting?

How many of us wish someone would’ve sat us down and told us to get clear on what we want the next few years to look like before we go any further?

Well, I’m being that person for you.

I’m on a mission to help you avoid spending thousands of hours on a business you give up on in a few years or even worse, get stuck in because it’s your only source of income.

You need a thought-out plan.

When you have a muddy vision, you’ll always feel like you’re flailing.

That’s why I created a workbook that you can download and print for FREE just by RSVPing for my upcoming CreativeLive class, Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing.

Why I Gave Up Thousands of Blog Visitors and Started Over April Bowles-Olin on CreativeLive Workbook Image

The workbook, Your Dream Life and Business, will help you clarify what your dream business really looks like, what your ideal day would be, what your dream workspace is, and more.

And, I challenge you to get your right brain involved, because creatives do their best work (and thinking) when they get creative.

RSVP and join the hundreds of others who’ve already downloaded their free ‘Your Dream Life and Business’ workbook right here.

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