ModCloth’s Photo Art Director: A Day in the Life

What’s a typical day like for ModCloths Photo Art Director Danielle Bouchette? Apparently, there’s no such thing.

“The average day is that there isn’t an average day!” says Danielle, who says that most of her days are spent collaborating with her team to ensure that there’s no wasted time with models and lighting.

A large part of her day, says Danielle, is also learning.

“Working with a team, they’re always so hungry to learn and to pick up new skills, but with our work schedule to travel to these amazing workshops…is not always easy.” But it’s important to not only stay on top of fashion trends to offer the best products to ModCloth’s customers, but also to keep up with emerging tech for business and photography.

And though she says her work at ModCloth can be “unpredictable,” it’s also totally fulfilling.

“Just being part of that whole process, from this little idea that’s just in somebody’s head to the final product that’s in front of our customers and getting all of their reaction to it, too — that just makes it so worth it.”

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