Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Ideas for Mom Photographers

il_570xN.434807697_ry7pIf you’re hurting to find a Mother’s Day gift for the mom who has everything, you must not have a mom who’s a photographer, since heaven knows photographers always need just one more thing. And even if you can’t afford to buy her a fancy new lens or ultra-slick camera bag, you can still find the perfect gift for the mom behind the camera.

We’ve got gifts for mom photographers ranging from low-budget (but high in usefulness and emotional appeal) to a little swankier (because nothing’s too good for mom, or because you have six siblings who are all pitching in), so whatever your price range, you can find the perfect prezzie for the woman who raised you.

Under $25: 

LensPen: At under $5, a LensPen is a great gift to show mom that a) you know what she’s into and b) you care about the quality of her photos. These necessities are a requisite for camera bags, especially if say, the occasional sticky finger gets near mom’s prized camera.

DIY Giant Mother’s Day Card: Here’s a fun project for families to show mom that they love her THIS MUCH! Put one of mom’s favorite photos of the kids to work with this fun idea for a craft.

Lens Cap Holder (right): Losing lens caps is a nightmare…and a common one! These cute lens cap holders help keep caps from getting misplaced by clipping to mom’s camera strap, and come in a lot of adorable patterns. Fun and functional.

Polaroid Camera Necklace Locket: Another fun way to use photos, this customizable necklace is cute and personalized. This adorable accessory makes a great gift for photographer moms who travel a lot and miss their little ones.


Mini DSLR Camera Flash Drive: Want something a little more utilitarian? This camera necklace is also a 4g USB drive!

Mod.Straps: There’s no reason a camera can’t be an accessory — or at least, look a little prettier. Mod. makes a range of straps in varying sizes, colors, and patterns, at a variety of price-points. They also make cute bags that won’t break the bank.

camera-lens-mug-d3ec_600.0000001338500936Camera Lens Mug (above): These mugs, which look like camera lenses, are ubiquitous among the photography set because, well, they’re fun and photographers drink a lot of coffee. And you know how your mom loves her coffee.


The Shutterbag: Mom’s camera bag doesn’t need to look like she’s taking it on a Safari of Ugliness. Give her the gift of style (and organization) with the elite leather beauty of the Shutterbag, one of the most coveted camera bags for fashion-forward mom photographers.

ColorMunki SMILE: For a more technical present consider this cool gadget, which helps to ensure that the colors on your monitor are the same as the colors that a photo will actually possess. This neat little guy also works for iOS, so her iPhone photos can also be precisely colored.

Epsom PictureMate Charm: This mini photo printer is a real workhorse. Great for sharing proofs with clients, even in the field,

Adobe Lightroom: Techie moms want the coolest software to work with. Get your mom the latest version of Lightroom to give her all kinds of new photo editing tools and tricks to use in post-pro. And if she’s not quite sure how to navigate all the goodies? We’ve got a course for that which might also make a nice gift.

Any price:

Know what makes a great gift, no matter what the cost? An Adorama gift card, which lets mom pick out whatever she wants, but still lets her know you’re into her creative pursuit.


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