Paper Craft Idea: Make Your Own Paper Succulents

paper succulent
Crafting with paper can be a whole lot of fun — as long as you’re careful about cuts — but many people don’t know that the realm of paper crafting goes way outside of origami and other clever folding techniques. Robert Mahar, who has the envy-inducing title of “arts and crafts professional” shows us this cool paper craft idea, which leaves you with a beautiful paper succulent that will last much longer than an actual potted plant.

Simple green paper goes from a flat sheet to a colorful, decorative element that you can use as a part of a larger project, or by itself. And if you were really getting crafty, you could probably figure out a way to incorporate a tiny one into this DIY for a succulent ring, which calls for the real deal, but could probably be altered to include a longer-lasting paper bud.

If you want more amazing paper crafts from Robert, check out his CreativeLive class, Paper Crafting: Skills and Technique. You can also watch his YouTube channel for more paper craft ideas, including a DIY dominos set for dad, and beautiful crepe paper flowers to compliment your succulents.

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