It’s Posing Week with Lindsay Adler – Nudes, Curves, and Lighting… Oh My!

Lindsay Adler is coming back to CreativeLive, and we could not be more excited. She is here to teach two entirely new classes that you have all been asking for a long time, and we are also re-broadcasting two of her most popular posing and lighting classes. Then to cap it all off, she’ll be doing a live Q&A on the last day!

Below is the schedule for Posing Week with Lindsay Adler, make sure you RSVP to each class that you’re interested in to make sure you get the reminder emails so you can watch them for FREE while live!

Class is in session Monday, so tune in and don’t miss this incredible week of free education by the one and only, Lindsay Adler

Monday 11/28: Location Lighting 101 

Take Amazing Outdoor Shots.


Getting a great outdoors shot requires a sophisticated understanding of lighting. Both beginning photographers and seasoned professionals must overcome the same challenges when addressing glare, shadows and full or partial sun. This course is your introduction to the skills you need to shoot successfully in any outdoors situation.

This course is broken into short, practical segments so you can easily review the applicable tips and tactics when you need them. You’ll learn about working with single and multiple flashes, reflectors, and speedlights. Lindsay Adler also shares the best times to opt for studio gear and guides you through ways to incorporate it in your outdoor workflow. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the tools and techniques you can use to meet your location lighting goals.

Tuesday 11/29: Posing 101 

Posing Techniques Every Photographer Needs To Know.


Ready to expand your posing skills? Join fashion photographer and CreativeLive instructor Lindsay Adler for a hands-on introduction to the fundamental posing techniques every photographer needs to know.

During live photo shoots, Lindsay will cover how to work with different body types, including how to tailor movement and body angles, using a wide variety of models as examples. You’ll learn how to delight your clients by ensuring flattering results, every time. You’ll also learn about how your camera and lens choices affect posing choices, and how to select the gear that meets your needs. Lindsay will also teach you strategies for posing in more challenging situations — including creatively posing brides and grooms, connecting with shy subjects, and working with subjects who aren’t classically “beautiful.”

Whether you’re a novice photographer beginning to move from candid shots to posed ones or an old pro looking for some new posing tricks, this course will give you the skills you need to make every shoot a success.

Wednesday 11/30: Posing for Curvy Women *NEW LIVE CLASS*

Posing And Styling Tips For Full Figured Women.

161201_Photo_LindseyAdler_PosingForCurvyWomen_Blog Ad CTA_RSVP_1240x420

Photographers are hired to capture portraits that accentuate the best features of their subjects. Lindsay Adler will share techniques on how to photograph your full figured and curvier clients by accentuating their lines and creating beautiful silhouettes. She’ll show you how to highlight curves and use the right camera angles to flatter the shape of any woman. Lindsay will lay down a solid foundation of posing and styling so that you can make your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Whether your photography focus is wedding, portrait or intimate boudoir, you’ll be able to represent your clients as the unique, beautiful women they are.

Thursday 12/1: Fine Art Nude Photography *NEW LIVE CLASS*

Learn To Light, Pose, And Highlight The Human Body Form.

161201_Photo_LindseyAdler_FineArtNudes_Blog Ad CTA_RSVP_1240x420

Note: Viewer discretion advised; this course contains artistic nudity

Fine Art Nude Photography is about capturing the beauty of the human form. Using light, shadows, posing and creative expression, you can bring out the beauty of your subjects and the human body. Since communication is of the utmost importance when photographing nudes, Lindsay Adler will discuss the etiquette of preparation, setting expectations, directing and working with your subjects. She’ll cover posing techniques and tips on what to emphasize and what to avoid, and discuss the importance of lighting and how it affects the body form. Lindsay will also discuss how to push yourself creatively while maintaining a tasteful and artistic vision.

Whether you are pushing yourself in your boudoir photographing, offering a unique portrait session or exploring your personal fine art work, this class will elevate your creative process, both technically and artistically, when photographing the nude form.

Friday 12/2: Q&A with Lindsay Adler *NEW LIVE CLASS*

Use #LindsayQA through the week and watch Lindsay demonstrate the answers with gear and live models.

161201_Photo_LindseyAdler_LindseyAdlerWeek_Blog Ad CTA_RSVP_1450x420

Lindsay Adler and CreativeLive are holding an open Q&A based on the lessons taught in Posing for Curvy Women, Fine Art Nude Photography, Posing 101 and Location Lighting 101. This live experience will include questions based around posing, working with your subjects, and how your camera and lens choice can affect your posing opportunities. Lindsay will demonstrate with a live model and gear to make this a free course that truly benefits your catalog!

Tune in all week for your chance to learn from one of the best in photography and join CreativeLive for Lindsay’s unique and live NEW classes Posing for Curvy Women and Fine Art Nude Photography.

Don’t miss out!


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