The Pursuit of What’s Meaningful With CreativeLive Co-Founders Chase Jarvis + Craig Swanson

Chase and Craig
Today marks the launch of Profit. Power. Pursuit. A CreativeLive podcast with me, Tara Gentile, as host. There is an exceptionally strong mission behind this podcast—and it’s not just the mission statement we’ve created.

For me, our mission is about truth-telling. It’s about shedding light on what actually makes creative or idea-driven businesses work. We pay a lot of lip service to following your passion or living your dream life but we often forget the logistics, administration, and sheer grit that it takes to do that.

The people I’m talking to on this podcast don’t forget—can’t forget—it. They live the logistics, administration, and grit every day.

Now, I don’t believe for a minute that you think running a creative or idea-driven business is easy or even glamorous. You know it’s hard work. Yet, a huge knowledge gap between “follow your passion” and “become super successful” persists.

Plenty of people will talk about the empowering upside of entrepreneurship; few are talking about how they actually built a team, negotiated their fees, invested in the future of their businesses, or handled failures.

I want to change that with this podcast.

Every time you listen, I want you to discover something new about the ways creative people are making money, taking control of their businesses, and pursuing what’s truly important to them. I want you to experience the logistics, the administration, and the grit. I want you to connect the dots between a problem you’re having and problems that my guests have solved.
To kick off this podcast, I sat down with Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson, the co-founders of CreativeLive. They talked to me separately so that I could get an unfiltered view of each of their perspectives on profit, power, and the pursuit of what’s meaningful.

My favorite moment from Craig’s interview was his explanation of failure. He told me a story about realizing that learning how to rollerblade meant first learning how to fall down. He also explained how “learning what falling feels like” helps the team at CreativeLive be resilient in the face of technical difficulties, production snafus, or marketing disappointments. The team has internalized the feeling of failure so that they can move through it quickly and create a solution on the fly.

My favorite moment with Chase was when he talked about the deep transformation the students, instructors, team, and he experience through CreativeLive. He said, “The act of moving towards something we want is transformative in itself.” Each class taught, each lesson learned, and each hurdle overcome changes us simply because we’re moving toward our desire.

Becoming a CreativeLive instructor has changed me. Founding CreativeLive has changed Chase and Craig. Watching CreativeLive has changed hundreds of thousands of students. And all because we’ve taken steps toward what we want: the profit that comes from creating value, the power that comes from taking control of your own life, and the pursuit of what’s truly important to us.
I hope you are transformed by listening to Profit. Power. Pursuit. as I have already been transformed by hosting it. Listen for the details, the nitty gritty, and the unexpected—you won’t be disappointed.

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Tara Gentile is a creativeLIVE instructor, business strategist, and the creator of the Customer Perspective Process.