Surviving Transformation: How To Prepare For Big Life Changes

how to prepare for big life changes
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In the words of David Bowie — it’s time to make some ch-ch-ch-changes. Whether it’s a change in your private life or a change in your career path, preparing for something brand new can be a challenge. People are creatures of habit, and waking up one morning to find your life has done a complete 180 is overwhelming to say the least!

Turns out only 10 percent of the population are adequately prepared for change, while the remaining 90 percent resist it at all costs. So, how do you fight these odds and come to terms with the upcoming changes in your life? Business coach Dory Willer recommends embracing change and adjusting your emotional response when you feel yourself panicking. “Instead of looking at change as a bad thing, welcome this new phase and the limitless possibilities it now brings,” Dory tells Scene Magazine.

Remember, unforeseen life changes bring new opportunities. If you’re suddenly fired, your first impulse is probably to throw yourself a pity party and lament the way your life has turned out. Fair enough, but once you’re ready to get over the hump, look at this change as a chance to take a few risks.

“Recognize that what you once thought was the best you could be or the most you could have is not necessarily true,” Dory says. “Embrace the newness and welcome all the possibilities that are now open.”

These possibilities are limitless –– whether it’s looking for a job that’s out of your comfort zone, or creating a new exciting life in a foreign country if your work suddenly relocates you. You can even find a silver lining in small changes. Did your partner of a few months end the relationship? Once you’ve listened to Adele’s “Someone Like You” on repeat for a few hours, find new and exciting things to do in your free time! “Be open to the possibility that change forces us to be creative and gives us permission to take risks,” Dory says.

With that in mind, we’re going to go wander around Seattle in a Broncos jersey. Nothing riskier than that!

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