Stocking Stuffers Designers and Artists Will Love Under $39

Designers and artists can be a selective bunch when it comes to holiday gifts. Chances are their apartment, desk, and attire is already pretty nicely curated, so if you’re going to get a gift it should  be thoughtful–and in accordance with their unique, and maybe even quirky, taste. We’ve done some sleuthing and found a few gems that we think the artist and designer in your life will love–all for under $39.

Gift_Guide_Designer_Hi_ResStocking Stuffers $25 And Under


Drawing the Everyday Every Day ($21)
This class is perfect for those who see everyday inspiration in the world around them. Give your bright-eyed friend a course that will encourage them to make drawing a daily routine, develop themes, and learn how to enhance drawings in Photoshop.

Drawing Basics ($21)
From knowing which pencil to use to shading methods, this introductory drawing course will have your artists and designer friends doodling with a purpose. Learn these useful step-by-step drawing techniques that can turn almost anyone into an artist.

Hand Lettering 101 ($36)
Nothing says personalization like hand lettering. Learn beautiful custom typography in this course where students can learn how to use hand lettering to impress clients, friends, and family and take their creative work to the next level.

Illustrative Stylings: Lettering and More with Photoshop ($36)
Award-winning designer Chris Piascik knows how challenging it can be to make clients happy while staying true to your creative brilliance. He teaches students how to infuse the client vision while making letters that are both expressive and cohesive – a skill all artists and designers should learn.

Greeting Cards in Photoshop ($21)
With the holidays right around the corner, nothing shows thoughtfulness like a personally designed card. This CreativeLive crowd favorite shows students how to use Photoshop to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake card that will most certainly be displayed at the center of the fireplace mantle.

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Enamel pins ($10)
Enamel pins are in! Step up your pin game with flair from the large enamel collection at Strange Ways.

The perfect notebook ($16)
Every true artist and designer has an insatiable love for cool notebooks. Check out this Baron Fig notebook that will give your creative friends a place to always capture their Eureka! moment.

Designy T-shirts and prints ($25)
Designers love their too-cool-for-school t-shirts. From the top creatives from the InVision marketplace, these t-shirts will give proper representation to the artist and designer spirit that lives within.

Temporary Design Tattoos ($15)
Tattoos are a great form of art and expression. These temporary tattoos are a way to express inspiration while being non-committal.

Subscription-based monthly art supplies ($24)
Feed your friends a steady diet of art supplies to satisfy their never-ending creativity. Artsnacks is a subscription-based delivery service for curated art supply kits and is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

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