46 Careers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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Not just any old clown. Photo by Alyssa L. Miller via Flickr

As I travel through the internet (as I’ve been known to do on a regular basis), I sometimes come across a career, field or company that blows my mind with its existence. These seemingly weird careers are the opposite of what we’re told is possible, lucrative, or stable. And yet – here they are!

Get ready for some if-that-exists-than-I-can-do-what-I-want inspiration and encouragement (my favorite!):

  1. Professional mermaid

  2. Home run baseball catcher

  3. Music thanathologist (playing music bedside to help ease that person into death)

  4. Personalized rapper-for-hire

  5. Professional whistler

  6. LEGO artist

  7. Flatulence filtering underwear inventor

  8. Foley artist (they make sound effects!)

  9. Laughter therapist

  10. Elvis minister

  11. Pet detective

  12. Branded shirt wearer (which looks like it’s now morphing into selling book sponsorships)

  13. Snake milker

  14. In-home head lice remover

  15. Pizza firetruck owner

  16. Paint drying watcher

  17. Professional cuddler

  18. Goat renter (for landscaping)

  19. Professional Airbnb-er

  20. Human bed warmer

  21. Scavenger hunt master

  22. Smashing Place owner (where people can go and smash things to alleviate anger)

  23. Professional contest winner

  24. Wedding dance choreographer

  25. Graphic facilitator (take notes for meetings with mindmaps, illustrations and doodles. I’m gonna be interviewing Julie next month for Grown Up Gigs!)

  26. Alibi provider

  27. Wall Street prison consultant

  28. Chicken renter (for those who wanna try before they buy, or want fresh eggs seasonally)

  29. Santa letter writer

  30. Post-party cleaners (that include Gatorade & breakfast burritos to help with the hangovers)

  31. Personal car renter

  32. Live wake-up caller

  33. Fake wedding cake renter

  34. RunPee inventor (it tells you when it’s “safe” to go to the bathroom so you don’t miss the best part of the movie!)

  35. Personal historian (she’s essentially a biographer that anyone can hire)

  36. Cookie deliverers (by bike!)

  37. Owner of a treehouse BandB

  38. Evil clown for hire to stalk your children

  39. Gothic cake baker

  40. Personal car renter

  41. Paint drying watcher

  42. a ManServant

  43. History & pub tour guide

  44. Immigrant-led cooking classes (in the homes of the teachers!)

  45. Professor Chocolate

  46. PhD of Chocolate!

I think what’s most exciting here is that I can probably come up with another 46 “odd” careers in a jiffy – which just proves how many opportunities that fall outside the realm of the traditional careers we were all told about growing up there are. They also are huge showcases for creative, multi-passionate people – which I have a feeling is about 99% of those of you who have read this far!

If that sounds like you – and you wanna create your dream career – then join me on CreativeLive from September 11-13 by RSVPing right here!

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