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ChatGPT Plugins

Lesson 4 from: 10x Your Marketing Efforts with ChatGPT, Midjourney, and More

Mark Hinkle

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4. ChatGPT Plugins

Unlock the power of ChatGPT with plugins.

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ChatGPT Plugins

The first example is how we're gonna use these ChatGPT plugins. So we touched on this a little earlier, but ChatGPT plugins actually extend the model. They provide functionality that GPT- and ChatGPT don't have. And the way that you get plugins is A, you need a ChatGPT Plus account, so that you have access to these features, and you go to their plugin store. It's very similar to the app store that you would have on your cell phone. And this is all the plugins that are listed. By default, it goes to popular, but if you list all, there's hundreds and hundreds of plugins for all sorts of uses. The ones that are most popular are the ones we talked about before, were WebPilot, which actually allows you to do searches on the web, Link Reader allows you to access files on the web. When we talk later about SEO, there's a number of plugins that can actually help with your SEO content, and the way you find that is just by searching. This is not the most user-friendly interface, however, it is th...

e only way for you to add these plugins to ChatGPT. It also doesn't have ratings, so you probably wanna do a web search to figure out which ones work the best. Here, you can see which ones are installed and which ones are not installed. So if I wanted to use one of these plugins, by default, I can use up to three, by checking these box, I have the access link, and I have the WebPilot, and we're gonna use the SEO CORE AI. All right, I'm gonna ask it to write a 400 word log post on ChatGPT, and you can see that it's gonna scroll, it's gonna use terms that are appropriate, it's actually not called that plugin. Sometimes it calls these plugins and sometimes it doesn't. I'm gonna say wait till it gets finished, and say edit this post with, and if we look back up here, this was the SEO plugin, and we'll hit Enter, and there it's gonna call SEO CORE AI. You may have to call the plugin directly. When it does web search, it typically will call the plugin that's active that allows you to do that. So WebPilot or Link Reader are the two that we talked about. Now it's gonna look at this web post that we created, and if you notice, it's not very SEO optimized, 'cause I didn't tell it to be SEO optimized, I wasn't specific. It's giving me some feedback on how I could make this better. So now what we're gonna do is rewrite this blog post and incorporate the SEO feedback to make the post rank better for organic search. So I'm adding some context to my prompt. I'm gonna hit the little arrow, and what it's doing is it's combining the results of two different prompts into one final product. And to be honest, it didn't do a tremendous job of this, it didn't put in any headings, but that was not part of the feedback we got from SEO CORE. What it did do was it added keyword density and exact match of the content.

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