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Other AI Tools

Lesson 10 from: 10x Your Marketing Efforts with ChatGPT, Midjourney, and More

Mark Hinkle

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10. Other AI Tools

Get the rundown on alternatives to ChatGPT, along with other relevant AI tools for marketers.

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Other AI Tools

Let's talk about some of the other tools that you might wanna use for AI. And there are a ton of 'em. And there's more coming out every day. So by the time you're watching this, there's probably gonna be a lot more tools and a lot more interesting things to solve common problems. These are some of the ones I like today. So we talked about ChatGPT. And that's the most common but there's also chatbots that do similar things to ChatGPT. And probably the most similar to that is Microsoft's Bing. And Microsoft's Bing is actually powered by the GPT-4 model. They're an investor in OpenAI. But they've changed their search experience so that you can chat. And I really like their chatbot search experience. And it's free. The only difference between using OpenAI's ChatGPT and Bing is it does require the Microsoft Edge browser. Just like Microsoft, Google has a horse in the race as well with Bard and Bard is their chatbot. Now, earlier on I talked about LLMs, the brains of these chatbots. And in t...

he case of Bing, you were using the GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. In the case of Bard, you're using Google's different brain and that one would be called PaLM 2. Along with that, you have other ones that are really good. There's a new one, Claude, from Anthropic. Poe is brought to you by the people who do Quora, the question and answer site. And there's Beyond that, there's other image generation bots just like Midjourney. And Midjourney is done by the Midjourney Labs folks. But image generation from OpenAI is done by DALL-E. Adobe has their own generative AI platform called Firefly. And Stability AI has a image generation that is based on something called Stable Diffusion, which is another popular model. If you're a marketer, one of the things that you do a lot of is writing. And so when it comes to content writing, there's a lot of tools that streamline the process of creating written content. And I've used all of these. They're all fairly good: Jasper, ContentBot, Frase, and then Surfer. The thing I like about Surfer is it's sort of nuanced. It's able to write content but also optimize it for search engines. Tools like transcription and summarization, Firefly's, it comes to all my web meetings, whether it's Zoom whether it's Microsoft, et cetera, and transcribes the notes but it also uses AI to create a summary and assign action items. So I really like that. If you're creating, doing lead generation or demand generation, these two tools, Bardeen and PhantomBuster, both have artificial intelligence components to them, make them super-effective at streamlining the collection of leads and contacts. I talked earlier about doing text to video when I lost my voice. I used a tool called Synthesia that allowed me to do text to video and I had my own avatar that I chose to do my product demo when I was hoarse. You can actually have them create an avatar that looks and sounds like you as well. So these are some of the ones I use but let's keep in the theme of using AI and let's use AI to actually find more AI. And here's a little prompt I wrote that I like to use to search certain websites and not just search the websites but search for websites that have rankings around applications and it's called Find the Best AI Tools. So here's my prompt. It's in my archive of prompts. And I'm gonna go in here in New Chat. Once again, I'm using GPT-4 and the plugins and I wanna make sure that my WebPilot plugins are active. And I'm gonna paste that in there. So what this prompt does, it searches a number of websites. And for this one, I have done it for presentations. So let's keep in that. So I wanna find the best AI applications that I can use today for businesses for creating presentations. And it's gonna search these websites. I also had it choose the ones that had the highest rating. And I'm gonna submit the prompt. And it is going to hopefully use WebPilot because I gave it URLs. And WebPilot is automatically going to go search these websites, find the best recommended applications. If there are no applications that are recommended, then it will just list ones. So here it's going through a website called Product Hunt. And now it's going to another website called AI Scout. And it's gonna make its way down the list. So if you have a business problem you're trying to solve, you could use a prompt like that. In this case, it says there is no application for AI Scout, so it's gonna go to Futurepedia and so on and so on. Now, we don't need to go through the whole prompt but you get the idea of you can use your prompts to do research and save you time. In this case, because we're talking about AI, I used it to save time there. I could use it to find competing restaurants on Yelp that compete with mine. I could use it to search other websites and find comparisons of products. Whatever you wanna do, as long as you clearly identify the steps because you have the ability to browse websites and the model is trained on making comparisons and using logic, you can end up with a lot of stuff.

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