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Sharing your Work

So of course, what you wanna do for now, well, the chances are you want to involve it in another project, or share it in some particular way. So what we're gonna do now is take a look at sharing, okay, our work from Photoshop Sketch or Illustrator Draw, this works the same way in both things, one tiny, tiny, subtle difference that I'll mention in just a moment. Okay, but I think we'll do from both, that will be fun. Okay, so we'll do the first one from Photoshop Sketch, and what I'm gonna do is come up to the top here to the share arrow. You can see I've got a number of different ways I can output this, so I can actually save this to Behance, or to my Creative Cloud Files as a PSD. The Creative Cloud servers will convert that for me. Save it as a PDF, time-lapse, this is the thing, a lot of people see the history thing and think, Ooh, I could do little time-lapses! Well there's a limit to the history thing, but the time-lapse there, it will generate it. Let's do that. Not sure you can ...

see that. So it generates it like that. Watch, and you should see. There you go. 'Cause all I did was bring that in, remember? But, if you've got it from a drawing and it keeps all of that stuff, you can go right the way from the beginning. So here, what I'm going to do, I could save it as an image or link to a project, but I'm gonna go to 'Desktop Apps' and I'm gonna push that to Photoshop CC. So if I tap that, it will go up to Creative Cloud, so Creative Cloud sends all of the data up, and you can see this little thing whirring away at the top here. Whoops, I just tapped on the Settings by mistake. Whirring away on the top there, and that's, it's sending all of the data up to Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud will the receive that data and prepare it for the application that it's gonna go into. In this particular case, Photoshop, so it's gonna make sure it's got a layered document, any visibility maps to the opacity in Photoshop, and any layers that are turned off are turned off the right way in Photoshop as well. Once it's done, as you may have just seen, there's a small blue check that comes up on the screen saying it's been sent, and then that gets delivered across to Photoshop. It goes up to Creative Cloud, Creative Cloud then tries to find where I am, and attempts to deliver it to the desktop. Now, several variables are involved in doing that. You know, the speed of the internet at the time, the complexity of the file, and so on, and so on, and so on. So this has been backwards and forwards. There's lots of full image data in there, so when I pasted in that content from Illustrated Draw, that got raster data or got layers of vector data on top of it have been brought back in and rasterized in Photoshop Sketch so it might take it a minute to do that, but we'll see it shortly on the desktop. While we're waiting for that, let's just go across to Illustrator Draw, okay. And this one's got some vector stuff on it, and some raster stuff, but we'll push this one across the Illustration. This is the subtle difference I alluded to a moment ago. Alright, this will take any vector data and turn it into vector compound shapes, okay. And any raster data will be processed as images. Same way, it's just whirring away at the top there, and in a moment or two, there you go, there's the sent, it's orange for the Illustrator family of tools as well. So, imagine that you're, imagine that you're, you've got a kind of job like me, and that you travel a lot, okay? So I spend a lot of time in airplanes and trains and things like that. And it's actually not so much of a bind for me 'cause it's quite relaxing, 'cause the phone's not ringing, there's no distractions. Sometimes I sit there and think, do you know what, that's a really, what a really good idea. Out comes the, out comes the iPad and I start drawing the things, and I get an awful lot of projects started on the tablet, and then refine them when I get back to the desktop. And the great thing is, as soon as I connect, so this is WiFi, only if you've got a data plan with your tablet device, iPad or otherwise, then of course you could send that and live have that go across. For me, as soon as I get back into the studio and I hit WiFi, these things just catch up with me and it gets delivered down to my desktop.

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Adobe's mobile drawing tools are amazing! If you combine them together and with the other mobile tools, they're AWESOME! In Adobe® Mobile Drawing Techniques Tony Harmer will show you how to get started, along with a bunch of tips and tricks.

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  • To discover mobile drawing on phones and tablets
  • How to combine apps to achieve the results you want
  • How to make valuable assets using your devices

Don’t be Intimidated by the range of available drawing tools, In Adobe® Mobile Drawing Techniques Tony will take you through the best software, tools, and methods to create amazing illustrations to use in your professional designs.