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Apple Aperture® 101

Sara France

Apple Aperture® 101

Sara France

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3 Library Setup Duration:23:48
5 Apple Aperture Layout Part 1 Duration:21:04
6 Apple Aperture Layout Part 2 Duration:23:45
7 File Import Setup Duration:16:12
8 Managed and Referenced Files Duration:17:23
9 Importing Workflow Part 1 Duration:24:29
10 Importing Workflow Part 2 Duration:19:34
11 Organization and Culling Duration:31:01
12 File Relocation Duration:25:29
  Class Trailer
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1 Baseline Adjustments Part 1 Duration:27:12
2 Baseline Adjustments Part 2 Duration:32:09
3 Baseline Adjustments Part 3 Duration:26:05
4 Color Monochrome Duration:31:55
6 Crop Tool and Curves Duration:20:37
8 Keyboard Shortcuts Duration:19:55
9 Lift and Stamp Tool Duration:07:26
10 Quick Brushes Duration:31:16
11 Presets and Stacks Duration:24:10
12 Slideshows Duration:20:28
13 Exporting and Sharing Images Duration:25:21
  Class Trailer
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2 Layout Tour Duration:41:51
3 Layout Tour Part 2 Duration:20:00
4 Editing Engagement Album Duration:33:42
6 Editing Wedding Album Duration:29:38
8 Overview Q&A Duration:09:44

Class Description

Apple® Aperture® is a fast, intuitive editing and management solution for photographers who want to deliver stunning, professional-quality images. Join Sara France for an immersion into the tools, tips, and tricks you’ll need to use Apple Aperture like a pro.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about using Apple Aperture to create an effective, efficient workflow for your editing process. You’ll learn how to seamlessly import your existing library of images into Apple Aperture. You’ll also explore the full range of adjustments, functions, and retouching options that Apple Aperture has to offer. You’ll streamline your workflow by using the Apple Aperture keyboard shortcuts and even create customized shortcuts of your own. You’ll also learn how to make gorgeous photo books that will thrill your clients and boost your studio’s profits.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the Apple Aperture skills you need to create any photo project – from editing a single image to a creating multi-page event album.



I have been working through the videos and I am so happy I purchased this course. Sara has taught me sooooo much. I have been using Aperture for some time to organize my photos, but even now, two thirds of the way through the course, I just learned something that is going to make things so much easier. It is actually super obvious, but I never realized it was there!!! (the ability to create a new export preset). Thank you so much for this great course. Thank you so much Sara!!!

Eric Sanchez

THANK YOU SARA FRANCE AND CreativeLive!!!! This course is exactly what I needed to fully understand this program. I have been using it for about a year now with now instruction. Really, I have just been fumbling through it. Now I can set it up to work for me and understand how Aperture works. Sara France has a way of explaining this product that makes everything easy to understand. I am completely happy that I purchased this course. I know I will watch it several times over to make sure I am using Aperture to its fullest potential. CreativeLive, please bring Sara France back often as Aperture grows and gets better. I absolutely loved learning from her and hope she becomes a regular on CL! Thank you so much. Eric Sanchez

a Creativelive Student

Since I first purchased this software in early 2008 I have been seeking a comprehensive look at Aperture. And I have now found it in Sara France's course. She gives us not only a detailed instruction in the finer points of a workflow using Aperture but discusses in detail each of its features. I can't express how much I appreciate this course. I've used Aperture extensively since I first purchased it, but what I suspected before is clear now - I only knew about half of it. In the past 3 days my education has proceeded at a good clip. Thank you, Sara France.