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Lift and Stamp Tool

Lesson 21 from: Apple Aperture® 101

Sara France

Lift and Stamp Tool

Lesson 21 from: Apple Aperture® 101

Sara France

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Lesson Info

21. Lift and Stamp Tool

Lesson Info

Lift and Stamp Tool

So now that we've gone through all of the base adjustment at least and all of those different ideas I'm still going to take you into brushes but before we get too far into theater this I want to just show you guys how easy it is to go through and do edits on images so when you have a batch of images all you need to do to get started is to take your exposure just your basic ones that you use exposure and hands fucking missing one am one ah let's add one more in here one of my favorites the least color I like tough color and there is an option uh curved infinia and parents exposure ok perfect that she would get all right so for exposure oh white mounts where did the white balance goal ok ah white bounces typically always in there so uh for some reason it just didn't want to show up in that one. Ok, now we're looking now are looking pretty all right? So the first thing we want to do is white balance I'm going to pick up the eyedropper you may not like this look, I think one of our one of ...

our audience members didn't like it but you can also detach the lupas well it's just looking for that white spot and I'm just going to drag it around until I find the perfectly white spot to kind of do that and then let me just change my loop settings so you would just pick up the eyedropper I'm going to get rid of my life that eyedropper and go over where she has white and then you can click on that you can move it around a mme and get to just the right white balance even knew your minute adjustments here zoom in for you, d'oh move this just a little bit you go a little bit more blue a little bit warmer a little bit more magenta or green I think the magenta and green are pretty good on this one if you go too far this way the start looking green this foyer they start looking rosy and rose have some rose atia there so I'm going to get right in the middle and then that makes a nice fine tune white balance I'm going to go ahead and grab cem what exposure? A little bit of brightness at some contrast and then a zoom out to see what that full image looks like. Looks pretty good. I could probably also use a vignette on this image that would look really nice. Intense is a little much like the gamma um I think overall that looks pretty good. You can also add some vibrancy which would just pop his color a little bit but without affecting their skin tones and once you've got the adjustment that you like, you can hit em to see the master image that you started with them again to see where you're at now and now we get to do listen stamps so you're going to hit e to lift you can just move this off to the side and then go to the next image and hit our to stamp. Did you see that adjustment? So it went from here to there are to stamp, then if you need to find tune the image, maybe this one I was shooting on aperture priority when I shot thiss to do a demo for you guys that typically would shoot on manual, so the image exposure was changing a little bit back and forth, so there might be slight exposure address mints that you need to do for each image, which is the disadvantage is shooting after priority versus shooting manual because the images will shift around a little bit. We've kind of played with this image a little bit let me just bring the exposure up. I may want to crop his image just to kind of bring a little bit of that side out so that I don't just see a little bit aside, oh, let me see the crap tool. I think we had it on five by seven we did so just make sure this is on original aspect ratio to make sure that you're not making a strange shape out of your images that they are still going to be the standard size you can crop that there and then if you wanted to assign that crop is well, you can do a jet, do the adjustment, do the contrast where all of the things that you want to kind of bring in and then when you lift this, you can see all of the adjustments right here that it's going toe apply it's going to imply enhance exposure and crop so one of the things that you can do if you lift and stamp their crap will be applied as well. But if you don't want the crop to be applied, you've unjust delete it from here and you lifted everything else. So now when you stamp on to the next image, it will just stamp the adjustment and not the crop unless you want to crap. If you want the crop than great list that lift the crop again and when you stamp, it'll craft that image as well see how that works typical, and that goes for all of the adjustments, so everything we've been talking about if you if you have a brushes adjustment on an image, it will apply as well unless you tell it not to so you have the control in this lifting stamp tool to say oh, I want all those things but not that brush that I applied or not that ed sharp thing that I applied whatever the specific thing is that you are not wanting to apply and then you can quickly go through I'm gonna lift remove the crop uh stamp on this one and I just moved from image each image stamping each one making sure the adjustment looks good uh making any fine tuning that I feel like it needs if I want to just out of and yet to this one I could just quickly out of and yet um and then you can see how quickly adjustments can go I can get through a batch of it of adjustments very very quickly you can also let's say we were addressing this image let's bring it down a little bit when I add some contrast so if I wanted to keep the adjustment for each I could lift select a group of images make sure that this one isn't on and then stamp toe all of them so it will stamp that whole group of images all once you don't have to go one at a time you might want to go back in and just make sure if you're not shooting on manual you just want to make sure the adjustment works for every single image but if they all look similar, you'll get the same. You get the same kind of adjustment and issue with, you know, with each of the images, so you can definitely do them as batches. Cool? Yeah.

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I have been working through the videos and I am so happy I purchased this course. Sara has taught me sooooo much. I have been using Aperture for some time to organize my photos, but even now, two thirds of the way through the course, I just learned something that is going to make things so much easier. It is actually super obvious, but I never realized it was there!!! (the ability to create a new export preset). Thank you so much for this great course. Thank you so much Sara!!!

Eric Sanchez

THANK YOU SARA FRANCE AND CreativeLive!!!! This course is exactly what I needed to fully understand this program. I have been using it for about a year now with now instruction. Really, I have just been fumbling through it. Now I can set it up to work for me and understand how Aperture works. Sara France has a way of explaining this product that makes everything easy to understand. I am completely happy that I purchased this course. I know I will watch it several times over to make sure I am using Aperture to its fullest potential. CreativeLive, please bring Sara France back often as Aperture grows and gets better. I absolutely loved learning from her and hope she becomes a regular on CL! Thank you so much. Eric Sanchez

a Creativelive Student

Since I first purchased this software in early 2008 I have been seeking a comprehensive look at Aperture. And I have now found it in Sara France's course. She gives us not only a detailed instruction in the finer points of a workflow using Aperture but discusses in detail each of its features. I can't express how much I appreciate this course. I've used Aperture extensively since I first purchased it, but what I suspected before is clear now - I only knew about half of it. In the past 3 days my education has proceeded at a good clip. Thank you, Sara France.

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