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Be a Resilient Leader

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Define Resilience

Jason W Womack

Be a Resilient Leader

Jason W Womack

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2. Define Resilience


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Define Resilience

If I mention that the definition of the word resilience was a little bit different now than it was when I was a kid, I wonder how many of you this is true, as well. And so to get us kicked off, there in your workbooks, you've got some space on the page. For those of you watching, I'm gonna ask you to go to a fresh piece of paper, and up on top, just write the word resilience, resilient, whichever word you wanna play with. And here's my invitation. I'm gonna ask you all to take about 45 seconds, and we're gonna push on this a little bit, not just the definition, but play around with a little self-assessment, where you are personally, where you are professionally. Is resilience a hot topic for you? Is resilience something that you'd just like to add to the toolkit in case you're gonna need it? Looking around the room, I'll say this next one, and we'll see how many responses I get. Is resilience something you wanna study because you're helping someone else right now? So let's play around ...

with this. What I invite you to do is take 45 seconds. This is you giving yourself the gift of your own attention. I put the word resilience up on the screen. You put the word resilience in your notebook or your journal. What does that word resilience mean? Give yourself two or three or four sentences. I'll be right back. We push on this, and in the next activity here in the studio, I'm actually gonna invite someone to come up onstage with me, and I wanna work with you just a little bit creating context around the content that we're gonna work through in the course.

Class Description

Even when things appear to be going smoothly—without a bump in the road or a problem in sight—a moment of volatility, uncertainty, chaos or ambiguity can crop up out of nowhere. At times like these, you as a leader need to be resilient.

In the business world, disruptions and transformations can happen regularly. A key person in the company leaves without notice. A massive reorganization or a merger takes place. A client is lost or a new client is gained. This course teaches managers and leaders the skills they need to be resilient personally and convey resilience to their teams and colleagues.

In this class, you’ll learn to:

  • Improve your EQ (emotional quotient) to recover from challenges.
  • Understand that resilience is a skill that can be learned, practiced and shared.
  • See the difference between being calm and being resilient.
  • Build a resilient team before you actually need one.
  • Journal your way to self-leadership



Fantastic class! Highly recommend- Jason has such positive energy and enthusiasm, all his courses have been fun to watch and very informative.