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Capture Every Customer Email in Your Online Store

Megan Auman

Beyond Etsy

Megan Auman

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Lesson Info

5. Capture Every Customer Email in Your Online Store

Lesson Info

Capture Every Customer Email in Your Online Store

In our previous lesson, you guys hopefully started to get over, not started you got over a decision, paralysis, right? We're moving forward, and so you created that new platform for your online store. You declared the platform that you were using, you registered your domain name if you didn't already have one, you and still the template, and you started moving products into your new store, and we started with just four to eight products, because we're actually going to be a little bit strategic about the way that we move them. And so before we actually move on to talk about capturing every email address, martha asked me a great question over the break, and I wanted to have her pause because I think it's something that some of you guys are gonna wonder to somewhere to go ahead. Well, my question was was regarding moving over items from the anti shop to the new domaine platform? And does that mean then we have to remove them from the tea shop entirely to avoid some conflict of interest. ...

So that's a great question and that's why I actually wanted to ask me that on camera. So first of all, the things you want to consider is, are they one of a kind? Or can you make multiple? So if they're one of a kind and you're moving them over obviously, to lead them from your at sea store, but if you're still in a transition, especially because we're moving your best sellers first, as long as your prices are the same, you can go ahead and leave them in your tea shop until you've navigated this entire transition and we're going to talk more about the whole transition when we're done. But I would say, as long as you're pricing is consistent, it's okay to keep him and you can make more than one it's okay to keep him in there for now. That's a great question. All right, so now that we start to think about moving our products, if time start to think about actually traffic and capturing people, and I want to answer kind of a couple of questions, so first thing is, if you build it, will they come right? That's the challenge. So we're launching our store, but we have to think about getting traffic there. But before we even think about getting traffic to our store, I want you to think about something really, really important. And that is that ninety nine percent ish of the traffic that arrives at your online store will never buy, and they will never come back because they will forget, well, look at this school thing. But I'm not in the mood to buy right now maybe you don't have an impulse buy price point maybe it's just not the right moment for them. Whatever it is, chances are they're stumbling upon your site for the first time they're not in the mood to buy and they will never come back there's a leaking customers and this is the reason that we're moving beyond etc because we don't leak those customers anymore. We want to capture as many of them as possible because just because they aren't ready to buy right now doesn't mean they're not going to be ready to buy in the future and the more of them we can keep, the better it is, so we don't want to send traffic to your new store until you've got email capture in place. This is really, really critical. We're going to move over our forty eight products, we're going to do that because it starts to give people an idea of our brand, right? They're not going to give us their email addresses, they don't know what we sell, they don't get to see our static and our vibe, so we need a couple of products that we need to see the store, but we really want to put our focus on capturing people's email addresses because chances are they're not going to buy the first time so before we moved too far actually go and just kind of take the pace of where we are so we want to share. Remember, if you guys are watching this live, you can go ahead and share in our chat room and you also share using are creating a hashtag and I'll start with our online iet's where you guys that do you have an email service provider? Do you have a list? Are you using it? So I was gonna tell our line here real quick. Yes, male jim, are you using it? It's? If I blogged, I don't email if I am aladin blawg. Interesting. All right, sarah? Yes, I haven't email list and it's on male chimp. And I'm bram ping up to send at least once a week. Awesome male chimp on sort of use it on, you know, all right carried out. We're gonna work on that for you more than that. I don't have an email list. Okay, male gym. It started in a weber. So and so are what we're getting in the chat rooms. Probably some do with some dough. We're getting a few responses. I'm myself use male champ. I also smelled just and everybody who's responding so far, daisy, chain pam in california, melissa and s they all use male gym fantastic, so if you aren't familiar with email marketing, abby glassberg ran a great class on the crafty maker channel it's called something to do with you about marketing I don't remember the title, but you could look at up so it's great if you're a newbie, but if you don't have anything, go to male champ sign up this is again we're going to get over that decision paralysis a lover's find too there's a lot of options, but just go to male chimps lineup it's free, it's easy. So what I want to emphasize with you guys is something a little different than I think the way you most people think about selling and that's that you don't sell from your store, you sell from your list very different from the approach that most makers take. Most makers decide I'm going to drive traffic to my store and hopefully they're going by, right? I even see it. I talked a lot of people out facebook advertising I love facebook advertising because it's quick it's easy and it means I don't actually have to spend time on facebook. It can do the work for me, right? But what I see most people making the mistake is that they're trying to send people to buy I spend my money on facebook sending people to my list because I know I am not selling from my store I'm selling for my list so even though we've just built your online store the most important thing you can do on that store is capture email addresses it should be your number one job now then you have to do something with them which we talked about in a minute but that should be your goal is to capture them so first of all we don't want to rely on the often form embedded in your template so here's the beauty of whatever platform you pick and whatever email service provider you pick which is probably in the mail chip escape it's not but it's probably going to be most of them have integrations with each other so you can go into shopify you can link your male chimp I'm going to score space you can link your mail chip this is actually really really important because it lets you collect email addresses when people buy even more valuable than an email addresses someone who's interested is an email address with someone who's already bought your product so we want to make sure that we've set that integration up and when you set that up what it's going to do is it's also going to let you install an email often someplace in your tablet here's the thing about that it's great that it's there it's not the most effective so depending we want temple you're using what I generally see is so this is my online store and if we scroll all the way down to the bottom we're scrolling for a while I got a bunch of stuff on there all the way down at the bottom there's an email sign up form you people make it all the way to the bottom my page don't even make it to the bottom of my age so it's fine it's there in case someone gets there but it's not enough so yes, go ahead and set that up but what we really want to dio is we want to make it obvious that you want your customers email address that is our goal so we're back to our mixing that a force so we're dating right now we're going to get our customers before we did our business now we're going to get our customer so we're not asking someone to marry us on the first day that's asking for the sale right? We're asking for their number except we're asking for their email address instead because it's twenty whatever you're you're watching this so we want to make it obvious now I'm gonna show you a couple examples and then we're gonna talk about ways that you can do this and again they're all fine we're going to pick one it's cool whatever when you like, so so a couple of these as you'll see are not actually in my shop there on megan almond dot com there on my main home page but it's all the same it's all traffic coming and I'm all working on that capture so I use depending on who you talk to people call it the evil pop up I like to think of it as the welcome mat friendly right it's not give me your email address it's hi welcome come on in what's your I mean what's your email let's be friends, right? Totally different mindset so I use this but I realize that not everyone going to give me this right away, right? Like I walked up to the bar and like I need to meet you what's your email right? So some people are going to use this but not everybody is so I also do a couple of other things, any place that I can put my form that feels obvious I'm going to do it so again, this is actually on my main site, which is built on wordpress, but what I did is I actually picked a theme that had the scrolling bar. So when you land on my home page, I believe it was with a net that we talked about home pages right so when you land on magnum dot com this is what you see it's just a nice landing page that gives you the systemic of my brand but then right here is this fancy bar that says joined the mailing list get style ideas noodle releases special deals straight to your inbox so this shows up this is designed shows up above the fold meaning it always shows up in the top part of the page it's also super magic because when you go to any page on my site like my blogged it rolls to the top so it's really clear on any page on my site that you do this now just in case anyone is curious I use one of genesis is wordpress themes and this is actually a bar that was designed to, like send a link to a portfolio page and I just made it linked to my email address instead nothing fancy, no plug and I just tossed it in there okay? So that just I want to show you this example of how obvious I think you should make email sign up so let's talk about how do you add? Opt in forms to your new site so there are four choices and you're gonna pick at least one of the top two and then you might pick a couple other ones that are kind of secondary they're not quite a strong called actions, but they're good to have so we've got the evil pop up males have actually used to call it the evil pop up you'll notice they changed that you can use some kind of promotion bar like hello bar there's one in shopify called promotion bar that I've been experimenting with you can actually put it in your sights navigation and we're going to look at examples of all these you actually put it in your sights navigation and then depending on what's going on in your sight you might include a call to action in your copy so somewhere in a product description about paige somewhere where it makes sense where people are more engaged and kind of thinking about that and I'll show you what that looks like two so in terms of the evil pop up there's a lot of options there's a lot of plug ins you can google email pop ups and find some options but male chimp now actually lets you do it they used to not but male gym now actually has an option you can go in to your email list forms click subscriber pop up add your image ads you're called action and then it's going to give you a little piece of code that you embed on your site and when people show up they get the pop up this is a slightly weird redundant pop up because it's the same practically the same image but I was trying to do this is an example for you guys so this is something that at the end of the day love him or hate him pop ups work and so it's something where if you're really committed that's where I would go it's obvious it's in your face make sure here's the key with pop ups test them on multiple devices because depending on what you're using, you want to make sure that this close feature or the x or whatever it is shows up on mobile devices because sometimes it doesn't and you can't scroll around and we don't want our pop up to make it impossible for someone to get to our site because I'm no leave right? So if you're installing the pop up, check it in in multiple places so the other thing to think about is remember we're not felling from our store were selling from our list so you can use the pop up but if you're worried about I'm doing a launch day and I'm sending traffic to it you could actually turn the pop up off on a day that you're sending a lot of people so if I'm using the pop up but I'm saying my new collection is coming soon sign up on the day that email that to my list we'll turn the pop pop off because I know I'm sending more targeted traffic they're already on my list they don't need it make sense that's option number one evil pop up and by evil I mean really effective and amazing all right option number two is some kind of hello bar promotion bar on I pulled a couple of examples these air actually people from our make a living selling what you make facebook groups so a little shout out to them so he's a really great because it gives you this far less obtrusive than the pop up but it's still fairly obvious you can give your call to action you can ask people to insert their information right there makes it really easy hello bar is a good option fairly inexpensively guess that promotion bar works you could see it just gives you a thing and then most of them also gives you the option to turn it off right? So if they don't want it, they can exit out and this is why I still actually use whatever email form is embedded in my template because if they act out of all of this stuff and then they decide later that they want to sign up it's still there. So I would say which ever one you feel more comfortable with whether it's a pop up or some kind of emotional bar I want you to install one of those too. So what do you guys gonna dio evil pop up? Sarah, larry got a little pop up, but I also have a direct link on several different locations on my web perfect and we'll talk more about that a minute too and pop up promotion for like the promotional are already have a problem. Wait, that was very theme, kristin the promotion are perfect and that's one of the things we're right, you know, every kind of has their own sensibility about it, and I think either one is an effective option. Now there are a few other things that you can do as well, so you can add something into your navigation eso here, michelle are missed who's an abstract painter I hate the word newsletter I'm just be really clear about this here. I don't think you should call it that, but you can see she puts that link right at the top of her sight. So she's saying, here are the things the best ways to connect with me on instagram my newsletter I blow over my contact so she's asking people engage with her one of those ways so that's another way that you could do it so that if they click off of your pop up for your promotion bar, it's still clear to sign up what I like better is something like reformation here, they actually just have it's just a little envelope with the heart that you have her over, and then it says subscribe and you click on and you give them their information, so I think their audience is probably little younger, so they decided to make everything emoticon and that's how you figure out what you're supposed to do about their site I found it really old when I said that wow. Ok, so that's another option right there in the top again not crazy in your face but it's there if people want it so you can think about how can I put it into your navigation and if you have a call to action that people get so you get free shipping or something like that you could actually use that to I could get free shipping and that could be a link I would ever use just free shipping this people might not realize it's clickable so you wanna make sure if it feels a call to action so better than newsletter is subscribe or sign up or join something like that? I like action words because they tell people what to do so then the other thing that you can dio is you can think about places to put it in your copy so you can see I have my new contra collection because the stones are one of a kind every piece is one of a kind so I can actually go in all my pieces that are sold out my update my description so the first thing is this don't miss out join the mailing list to be the first to shop knew one of a kind pieces before they sell out that's a really great way if you're doing one of a kind or you just have things that aren't stock all the time because someone might land on this page from pinterest or from a link that I put out there at some point and they say, oh, palmer, I really wanted that this gives them the option to say yes, let me know if I you know, if there's more available and you could do other things, too, and you're about paige, wherever it makes sense, you can go ahead and embed that copy it and then it's just a link to your sign up form. So the other thing that I want to talk about is what's your incentive to get people to sign up. So this is another place this is we're going to call this our counter intuitive segment because the first thing that I said was, we're not telling from our store were selling from our list, but the second thing that I'm gonna tell you is I'm gonna tell you to ignore every piece of advice you heard from an internet marketer that says you have to give out some kind of a freebie, you don't have to give out a printable you don't have to give out a download, you have to get out free shipping. If you don't want to or discount code usually don't have to get out any of those things, but you in particular, don't have to give out those pdf says free measles, whatever it is because here's the thing the people that I wanted my list, I want the people who are going to buy not only do I want people are going to buy, but I want the people who want to buy first, I want the people who are most motive, they don't want the person who wants a free download of something, those are valuable customers. To me, those are customers who want a free thinking. Um, I actually want to share kind of a really interesting story because I just got an email from a fairly well known internet marketer, and she quoted a pre famous economic study, and she argued that there was the study where people were offered a what is a lint truffle arlindo truffle or whatever those are for fourteen cents or hershey kiss for free, and they picked the free thing, and her argument was that's. What makes free better but that's, not the whole story. The actual story is that when you raise the hershey kiss to a penny and then went truffle, too fifteen cents more people bought the trouble. So to me, I don't care about the people who are interested in free care about people who want to pay fifteen cents for the trouble. So that's, why? If you look at my call to action, I am really playing off of foam. Oh, right, I'm all about the fear of missing out now it works, it turns out, and it happens to work very well for my brand because I've launched this new one of a kind line. Every single piece is one of a kind. And so what I'm telling people and actually I could even do this better my thought it could be a little bolder. I just pulled us up as an example. I'm telling people don't miss out joined the mailing list to be the first to shop knew one of a kind jewelry designs before they sell out, because I want the people who want to shop first, that is the most valuable email subscriber I will ever get. I want people like sarah who are excited about the launch and who want to be one of the first people to shop. Now, if you're not selling one of a kind, if you don't have that quite really strong faux mojo thing, there's still things that you can dio. So this is tiffany and studios some of us have seen her around creative live on dh she's just says let's connect to her brand is all about connection so same thing let's connect fine up to stay up to date on the latest news and new arrivals that's the same sort of thing she's saying I want the people who are most interested in my products and that's her evil pop up I actually went ahead can we pull up sarah sight for a second so sarah doesn't know this, but I pre loaded her because I want I knew you had the evil pop up installed and I want to look at your called action ah, a couple of different one okay, I do remember that so are you because you're split testing them? Um no, because I actually wasn't able to figure out how they get them all the way I wanted them to in process. What are your other one say my the one that I have on the actual shot part of the site? Um says three different things sign up to receive special information about sales and releases I have done since the inception of my business creative tips for growing your own creative practice and your business miles little different to you not just product based don't make that three and then I I have a ten percent discount code that I also give and do people use that a lot? I have never even even selling in person. Not a single person has ever used it. Yes, thank you. And I have a free shipping. I have a free shipping code, it occasionally gets used. And when I've experimented with ten percent ofthe codes, they never get used because people aren't in the mindset to pie yet. And so they just it's not really a called action, so I would take that one off and then on your main site, I would make this something stronger, either like, stay up to date with news and information, or if you're sending people there because of the other part of your business, you could also make that creative tips and it's ok on something like this to give to incentives it's something that I think I d'oh I'm not sure exactly how did you do in designing an fda, but something you know to effective, like stay connected and then when you find out ps but this thing so that's ok, too, if you have kind of two incentives. But newsletter is not sexy. Who wants a newsletter? Right? That's the thing that, like your kid brings home from school don't even have the kid, but that's, what I picture way want to give them something way cooler but again, that focuses back on our product. Alright, so you go ahead and pull. Sarah said, thank you for letting us look at that. All right, so then the other question that comes up so everyone's gonna go ahead and install their things is now people are like, what do I do with my left? Right? Who got that? So how are you guys e mailing your list? Now you see a lot of cringes, a lot of I'm going to ignore making eye contact, but she wants me. So this is again one of those things that is really, really hard thing for most makers and artists and product people to d'oh it's actually, why I hate the word newsletter because the newsletter concerns this like I have to give them a lot of information, I have to give it to once a week on a regular basis. No, you don't, so we're going to use our email list and we're going to d'oh something magic over and over and over again, and this is why we didn't move all of our products in one shot. We're going to build anticipation, and we're going to sell, and actually this gives you an excellent called action for your email list. We're still shut, we're still stocking the new shop sign up for our email list to be the first to know when your products arrive the perfect called action is you're transitioning so then what you're going to do is every time that you bring a new batch of products over you're going to send out one to two e mails in the week leading up teething those products hey guys next week I'm bringing in new products here's a couple of pictures we're talking a minute about kind of making them more thematic right? I want to make this an event but every time we're thinking about moving things over you're gonna do this maybe ever every week every couple of weeks I'll get you said karen, we're going to send an email or two depending on how big our launches products for moving over and then on the day they're available on email goes out that says head over to the shop and buy the new things if you have seventy products and you move a handful of them over every two weeks like half a year's worth of e mailing right there done salt karen so my problem is I feel like I don't want to overburden people with newsletters it's not a newsletter it's not a news not a newsletter email and they lined up to get it right but how many how often is too often because I unsubscribed from things all the time because I'm like you have been blinding me with the same information that is absolutely true, but I bet a lot of those people are e mailing you what every day, every other day I would say once a week, if you're in a launch sequence, you could maybe d'oh twice in that week, but then I usually take about a week off after launch or a little bit longer so I wouldn't go every day, but I would go, you know, we're on once a week, I think is totally acceptable other thing to keep in mind is unsubscribed or okay, because they don't want you, they're not your real customer. We want the people who really care and here's the other thing once your list gets above a certain size it's not free anymore, so you want to pay for people who don't want to be on there, I'm okay with sending them away, so don't again not every day that some people start to unsubscribe, but you can email a lot more than you're currently doing because the other thing is there's a flip side to this if you go too long without emailing people when the email shows up, they don't recognize your name and they also unsubscribe, so there is definitely a disadvantage to waiting too long you want to not let it go more than like two weeks because it gets the list gets cold and cold lists are not worth anything so do you pretty much use your email it's only for selling like if you have a blogger? Do you want to let people know about blogged updates or you pretty much it's it's only like selling product is selling products and not every email is a sales call, so that's the thing they understand that's this anticipation peace, so I will send an email that says, hey, I'm working on a new collection and working on this new grouping here's the launch date and usually in those e mails, I'll show a couple of behind the scenes pics here's what's going on in my studio and because I do like a call to action, I usually encourage people to go click over to my instagram because I post mortem hind the scenes there, but so not everyone is selling, but the e mails that aren't selling our leading up to the sale. Unless you're really doing customer driven content, chances are your blood post probably aren't valuable enough to bother your list with just to block it's just one of those things that I see, and even when I was doing like those really focused outfit posts, I didn't send them all to my list, I would pick strategic ones and send them every now and again, so if you've done something on your block that you really want to call people's attention to then you could certainly send them an email to say that the other thing that I like to send emails about that isn't part of the spell, anticipation and sell sequence is if you get a good piece of press I was profiled, someone looked at me, one of my highest open right e mails ever was, you know, my hearings were warned by tricia yearwood on the cover of better homes and gardens, it's a huge open right email, and I wasn't trying to sell them anything I just said, hey, look, this this happened, right? So that's another way that I even on my list that's product focused but not fail z time you devote tio, you know, right in the e mails and sending them out because though I find the problem because it takes me about an hour, our so if I may take you longer than that, takes about a day and say, I'm just like, oh, that means that you're writing too much a couple quick senses, a few good images called action move on with your life and our two and that's it. Yeah, I at one time had a really well maintained email list, and I still have it, but it's been a while since I've utilized it in any way, how useful is it to go ahead and make that so this isn't this is a fantastic question so if you have existing emails and you have been reaching out to them I'm assuming you have the list somewhere like an excel spreadsheet listen jeanne moos in your gmail ok did these people give you permission yeah they signed up with crutches perfect in that case then you should absolutely import them when you get into male chimp there's ways to import multiple emails at once male temple ask you did they give you permission to go ahead and do that? I realize that you're not going to get a huge response rate especially if it's been a while but it's at least worth trying especially if the products you were selling then are similar to what you're selling now it's at least worth rolling the dice and seeing and if you what you want to do is do that and then go through and if you get a ton of people who don't open and they don't open after like a second email our third email clean him off your list you want to keep your less nice and clean too do we have any questions for online I answer we get yes we have a few questions a few people have been mentioning digital products because they do digital problem rather than one of a kind and so they're wondering the same rules apply for additional products yeah absolutely with digital products you probably have a defend your price point it's probably a little more impulse buy it's a little bit easier probably to make the sales but you still want people on your list and you still want to drive as you're launching new products especially you know, one of things I think people who have lower prices what products take for granted is the repeat customer aspect right? So you might have an impulse buy and they might buy quickly but they might buy again and again and again and again you think about the digital products that you consume you've probably hopefully bought more than one of my creative life classes, right? You get those people to repeat, so we want to get those people on your list as well. Which is why it's really important to integrate your list with your shopping cart system so that those people can be added they can check the box yes, add me to your list and then they could be added and you can make those same consistent sales so you have all those same rules apply to digital products? Okay? Offering question. All right, so for now, you know, we just talked about a lot of different things that you can do with your email list, but I want to go back to our main action steps tomorrow we're taking this really decisive steps to get over our decision paralysis so I want you to add at least one obvious email capture method to your online store right now. If you are you bought this class, you could go ahead and hit, pause and go ahead and do that. So one obviously email capture meeting either the evil pop up or the promotion bar, and we want to get that in place now before we start driving traffic to our store. And then, of course, bonus points. If you can add more than one without looking crazy, I don't want three pop ups a promotion bar like six different length, but if you can add some place that is someplace naturally and your copy, you add the one that's built into your template as well. You can add a couple of those other ones, but really focus on that one obvious one and let your strong called action be we're still stocking our new store were still bringing new products over more products. They're coming soon joined the list to be the first to know. All right, people want to feel special, how to be first and, yes, not everyone's to be the first, but the people want to be the first like to spend money and those of the people we want on our list, right?

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Etsy® can be a great place for makers to get started. Once you have established a product line and begun to secure consistent sales, however, it may be time to grow your business elsewhere. If you think this time has come for you, join Megan Auman for Beyond  Etsy.

If you are ready to develop an independent brand, manage your own sales, and build ongoing customer relationships, it’s time to make the leap to your own domain and branded platform. 

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If you are ready to make the leap to your own domain and branded sales platform, join veteran jewelry-maker and business pro, Megan Auman for Beyond  Etsy.  



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Martha Preble

This is a great course! I am very glad that I attended; I now have hope for building an attractive website and take my business to a whole new level.


This class was awesome! Megan gives practical advice in easy-to-understand language. I feel like I'm more prepared than ever to take my store/business in another direction. LOVED it.