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Beyond Etsy

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Create You Timeline to Launch: Student Example


Beyond Etsy

Lesson 8 of 9

Create You Timeline to Launch: Student Example


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Create You Timeline to Launch: Student Example

All right, now what I want to dio actually wanna walk through this timeline to launch with someone we're going to bring our flip chart up, so I want to walk through this kind of scheduling some launches, moving people kind of what you're an email. You're less that wants to volunteer. Come on up. Put this down so I don't drop it. All right? You can see it. I'm gonna stand. All right. So before we start, tell us who you are, where we can find you, my name's desert and I'm I'm a stroll dot com ok, so you have a lot of products in your store. Is that correct? And that's? Not even all of them. I got tied. Okay, so you know how many products do you have? About one hundred seventy five back. Keep it grows. Okay? And have you thought at all about whether or not you want to keep them as you move into your new store? Yes. I'm just in the process of doing catalog number two. Ok? And so I'm weaning out, but then I'm also heading and that's why you are stationary, right? Stationary just always has ...

more. Excuse it's, just sort of the nature of the beast, but the nice thing about moving you to your own platform is that you can control and sort a little bit better than you can, even in your s he shot because you could really, like cross promote things. So let's, start with your lodge. What are your kind of top products? And you could maybe break the rule and move like twelve over it once because you are stationary. You have so many. So what do you moving over in your initial batch? Well, I was thinking I would do it because we're so near to valentine's the easiest way to do it because I can't pick one birthday one route, this one that is to do like a love themes collection. That way, it might be kind of meter s so you actually have something beautiful because you have so much seasonality and your products that this launch schedules practically gonna write itself. All right. So now, let's, think about kind of moving forward. What air may be like the next three to four groups that you're going to move over after this love theme father's day. I think you missed one min is in mother's day on mother's day from yeah, you're gonna move over mother's day, do you feel like in somewhere in here? Do you do a lot of birthday card? Is there a lot of volume birthday cards for you? So we may want to do that? Probably last spring birthdays. So you think we want to do that? Actually, that was your second one. Okay, let's, move a birthday batch in there. What else? Um, well, alongside the cards, I also do prince and ok, so that's off fifty kind of things and also to a lot laser would engraved okay products as well. So do you think that any of those have a kind of human ality factor that we need to carry on? Weii we need to consider and you're in your move? No there, there year round, but obviously it father's day or way of the gift giving occasions, right? It was a good time to think the other thing that we want to do with you is that because you have other products and I'm assuming your prints and your laser cuts are higher price point than your cards, we want to get some of that stuff, feed it in there so that we can bring your average dollars per sale up. So what I would say is I would probably dio love theme then birthday, then we're going to hold off on this one for a minute. And do either your prints or if it feels like the laser cut stuff is more gif t coming into mothers and fathers say that I might get the laser cut stuff next that makes sense you then we could do mother's day and then, depending on how you feel about how quickly you want to launch, you might start to throw in prince, and you want to all of them, you could do a group of prince, then go to your chicken, scratch there, then go to father's day. And so now you've got this sequence that we can go ahead. And so if you're doing your initial launch one, you then want to get the birthday cards out by the one when you think your launch those if this happens in the next week, uh, that means tapping in the next week if we're hitting that holiday a, um, two weeks after that, okay, so two weeks after that, we don't know calendar, so we'll just say two weeks, and then how are you going to go to get to these? I think two weeks between okay is manageable, ok? And I think, you know, you kind of have a nice it's a lower price point, it gets hot, advises people to buy, so I think it's fine to kind of move people through quickly like here's the next batch here it's coming here tonight match here it's coming and then you could just keep repeating this process as you go through all of them now if you're thinking about adding new products somewhere in here you might want to pause the sort of logical calendar thematic thing and say oh guys I'm doing this new product launch here is you know, whatever is like a new series of punch cards or ever in any kind of like some fun playful stuff happening so whatever kind of a female you can throw those in here is well so this is how when you're thinking about doing your launch sequence you can move over existing products but you can also always throw new product launches into the mix too and I usually with a new product launches I usually give myself a little bit more time because you can build up anticipation a little bit more because new is exciting so and with the that's sort of hard to say the word new because technically they've been out before so you can kind of build up a little bit more anticipation sent a couple more e mails people really excited about this new products that's nice to throw in there as well sense yes it's an action plan thank actually apartment and then you could do the same thing with the pages that you need but this is really we're not overthinking it. This is a simple of it has to be all right. Perfect, thanks. I realized it's simple, but that's the whole point, we're going to move you through it when you email your email list about your, you know, building the anticipation, do you at this every time you send it out to you? Also go on your social media like instagram and facebook and also post the same thing. Or so yes, what I actually try to do is I usually start building anticipation on my social media list before I send out the anticipated patient email to my email list. That was a lot of words, so what I say is, you know, I'm doing my next launches january twenty six I haven't done anything to my email list yet, but I've already started occasionally posting on social media. This is what's coming next, this is coming up, so what I want to try to actually get do is get them onto the email list before I send the anticipation email. The first email that they're going for me isn't the sales email, so I push it and I also push on social media even up till the day before, ok, but I usually starts eating that they're a little a little earlier because it takes people longer to notice on social media, great question

Class Description

Etsy® can be a great place for makers to get started. Once you have established a product line and begun to secure consistent sales, however, it may be time to grow your business elsewhere. If you think this time has come for you, join Megan Auman for Beyond  Etsy.

If you are ready to develop an independent brand, manage your own sales, and build ongoing customer relationships, it’s time to make the leap to your own domain and branded platform. 

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to know when the time is right
  • Criteria for choosing the right platform
  • Creative customer retention that doesn’t violate  Etsy’s rules
  • Techniques for traffic redirection and new customer acquisition
  • Megan will offer tips on managing both your  Etsy shop and new online shop while you are in transition. She’ll also help you decide when to officially close your  Etsy shop entirely, if at all. 

If you are ready to make the leap to your own domain and branded sales platform, join veteran jewelry-maker and business pro, Megan Auman for Beyond  Etsy.  



Absolutely loved this timeless course. Even though it looks like it was produced in 2016, the information is just as current and relevant today as it was back them. Megan is a great instructor ... easy to listen to; cuts straight to the important points; and breaks down the processes into bite size tasks so they don’t seem so overwhelming. Thank you Megan for motivating me to do what I’ve been putting off for the last 4 months. Sandy

Martha Preble

This is a great course! I am very glad that I attended; I now have hope for building an attractive website and take my business to a whole new level.


This class was awesome! Megan gives practical advice in easy-to-understand language. I feel like I'm more prepared than ever to take my store/business in another direction. LOVED it.