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Beyond Etsy

Lesson 9 of 9

Should You Keep Your Etsy®Shop Open?


Beyond Etsy

Lesson 9 of 9

Should You Keep Your Etsy®Shop Open?


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Should You Keep Your Etsy®Shop Open?

So I want to answer a question that I know everybody has had right from the beginning, which is kind of the final piece of our puzzle and that's should you keep your etc shop open and there are a couple of difference in the scenarios here and you can decide which one makes the most sense for you. So the first one is that you could close your at the shop as soon as your new online stores open and we're going to talk about all of these in a minute and I'm news close we'll explain that in a second second one is that you keep your every shop open until you finish the transition so between one of those two sites that way people can still buy everything you have to offer ah third option is that you keep your empty shop open for old products or seconds or things that cell there, but you don't really want to move to your new site, and then our final option is that you actually keep both open but you drive all of your traffic to your new site so let's talk about which one of those is right for ...

you. So first of all, when I say close, I very rarely advocate actually shutting down your empty shop here's why, if you shut it down, someone else can grab your user name and that means someone else can mess with your brand basically so I will always have an fc shop a magnum in his long is that see this it will always be there most of the time it's it's actually closed there's usually not any products in there sometimes there's a few I like remember and I add three things and then I forget about it for a year but it's there I also do that because I do know for my google analytics that people sometimes search meghan almond etc they usually do that and then end up on my site anyway but I've been on their long and after people look for me there so when I say close what I really mean is no products in europe the shop all right so you could decide as soon as the new shop is launched even though you haven't moved all your products you're going to take them all out of europe the shop right away there's a couple reasons to do this one you don't want to manage inventory over to shops you've got a lot of inventory that's kind of a headache, right? So just decide you know what? I'm putting all the energy into the new shop not going to worry about the fc store also if you're ready to make a clean break like I'm just over it, I don't want to deal it's fine quote, you shut it down and this is also, I think, a good option if you're etc store isn't generating a lot of sales for you, so if it's not if you're not getting traffic and the only traffic you were getting his traffic, you're setting there anyway. Just take all of the products out and focus on your new store that's option one option two is that you can keep your at the shop open until you finish the transition, so until you've got all of your products moved over, this is something you could do if you don't want to miss out on some more consistent fc sales that you're getting, so you want to make sure that people can buy all of your products, but eventually you do want to make a clean break, so we're going to keep it open for the whole transition. And in the meantime, as we're selling things, work on driving the new audience there, our third option as you will keep your shop open as a place for old products or seconds or things that you don't want in the new store. For that you kind of want to get rid of now isn't the only place to do this. As I mentioned, I do an online sample sale actually do it on my own site it's, a category that I only opened for the twenty four hours of the sale. I stuff a bunch of stuff in it and when the twenty four hours are over I take all of those products out of my store because again I prefer to sit in traffic to my site not to someone else's site but if you've got a lot of old stuff sitting around you could certainly do this and this also works if you rely on some sales from s e but you do want to incentivize people to go to your new shop so here's the stuff on etc but if you want to see the best stuff go here this works for that transition and then you have a fourth option especially if you were lie on sales from s e which is you keep your at the shop fully stocked but you drive all of your traffic tierney a store this is something that works if you get a lot of traffic or sales on s e from ft is kind of organic traffic if you are optimized for search if people find you there and it's okay to do this if you're relying on etc for a large portion of your income but you want to claim your online space and someone who I think does this really well is tiffany whiffs from tiffany and studios and she got on at the early and she just really understood at sea search now if you listen to stephanie talk she'll tell you that she was actually selling a lot algorithms change she was selling a lot less but she still sells a lot got me like over seven thousand sales on etc she's not shutting this down but she's also had times were fc has shut her down temporarily so because of that she also has a store on shopify she has an email papa that happens she captured people she drives all of her traffic to here but she needs that organic traffic now the other thing that she does that's really important if you're using option for is that the pricing is consistent it's the same price in her store and her etc store if you're going to do anything I would do something like free shipping here not free shipping on etc incentivize people to go buy from your new store now we're going to do what some people are going to shop on it because it's more convenient and that's where they found you but you know you can do things to incentivize them to do there so is your four options and you can any of them work you could do whatever makes sense for your brand all right seeing a lot of deer in headlights the real quick what do you do if you're feeling overwhelmed first of all got decisions nothing is permanent let go of the perfectionist do a little bit at a time but get the site launched first launch for products, email capture that's. All you got to dio everything else comes later, and then, when all else fails, focus on email capture. Most important reason to move, and the thing is, social media platforms come and go, email still works. It's still drive sales it's really important, and you want to remember that you are in control. This is now you're in the driver's seat, you have control, and you could do it at your own pace. But it's, do it quick. It doesn't have to be complicated. Work through the steps and get that launched.

Class Description

Etsy® can be a great place for makers to get started. Once you have established a product line and begun to secure consistent sales, however, it may be time to grow your business elsewhere. If you think this time has come for you, join Megan Auman for Beyond  Etsy.

If you are ready to develop an independent brand, manage your own sales, and build ongoing customer relationships, it’s time to make the leap to your own domain and branded platform. 

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to know when the time is right
  • Criteria for choosing the right platform
  • Creative customer retention that doesn’t violate  Etsy’s rules
  • Techniques for traffic redirection and new customer acquisition
  • Megan will offer tips on managing both your  Etsy shop and new online shop while you are in transition. She’ll also help you decide when to officially close your  Etsy shop entirely, if at all. 

If you are ready to make the leap to your own domain and branded sales platform, join veteran jewelry-maker and business pro, Megan Auman for Beyond  Etsy.  



Absolutely loved this timeless course. Even though it looks like it was produced in 2016, the information is just as current and relevant today as it was back them. Megan is a great instructor ... easy to listen to; cuts straight to the important points; and breaks down the processes into bite size tasks so they don’t seem so overwhelming. Thank you Megan for motivating me to do what I’ve been putting off for the last 4 months. Sandy

Martha Preble

This is a great course! I am very glad that I attended; I now have hope for building an attractive website and take my business to a whole new level.


This class was awesome! Megan gives practical advice in easy-to-understand language. I feel like I'm more prepared than ever to take my store/business in another direction. LOVED it.