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Choosing Flowers

One of the most common questions I get from people is how we came up with our recipe so farmer away definitely have an aesthetic everyone wants to know how he came up with that on drill it was just I wanted to be able to send flowers that I liked and I wasn't able to find an economic um you know, resourced but listen flowers often because I like to send flowers to friends that were also the style that I liked you know what I'm talking about the ones that you know, the pictures that flood your your social media feeds from the leading traditional e commerce companies s o I come from indiana I grew up on a farm in indiana and my parents still live there and when I want to send flowers to my mom you know they live in a little tiny town there's a florist but very far away it's not in in that area so I would have to use one of the big e commerce companies and what was delivered wasn't what I ordered and I didn't love it so when I created our aesthetic I just created you know what I would wan...

t toe receive myself so we always when we're training designers we tell them you know, we don't send anything out that we wouldn't want to receive because we want to take pride and show that we put love into that okay? So I like it a little wild so we created ok that uses a lot of wild bits in it if you're looking for the they call it modern aesthetic which I don't really think is modern anymore but you know the roses lined up in a square base or something like that there's nothing wrong with that style that some people style it's not our style does so way we'll gladly send you to someone else who can do that better for you we choose flowers in three different categories and we did not make this up so full disclaimer I think it comes from the landscaping design world we use thriller spillers and fillers it's a really easy way to think about flowers so that's miller's are the obvious flowers that come to your mind when you think of flowers so the beautiful rin uncle asses and the roses and you know the parent to apps here um there the usually big face flowers although to observe our big face flowers but they're really spectacular but they're the ones that if you ask if I asked everybody here in the room what your favorite flower at least probably ninety percent of police everybody but maybe one or two it would be one of the thrillers so it's the very obvious ones and then the second classification we have are the spillers so these flowers are the ones that add some wind z two of ok it also easy way to think about it is it's what lead your eye throughout the book if you look at it okay, where does your I go? So for instance, I'm just going to show you this one that we're gonna talk about next but when you look at this your eyes traveling throughout the bouquet, right and it's with the jasmine with the little scabby osa and the econ atia in the little buds sticking out so those air the spillers that we're talking about on the fillers are the obvious that the greenery that we put in it and a lot of people I should say a lot some people I think that killers are like a cheapening agent, you know, like it's like putting corn starch too thick and something that it's like a way to cheat, right? If we love the greenery and well people don't realize is greener he's actually really expensive? We would save a lot of money in our bouquets if we didn't use the greenery but we love it we like that it adds the wild look to it it looks more natural organic that's kind of what we go for it also helps in another way so when I came up this model like I said we deliver but bicycle well I wanted the recipients to receive the bouquet is in the same shape that they left our shopping and that wasn't happening at the beginning I had two definitely tweak the rest to be a little bit to ensure that they didn't move, so when we send out in a bouquet it's really tight it's packed very tight in the greenery protect the flowers, so if you're traveling with the bouquet, I always say, you know, put a lot of green remix that will protect and prevent bruising on the flowers as well, eh? So those are the three types of flowers I'm going talk about processing flowers next to anyone. You have any questions about the types of flowers that we that we use the thriller spillers and fillers? Yeah, so do you pick your fire is based on the season so like springtime, you'll have a certain kind of, um, you know, ours better, yeah, because we only use local flowers local grown, it forces us to only use things that air are seasonal, which is great with the weather here being a little bit different, we're getting other, you know, we're getting a springtime flowers now in its winter at times like, you know, some of the writings come earlier and that's what we'll use the really great thing about our model thing, I probably like the best besides the local thing and the nipple to support farmers that we love is that we get to use the best flowers right then so if we offered one hundred different options on our website like a lot of companies tio you would pre order what you want you want lilies or two lips or roses but they may not look good, you know? There it flowers are grown in nature and nature definitely effects how flowers grow so could have a major rainstorm and then all the roses at brown spots on him but you ordered roses so I'd have to send you roses, but this way we don't have to do that. We get to pick whatever is the best strike then so if bernanke was look amazing, we're going by those before the roses that brown brown spots on him so it's a really great way to do it, I think and I really I think that the local flower movement is helping educate people in the same way local food movement helped, you know, people understand that the reason that tomato doesn't taste good out of season is because it's not supposed to be grown then you know, and so the same way with flowers if we're forcing them off season are flying them, you know, thousands of miles, you know, a way in our country in chemicals, they're not gonna look as beautiful as the ones we're going right here in the right season

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Many brides are eager to put their own unique spin on their wedding flowers. In Boutonnieres and Attendant Bouquets you’ll learn to make stylish, custom floral accessories for any wedding party.

The talent behind the celebrated floral service Farmgirl Flowers will show you how to select, process, and assemble the flowers for beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres. You’ll get tips on:

  • Sourcing local flowers
  • Wiring and assembling boutonnieres
  • Creating a hand-tied attendant bouquet
  • Adding ribbon to your designs

Fresh flowers add beauty to every event, learn how to turn them into the perfect wedding party accessory in Boutonnieres and Attendant Bouquets.

This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.