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Build a Fan Base on YouTube

Lesson 7 of 13

Filming for Your Fans


Build a Fan Base on YouTube

Lesson 7 of 13

Filming for Your Fans


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Filming for Your Fans

So fear of the camera. You don't like the way you look. Which is insane, 'cause you look super fly. You don't like the way you sound? Thumbs up, okay. You don't know what to talk about. Thumbs up for that one. You don't want to come across as an egomaniac. That one got an early thumbs up. Anyone else here can relate to that, put your hand up? Okay. And I felt the same way, and you don't feel like anyone will care. Yup, thumbs up to that. Okay, and I hope everyone at home is giving us a thumbs up too because these are all common. So all of these fears will not be fears by the end of this session, okay? They're not real, you gotta just move past them, and you have to understand what Linda and I are saying about adding value. You have something important to share. You can help people, you can inspire people, you can entertain people, don't hide that because of your own fears. Okay? The keys to make filming easy. The camera is your friend, literally. It is your friend and my best advice, w...

hen you're nervous, when I was in broadcasting school, they had us put a picture of someone that we were really comfortable with, just below the camera. So it felt like I was talking to my mom, my best friend, my boyfriend, and it creates this really natural dynamic because here's the thing, the moment that you start thinking you're talking to a thousand or a million people in that camera, is the moment you look like this. (audience laughs) Or like this, for people at home. So you need to make sure that you're talking to a friend. You're treating it like one person, that camera is one person, it's not millions of people, but you can reach millions of people. And the filming section of this, how many people here have tried to film an entire video in one sitting? Oh, no bueno. Does not work out for anybody. I can't do it. Too much pressure for you, and you are bound to screw up. So you want to film in small sections. You could redo it as many times as you like. You're the livestream expert, you know livestream is a lot more pressure, so this is easy for you. You can redo pre-produced videos as much as you'd like. You can do the intro 50 million times if you need to. Clap when you make a mistake. So if you're going through your script and you're saying, "Today I'm gonna teach you about "camera settings for... what was I going to say?" (claps) Make some noise, it'll create a spike in the audio, you know where to cut or your editor knows where to cut. Move on, do it again. And remember, you're in control. The camera's not out to get you, the audience wants you to succeed, nothing more awkward than watching someone awkward on camera or onstage, makes everyone uncomfortable. We want you to succeed. And you're going to. So, we filmed Laura. (laughs) This is where the comedic value of today comes in. Do you want to just touch on what we did in this video? Yes, we're looking to do a really simple format video, to prove your point that anybody can do this and despite the fact that I speak in this situation, I don't do this kind of YouTube thing, so this was new to me and I think people will see. (audience laughs) Clearly. Super ominous. Yes and I want to reiterate the fact, I'm comfortable on camera, I've been doing this for a decade, I still screw up all the time. Laura, very comfortable on camera, as you've seen, she's amazing on camera. Moment you start getting in your head about it or trying to do something all at once, it's not gonna happen. So we did a couple takes and this is the first take and I said, okay cool. You've got an idea of the script, I gave you the bullet points, it's the script that I showed you. She goes, yeah, cool. And I go, okay, film the whole thing at once. Let's just try to get it through at one time. Take a look. So in this video, for step one, we're gonna take a look at the best settings for taking a headshot and then after that we are going to try and edit and that headshot down into, um, a good-looking, yeah. (laughs) Already. It's okay! That's what happens when you try to do it all in one fell swoop. Okay. Solid lesson, right? And we can all relate. I can relate to that. And it doesn't make you feel good and it's a frustrating experience because filming one video that should take you ten minutes max, takes you three hours. And you go, I never want to do this again because it wasn't a good experience the first time. So, we want to make it a good experience. We want you to feel really confident and really proud of yourself when you do this. So what we're actually going to do is recap what we've learned, kay? So we're gonna go over some of the things that we talked about today. What's the best kind of content to make when you want to build momentum on your channel? Anybody want to answer that question? Searchable content? There you go. What can you do to create searchable content, there's a list you can make, there's a certain kind of question you can ask your audience, Jerry, do you want to answer that one? You can search who is having good results of content on a competition? By using the topics that you have on your Mastered That list, there we go. So everyone watching at home, if you have your Mastered That list, that's what I want you to do over the break. I want you to find a few video topics that could work for you. And look up FAQs or ask your audience. Right now, you can do this, it'll take two seconds. Go onto Facebook, go onto Twitter, go onto Instagram, create a poll, ask your audience what they want you to teach. So, that's how we create or find topics to create content around, how we create the content is the hot script formula, simple, to the point, gives them the outcome, increases retention, and then we film in small sections, so that video that we started to film yesterday with Laura, we actually redid it and we filmed it in small sections and you're gonna see the edited version that we just did between the two of us in less than 30 minutes after we come back.

Class Description

We all know YouTube as the preeminent place for video online. But did you know that it’s also the second-most popular social site with 1.5 billion users and the second most popular search engine right after Google?

YouTube offers boundless opportunities for businesses looking to make their mark online, but many entrepreneurs and marketers don’t know how to create content that rises above the rest and parlay their video views into actual sales.

Touted as a “marketing master” by, Sunny Lenarduzzi works with entrepreneurs, personal brands and corporations to create brand strategies using social media and video marketing. She’ll teach you the secrets to choosing topics that will attract viewers, writing scripts that increase retention, and turning viewers into leads and buyers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the best topics based on search terms and keywords.
  • Optimize your title, description and tags for search engines.
  • Write a script using the H.O.T. formula to maximize retention.
  • Film a video to make it easier to edit.
  • Upload video to YouTube.
  • Understand the YouTube algorithm.
  • Promote and distribute your video through social media and email.
  • Continue getting traffic to your videos for years to come.



I make videos professionally. Perfect videos will not necessarily do great on YouTube, and not perfect videos may do well on YouTube. The secret is "the strategy behind them". Sunny´s class is great to help you give your videos a better chance for a "successful life" on YouTube. Thank you from Costa Rica.

Nadine T.

Amazing! Great class. Precise. Concise. Highly Engaging. Love the Q&A here. Sunny is such a boss on Youtube marketing. I binge watch the entire 3hrs and grab my phone and my mic to start making my first vdo right away! So empowering. Lots of great practical tips.... will come back and rewatch again.

vol leo

Phenomenal review on photography. Great presentations and his speaking through out entire review.