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Build a Fan Base on YouTube

Lesson 3 of 13

Get 100,000 Subscribers in 10 months!


Build a Fan Base on YouTube

Lesson 3 of 13

Get 100,000 Subscribers in 10 months!


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Get 100,000 Subscribers in 10 months!

We're now going to dive into "How to Go From Scratch to 100,000 Subscribers in 10 Months" and it's very specific for a reason and you'll understand in just a second (chuckling) so I just wanna talk about a few of my students. I have a program called "YouTube for Bosses" and that's the program where we've been able to serve over 2,000 people in building their businesses and brands with YouTube. So VeroSweetHobby is one of my students. She started with 2,000 subscribers. She's now, I think actually a little higher than this. She's growing at a really rapid pace and she's a vlogger and she talks about kids' crafts, and arts, and cake making, and she's incredible. She's also been picked up as an ambassador she is working with great big brands and companies because they've discovered her on YouTube. So I'm really proud of Vero. Amazing case study here is Development That Pays This is one of my students, Gary. He's amazing and awesome and he started, I think he had 800 subscribers when we st...

arted, he's at 11,000 now. Here's the crazy thing: Gary actually didn't show his face on camera until maybe a couple months ago. So for a whole year, he didn't show his face on camera, it was all animated videos, or all slides. Pretty crazy, right? And he still, he has videos that have hundreds of thousands of views on them. Because he's following the formula that I'm gonna show you today. Linda! Linda Raynier, she's amazing and she I think everyone's amazing (chuckling) but all my students are, all of you are too and Linda is, I think she's surpassed 200,000 subscribers now. She started with 50 when we first met, when she first enrolled in my program, YouTube for Bosses and she had made a few videos she said she was asking friends and family to just like or watch her video, which I used to do too, but she wasn't able to tap into what people were actually searching for so she was gaining no traction on YouTube. She's now at, like I said, I think she's past 200,000 subscribers and millions and millions of views. So I'm really actually quite excited right now because we're actually gonna bring Linda in and we're gonna chat with her about her experience of going from 50 to 200,000 subscribers in less than two years. Sound good to you guys? Cool! Hi Linda! (chuckling) Hey Sunny! This is so cool, and this is actually Linda's brand new set that she just made, which is really awesome. So, Linda, I have the in-studio audience here we have the audience watching at home. I was just talking about your growth on your channel are you at the 200,000 subscriber mark? Yes! Ahh! That was the basics of it Round of applause (audience applauding) So, I think it's really interesting, Linda, because you are not in a niche that a lot of people would think is "sexy", so let's talk about what your content is about on your channel and what your niche is. Yup, so I'm a career strategist and my videos are mostly about helping people how to land job offers. So anything related to resume, interviews, building confidence in your career, anything along those topics, mostly interviews has gained me traction. And it's incredible because like I said, you're not doing stunt videos, you're not trying to go viral, you've just added a lot of value from day one. So in going through YouTube for Bosses, and working with me, and getting from 50 to 200,000 subscribers describe the journey and really the light bulb moment for you of how you started to grow so fast. It definitely happened because I took your course, YouTube for Bosses, it's funny because the story there is that when I had just started my YouTube channel, you had mentioned it earlier, I had posted a few videos and I was begging people, "Please watch my videos "I need some views!" and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I feel like you-- Ooh, oh And you said there was this course Oh, is it okay? We're good (chuckling) we're good (chuckling) Awesome! And so I enrolled and that's where I learned exactly how to find what it is that people who I could help were looking for. And so as part of that, one of my biggest videos now, which has like, five and a half million views was based on one simple interview question that a lot of people don't know how to answer and I knew how to answer it and I just laid it out in the video and now that literally what's like, bringing all these people to me that one video plus a bunch of others but that was the one that I'd directly from taking YouTube for Bosses. Amazing, and let's talk about 'cause oftentimes, I'm asked, "How did you actually build a business using YouTube?" 'cause people are like, "Are you using AdSense" or "What are you using?" and I don't use AdSense in my channel. How I've built the business is by building an email list and delivering relevant products and offerings, which I think a lot of people in the room, that's what you kinda wanna do. For you, what has been the process of you had 50 subscribers. What did your business look like when you had 50 subscribers and what does it look like now? When I had 50 subscribers, I didn't really have a business (chuckling) I had a handful of clients that I had found on my own through my own network and just me building my business offline but at that point, I didn't have anybody coming to me through my channel or through my website, really and it was the fact that I had been putting out these videos on YouTube and telling people, "Go to my website, "and subscribe to my email list, "and grab my freebie that I had provided" and I still provide and that's when I started getting people reaching out to me saying, "I'd like to work with you" and applying for my coaching programs and so that's where I've been able to make my money is through my coaching program. But on top of that, with your help through also my course as well, Top Notch Resume. Which has been incredible. So once you build an audience, once you have people who know, like, and trust you and that's really the power of YouTube is that people ar finding you when they're in pain, and they're finding you when they need a solution, they're finding you when they need help. So I wanna talk about the fact that you started on YouTube not really with the business at 50 subscribers, I almost said 50,000, at 50 subscribers, and now you built a business. How do you think it sort of changed the nature of your business and your relationship with your audience by using YouTube versus another platform or versus another way of trying to build the business? I think YouTube is just so powerful because, I mean, I had this intuition too, which is why I initially jumped on to YouTube was that, I knew that if people could get to know me by seeing how I spoke, seeing my face, getting to know my style of teaching and really connecting with me through just watching me, I knew that that would build a stronger following than if, you know, if I was to write things and post them like blogs, or purely only sent emails without really showing my personality. So YouTube, really, in a way has allowed me to develop a stronger following but mostly a stronger relationship with people who follow me. And I think that's what's helping my has helped my business to be successful. Yeah, and I kinda preach that all the time is that if you build that relationship with people, you're gonna be the person that they wanna go to when you have something to offer and you and I both kind of started similarly in the sense that I didn't have anything to offer when I started my YouTube channel, I just was delivering valuable information and content and then I realized the power of it because you build an audience. So let's dive into that. What are some of your best tips for everybody watching this right now about growing a YouTube channel? What are some of the things that you have learned through the process, through working with me, through taking the course, to get you where you are now? I think you actually mentioned it earlier. The biggest thing is knowing what people are searching for. You know, it's funny, YouTube initially, it started off as just this entertainment people would just go on and watch videos of people doing funny things but now, people truly, you know any time you need to look up how to do something you find yourself going to YouTube because it's easier to watch and observe and see it. See the person teaching you how to do it, rather than maybe reading about it and following through the steps. So I found that if you can focus on exactly what you think the people who you would want to be your customers are looking for, you can figure what those things are and build videos and inform them fully, meaning like, don't just give like a 50 percent, sort of, "here's kind of what the answer is" which a lot of people do and in my industry, it's funny because in the career world, people give, like "this is how you answer" but they don't really give "this is how you answer a certain question" or they won't really give the clear tips and I think the way I've differentiated myself is also in the way that I deliver it. I'm extremely clear, I believe, and people can take exactly what I tell them and they can implement it and they start to get results. And I've had so many people on their own, without working with me, just from watching my YouTube videos land job offers from learning all the tips that I had provided for free. Which is another point. Is anyone in this room listening to that thinking, "But if I give away all my free content, "no one's gonna ever actually wanna work with me"? Anyone kinda thinking that? And that's a question that I get a lot I'm sure, Linda that you've had a lot too. Let's talk about that. So what has it done to overdeliver and to provide a ton of free content? Has it hurt the business or has it helped the business at the end of the day? Yeah, this was something that I have struggled with especially at the beginning, 'cause I was like, "If I just give all this stuff away "for free, who's gonna wanna work with me? "They're just gonna be able "to use all my information and do it" but the truth is, is what I learned was, the right people will reach out to you and you have to have faith that the right people will reach out to you because they know that, "Wow, if she's giving me this much value now, "think about how much value she's gonna give me "when I get to work with her one on one." and that's exactly what has been the case. Because the truth is, if I gave like, little tidbits of "This is how you would answer this question." or "This is how you would go about doing this job search." what I already know from my channel, the truth is, you're exposing yourself to the world. You're gonna get all kinds of people watching your videos. You don't want all those people to become your clients and they're not very good clients I mean, there's a whole bunch of them that probably wouldn't be people that you'd be happy to work with so it's really about giving value, and then attracting the right people to you. I think you just hit on a really important point I call YouTube the "Discovery and Attraction Method" because people discover you for the first time if you're making your videos in the right way that we're all gonna learn today and you're optimizing them in the right way to be found, they're going to discover you and then they're gonna be further attracted to you because of the value that you're providing, which makes you the only person that they wanna work with. So even if it feels like you're overdelivering, you're doing yourself a favor because even if someone in your audience right now can't work with you today, down the road, you're gonna have helped them so much and given them so much value they're only gonna want to go with you. It's that idea of reciprocity. So Linda, I wanna talk about also you've used YouTube to build an audience but as you said, you've used it to build your business and build this loyal following and fanbase, 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and it's built everything else for you too. Let's talk about the timeline. When were you at 50 subscribers? Probably about December of 2016. Crazy (chuckling) Right, that's crazy! So the growth has been exponential, the growth of the business has been exponential and I wanna really touch on you did your first course launch... it was a few months ago, you did your first course launch so you're doing one on one coaching December Yeah, in December So you did your first course launch in December so about a year after you started the channel, and how did it go for you? You didn't use paid advertising, you just did it to the people who found you on YouTube. Yes I had a few days where I did some livestreams on YouTube I promoted it to my Facebook group, I created a Facebook group actually because of this launch that I wanted to put out there so I created a Facebook group, I got over a thousand or 2,000 people join and I just started marketing it like crazy. All free, I did it all myself I didn't have an assistant like I do now it was crazy and you know that firsthand 'cause you were there to help me (Sunny chuckling) but it was insane! But in the end I ended up getting close to 300 people buying my course for the first launch. Ever (audience cheering) That's impressive (audience applauding) with just selling to her warm audience and her warm community that came through YouTube so I'm so proud of you. You've outgrown me (chuckling) (Linda chuckling) which I I don't think so You have, and I'm so happy for you and all of your success I'm happy that I've been able to be a part of the journey is there anything that you would tell someone who's just thinking about starting, feeling a little nervous about it, what were your hesitations or your struggles when you were first starting on YouTube? What were your biggest fears? Honestly, I would say the biggest fears what I thought other people would think of me. Especially my friends and family. And it's funny because I tell people this now, like, my aunt had seen one of my YouTube videos the early ones, not the ones from your course, but one of my early ones, and she was like, "What is she doing? "Why is she putting herself up on YouTube?" and you know, to be honest, I had to get over it really quickly and as soon as I started to see growth, I didn't care anymore. So, you'll get over the not caring about what other people think once you start to grow. (chuckling) I love it, I love it! So you started to see the growth and then it makes it go away. And I think another really important part of this, and you and I have talked about this a lot is, and this is how I a lot of the times get over nerves as well is that knowing that you're helping people because you've now impacted so many lives I think you're at about 10 or 11 million views on your channel, somewhere close to there. That's millions of people that have seen your message applied it, and they've been able to get jobs, they've been able to find their dream career, so it's understanding that yes, you're nervous because it's you and you're putting yourself out there but also, you're making such a big impact that once you take you and your ego out of the equation, it makes it all worthwhile and it takes the nerves out of it. Would you say that that was true for you, Linda? Absolutely, I completely agree. And you know what's funny is I get a lot of people coming to me saying You know, I subscribe to your channel because, not because they've necessarily found me on YouTube, but because their friend had found me on YouTube, or they had gone to a birthday dinner and you know, one person mentioned it and they told the whole table and then everybody looked me up. So it's funny how it's... it's not just by people searching you on YouTube if you make a difference in someone's life, they're gonna tell other people about it and then word of mouth, we know is the fastest way of marketing and I think that's part of why I've grown so quickly too. Yes, and you are amazing at what you do and you deliver so much value and you've helped so many people and I hope that this has been helpful for all of you to see the journey (audience members commenting in agreement) so thank you so much, Linda! We're so happy Thank you Sunny you could join us. I'll talk to you soon, thank you, Linda! Alright Thank you Bye So, pretty incredible story, right? That's some fast growth right there and she's growing at thousands and thousands of subscribers on a daily basis and the funny thing is, she's not making a ton of content. She actually took, I think, two or three months off not too long ago, and she was still gaining like 20,000 subscribers a month. So it's about understanding that she focused on content her audience was searching for, or is that hitting home at this point? (chuckling) and those videos are working for her business and working for her every single day. Why? She makes a video on how to answer a specific interview question. That video ranks the top of search results on YouTube. When someone is looking up from anywhere in the world, "I have an interview tomorrow, "how do I answer this question?" they're finding her. She's solving a problem for them. She's helping them. That makes them want to be in her community. That makes them want to subscribe. And that builds this forever fanbase which is what we're gonna talk about today.

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We all know YouTube as the preeminent place for video online. But did you know that it’s also the second-most popular social site with 1.5 billion users and the second most popular search engine right after Google?

YouTube offers boundless opportunities for businesses looking to make their mark online, but many entrepreneurs and marketers don’t know how to create content that rises above the rest and parlay their video views into actual sales.

Touted as a “marketing master” by, Sunny Lenarduzzi works with entrepreneurs, personal brands and corporations to create brand strategies using social media and video marketing. She’ll teach you the secrets to choosing topics that will attract viewers, writing scripts that increase retention, and turning viewers into leads and buyers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

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  • Write a script using the H.O.T. formula to maximize retention.
  • Film a video to make it easier to edit.
  • Upload video to YouTube.
  • Understand the YouTube algorithm.
  • Promote and distribute your video through social media and email.
  • Continue getting traffic to your videos for years to come.



I make videos professionally. Perfect videos will not necessarily do great on YouTube, and not perfect videos may do well on YouTube. The secret is "the strategy behind them". Sunny´s class is great to help you give your videos a better chance for a "successful life" on YouTube. Thank you from Costa Rica.

Nadine T.

Amazing! Great class. Precise. Concise. Highly Engaging. Love the Q&A here. Sunny is such a boss on Youtube marketing. I binge watch the entire 3hrs and grab my phone and my mic to start making my first vdo right away! So empowering. Lots of great practical tips.... will come back and rewatch again.

vol leo

Phenomenal review on photography. Great presentations and his speaking through out entire review.