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Get Ready to Accelerate Your Career

Lesson 17 from: Build Your Network and a Dream Career

J. Kelly Hoey

Get Ready to Accelerate Your Career

Lesson 17 from: Build Your Network and a Dream Career

J. Kelly Hoey

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Lesson Info

17. Get Ready to Accelerate Your Career

Lesson Info

Get Ready to Accelerate Your Career

Another way of looking at my equation of goal, network, tactic... I've already asked you to go and Google yourself. And see what comes up, because you're gonna start to... I'm gonna say Google yourself with this in mind. With your goal in mind. And then you're gonna create your little checklist of, 'Oops, what do I need to clean up?' 'What do I need to do better?" 'Maybe I need to, oh, lemme change that,' alright? Maybe you'll Google yourself, and you're gonna start saying, 'Oh dear. 'With my goal, I've identified networks, 'and I'm not connecting with those ones effectively.' So Google yourself, see what comes up, see what you need to clean up. Go to your calendar again after that. Your calendar's your priority. It's what you're doing and choosing to spend your time. And check and make sure you're spending your time wisely. What stuff do you need to shift? What stuff do you need to dial up? What stuff do you need to, you know, dial down. You may say, you know what, this is great, I've...

been on this not-for-profit board for eight years. They know me, the community knows me. Do I need to keep doing this? Maybe I should step aside for somebody else. I'm still gonna have those relationships. But, somebody else can step here and do this, because I've done everything, I've built everything I need to do here. Time for me to expand my network. I'm still gonna have that one, but I don't need to do it with the same amount of legwork, and sweat equity, and all the rest of that kind of stuff. Let me say, I'm personally a fan of term limits on things like, well any kind of boards, but particularly for putting a term limit ourself. When I chose to step into this new world of writing a book, I reached out to some organizations I was involved with and said here's the deal, this is what my life and my roadmap is gonna look like for the next three years. I can't add value to you. You need my help, let me know, but I need to step aside. Because you having my name on here just in face only? It's not me, and it's not good for you. You need someone who's gonna do the work, and I can't do the work, so I'm gonna step aside. One of those organizations didn't let me off the hook, but it was really good having that conversation because I was like... It's a women in law empowerment forum and I'm like, Betty-Ann, as long as you think I'm adding value. But I'm gonna tell you right now, here's the only value I can promise you and assure you I will do every year, and I will show up for your annual meeting in September. But outside of that, I don't know what I can do. And she's like, 'No, you're still adding value.' I'm like okay, when that changes, let's have this conversation again. Because I don't need to have a bunch of those things, because you know what, if I've got some time, I don't need it for the ego or the accolades. I think it's kinda false, if you've got those things there and you're not adding the time. But there might be new networks and things where I should be rolling up my sleeves and getting involved because I can bring my skillset, or as like Jessica pointed out, you know, what's the next thing for me? I don't know. I'm enjoying the ride I'm on. I don't know what the next one is. That probably is the next one. But what's the skillset, what's the thing I need to do, and I don't need to keep being on the same thing. So you're gonna Google yourself, you're gonna see what needs to be done. You're gonna check your calendar to see what stuff, in person, you need to change. When you're on that calendar, I want you to correct what I've already mentioned is the number one networking mistake: failure to follow up. I don't care if you look at your calendar for the last week, month, three months, six months. Find someone you needs to follow up with, follow up with them. We're human. We all have messy, complicated lives. If you reach out to someone and say, you know what, I realized we haven't talked, and you did this for me, and I want you to know what the outcome is, they're not gonna come back and go, 'Oh my god, you should have told me 'three months ago when I met...' No, they have messy, complicated lives too, right? So don't worry about it. But find someone to follow up, because that's the stuff. That's the glue that makes all the difference. I had an outreach from a former colleague, so one of my... Like I used to say when I was in law-firm management, one of my associates. Because it was an incoming class, and as manager of attorney training and professional development, you know, I was like the den mother. Mother hen for these careers, they were my associates. And I got this lovely... Like the equivalent of a hand-written note on LinkedIn. She said 'You may not remember me.' And it had been like eight years, and she described what she was doing, and she noted what I had been doing. And then she asked if we could reconnect, because she really did want to talk about something. It was absolutely lovely. Write the email, write the communication you would want to receive. Don't worry, 'Oh my God should I send this or not?' Think, how would you feel if that hit you? And write that communication. Those are my three things I want you to go and do. You're like 'Oh Kelly, you've already given us 'like hours of stuff we know we have to do.' No, if you only do three things, those are the three things I want you to do. Google yourself, come up with your checklist of what you need to change, and God bless, you may come back and go, 'Don't need to change a thing, Kelly, I got it. 'I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.' Check your calendar, check your time. Because if you can create more time in your calendar for yourself, do it. You know? An evening with Netflix and a tub of Haagen-Dazs is a really good use of time, right? You don't need to be running around. So create some time, create some space. Know how and why you're spending your time, and then figure that reason to follow up. We've hinted at this. Besides, I want to say, some of the worksheets that are with this course when you purchase it, there's some materials that are just the bonus materials from, I wanna say the goal worksheet in there. Yeah, got some LinkedIn tips, two pages of it. It is written from the perspective of promoting your expertise, and what you wanna be found for. It's written with two lenses in mind. What's the work you wanna get? What is it you want people to find you for? It's also written from the perspective of, what do journalists, and others seeking expertise in that field, look for? Because I have done a lot of workshops, and done a lot of work with journalists, and in terms of finding expertise. And in an era when they are short on resources, and short on time, and need new perspectives, they verify reputation on LinkedIn. So, if there wasn't another reason for you to do it, in terms of being able to say if you've got the credentials, if you know what you're talking about, that's the one that they use. And so, when you looked at my LinkedIn tips, it's written, really from that, again, the perspective of me as the lawyer, what's your craft, how can you vouch for yourself that you are this person who knows their craft, and also from the perspective of share your point of view. Because it's what gets you work, and it might get you the kind of opportunities, like being quoted in the media. There is one more slide after this, because why not have more slides than I've ever used in my entire life. You are your own best investment. And if you're not gonna invest in yourself, why should your relationships? So in terms of how you're spending your time, in terms of how you're honing what you wanna be known for, in terms of investing those relationships so they invest in you, I'd do this. This is where the rubber hits the road. For those who are early in their career and they're thinking 'Oh, but why do I need to?' Boy, you know, if you'd stay in touch with your college friends, you start this as a muscle earlier, it makes it... Think of the tidal wave, the momentum you can have later in your career. Relationships don't just jump and form overnight, it takes time. If you're in a company that allows you to go and do training and development, and you're like, 'Oh God, I gotta have the company professional develop...' This is your career. Wherever you're working, those are your relationships and that's your knowledge. Thankfully, technology has not gotten to the point where we suck out select bits of info... 'Oh I'm sorry, this is your information 'from working at this company, 'let me just take out that SIM card, right?' We haven't gotten to that. You change jobs, think about the number of jobs people are gonna have in their lifetime. You take that experience, and those relationships, with you. When I was doing a book event up in Canada, in Moncton, New Brunswick, there was a guy in his... I'm gonna say he's my age, in his early to mid-50s, and he'd been laid off from his job. And they said, you know, we'll give you an hour to go clear out your office. He's like 'I don't need that long.' I mean he'd been with this company for like, you know, 15, 20 years. He said 'No, no, no, just give me a minute.' He was still old-school, bless him. His Rolodex of business cards. He picked up that, he left everything else, and he walked out, he said, 'I didn't need all that other stuff, 'I just need the relationships. 'I dunno what I'm gonna do next, 'but I've got 15, 20 years of relationships, 'and I know where everybody is. 'I'm good to go.' So invest and care about your career, and your relationships like nothing else, because that's what's gonna take you further. And on that, here's where you find me. This really is my email. And I've already hinted at it, I answer it. I put in the out-of-office, you know, 'Hey Kelly, we're gonna reach your people.' I am my people. Still am my people, I will probably always be my people, because that's just kinda the way I operate. That's where you can find me on Facebook, on the business page for Build Your Dream Network is busier than my personal page. And that's the Twitter account to find me at, that's really me, and I share a whole lot of stuff. And, well anyway. (laughs) Some shoes, some politics, some food, you get a whole lot of Kelly stuff on there, so there we go.

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Wow! I have been connected to and following Kelly since I had the pleasure of seeing her speak live a year ago. When she posted she was doing a CreativeLive I cleared my calendar for the day and I couldn't be happier that I did! Kelly takes the 'blah blah blah' that we hear every day when it comes to career advice (whether seeking or building) and turns it into tangible, meaningful, and interactive opportunities to find what works for you, what gets responses, and teaches you how to level up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I loved it so much after watching the live production, (and already reading the book, and listening to the audible) I bought the class to refer back to. Let's go!

Tomas Verver

It's a nice refresher about how networking works. How to build your dream network and how you can help people with your network. The instructor is engaging, and helps you being authentic while networking. It's a nice sidecourse about the businesspart of being a creative entrepreneur.

a Creativelive Student

I couldn't recommend Kelly Hoey's book and course enough! She is passionate about community building and networking and her teaching style is entertaining and extremely informative with actionable tips in my business coaching. I recommend her book to my business coaching clients all the time in my lectures at colleges and for my clients. You have only so much time, and this workshop will be an investment in your career and business you won't regret. Thank you, Kelly!

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