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What Are Your Networking Struggles

Lesson 2 from: Build Your Network and a Dream Career

J. Kelly Hoey

What Are Your Networking Struggles

Lesson 2 from: Build Your Network and a Dream Career

J. Kelly Hoey

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2. What Are Your Networking Struggles

Lesson Info

What Are Your Networking Struggles

What is it when you hear the word network, or when someone says to you go out and network. (laughs) I see some smiles in our studio audience. That's why I'm so glad we're doing this in this format with Creative Life because, yes, reading people and seeing people and what it is when I sort of say that word and the ugh God. What are you struggling with? And, when you take this class, we've got lots of worksheets. I'm fortunate with my book, Build Your Dream Network, had an amazing illustrator, so, I love pictures and worksheets and things, and this class comes with lots of worksheets that you're going to be able to get your hands on. So, take a second and think. When you hear that work networking, what do you think? What's that fear that first comes to mind? What, we're going to grab that microphone and get this. I've got an active studio audience. I love this! And, maybe it's this third one. Maybe it's this third one that you're also thinking about. What's the thing that your doing over...

and over again that's driving you nuts and why you're like oh God, I've got to break out of this, you know, this cycle. I have to get off this treadmill of doing things that aren't producing the results that I want. Alright, so we did have a hand up. Someone had, I am going to say in good networking fashion, do us a favor, tell us who you are and what you do before you ask the question. My name is Tiffany Yu and I run a disability advocacy organization call Diversability, and for me networking just feels so transactional. I mean exactly like you graphic there. It's handing out business cards, but that graphic is saying the other, so I am excited to learn, yeah. OK, so that transactional, that feeling that you are powerless and that you have to undertake this activity because you need something. Okay, what else? When I hear networking, I just think, smarmy, schmoozey, here, here's my card, you know? And not any sort of real connection and I don't have problems meeting people and liking people, but it's that, clenching in my chest. You want to go wash your hands. Whenever I hear the word networking, and I am like, oh no, I don't want to be fake, you know? Yes, yes. It's that fake feeling, I don't like that. Yes, and tell us who you are and what you do. I am Renee and I am making a career change. Fantastic, fantastic. I love that, thank you Renee. Who else? We're hitting on all my favorite ones. Hi, my name is Heidi Lumpkin and I am a confidence and leadership coach. Amazing. What I would say about this is, cutting through the noise with networking, so, to your point about being able to make these new connections these days and forge new relationships, there's so many people. And cutting through the noise and making yourself memorable and while still maintaining that authenticity. Right, right. We're with all these choices of platforms. We're with all these options we have. How do we rid ourselves of FOMO, because we can get so distracted, what are we not invited to, what should we be invited to, what's going on, how can we make this meaningful without it completely overwhelming us or getting to Renee's point sort of feeling like oh my God I have become that person that I don't want to talk to at a networking event. How do we do all of that? This is fabulous. You're probably thinking, it's not fabulous Kelly, these are our fears and our struggles and our challenges. No, this is fabulous.

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Ratings and Reviews

Michael Donnelly

Wow! I have been connected to and following Kelly since I had the pleasure of seeing her speak live a year ago. When she posted she was doing a CreativeLive I cleared my calendar for the day and I couldn't be happier that I did! Kelly takes the 'blah blah blah' that we hear every day when it comes to career advice (whether seeking or building) and turns it into tangible, meaningful, and interactive opportunities to find what works for you, what gets responses, and teaches you how to level up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I loved it so much after watching the live production, (and already reading the book, and listening to the audible) I bought the class to refer back to. Let's go!

Tomas Verver

It's a nice refresher about how networking works. How to build your dream network and how you can help people with your network. The instructor is engaging, and helps you being authentic while networking. It's a nice sidecourse about the businesspart of being a creative entrepreneur.

a Creativelive Student

I couldn't recommend Kelly Hoey's book and course enough! She is passionate about community building and networking and her teaching style is entertaining and extremely informative with actionable tips in my business coaching. I recommend her book to my business coaching clients all the time in my lectures at colleges and for my clients. You have only so much time, and this workshop will be an investment in your career and business you won't regret. Thank you, Kelly!

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