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Transporting Centerpieces

I wanted to share with you how I transport my centerpieces for weddings and events and I brought my wonderful help her aunt tool here I love it it's it's really saved my life with taking my arrangements which are really intricate and they take a lot of work and keeping them intact this wonderful thing was made by a seminal floral delivery system which is a mom and pop shop in florida it's just you know it's actually a pop really because it's a man an old man who makes these and I think he's a genius if you're watching you're amazing you've saved my life thank you so the way this works is for example I'll take my arrangement and put it here you can put as many as depending on the size of the arrangement as many as six four or even just one if it's a really large one so you put this here you put this here you secure it on the other side and wella that's it it doesn't go anywhere um you know if the truck is shaking or what not which undoubtedly it does it does for me all the time in san f...

rancisco especially and then there's taller ones for you told her centerpieces or pedestal vases that air taller and shorter ones for those that are smaller and shorter to secure um anyway this is my system for those of you who wanted to know the flat bottom in the in the car first then you know I put them I feel these up with flour you know, with my arrangements and then take the tray and put it in the van actually speaking of which eva and heaven wildflower who is the person joining us from singapore wanted to know everything that you just said and they actually had questions about what do you do if it's taller what do you do if it's shorter right? So and it's just the side of the spokes I suppose right it's these guys that really are the key for the shorter on the taller arrangements, you know again for the tall ones pedestal you can use these and for the shorter ones you use these and for the medium height right here. Now the last question, though eva did want to understand how do you ensure that the stems don't shift around it's just a matter of making sure that things aren't touching space exactly know so when I place I get maybe I should have used one that already had flowers. I can also tell you is that and I'll show you um so he was a centerpiece all just this is not tall enough mobile use um what if I put the other ones that I haven't up here so you just go around and place them and this one is a little bit loose so I'm going to make sure that I put another one right here and look doesn't go anywhere and if I don't want it to be touched by another, you know other stems um my other put like one right over here and another one over here and that way they don't really get um they don't get messed up basically and that's great when when they're thinking how many of these should I order? It really depends on right it depends on the kind of arrangements you make, how big they are, what you what is your how are you going to utilize this and what your arrangement looks like so I would probably put two of these guys here transported and that's the seminal floor criminals floral delivery system in florida that was pretty much my my next question but did you have the ship to where did you actually go? We shouldn't t yeah, I mean he's hey was very helpful. We I don't I wasn't the one who found out about this my husband was the one who found it, so he was the one who put in the order, but I know that he had asked him questions about what we what we wanted he even has a little for if you make if you're for example, going to do a table with all sorts of eclectic arrangements like single arrangements, little tiny vases. He even has stuff for that, you know, that that will, like potentially grab the neck on one side and then the nick on the other side, so that then you have to arrangements, kind of each clip. Um, it's, really? Just he's thought about everything. He's pretty good. Yeah, we'll put this thing back. The artist's mind to worry about. Yeah, that's, right. You don't want to think of any transport. He clearly has done this one way or another to know what it needs, what, what a person like me would need, um, to make it so great.

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From the first dance to the last bite of cake, wedding receptions are all about the little details that make the evening shine, and gorgeous centerpieces bring the whole look together.

In Build Your Wedding Centerpieces, Kiana Underwood teaches the art of creating luscious, asymmetrical centerpieces. You’ll learn about selecting unique floral materials and preparing them so the actual arranging is more fun and seamless and your flowers look and stay fresher longer. You’ll also learn about choosing the right vessel for your table size and the overall look you want to create.

By the end of this class, you’ll be ready to create gorgeous, innovative centerpieces that complement your reception perfectly.