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Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

Building Your Audience with Live Video

Casey Zeman

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2 Finding The Right Audience Duration:40:45
3 Terminology & Building Trust Duration:12:29
5 What is Your Format? Duration:46:21
9 7 Steps to More Engagement Duration:53:52
10 Audience Q&A Duration:11:23
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2 Lighting Your Home Studio Duration:35:29
4 Google Hangout Preshow Setup Duration:28:25
7 Marketing Your Events Duration:37:46
8 Creating Your Promo Video Duration:40:44
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2 Repurposing Your Content Duration:49:25
3 The Webinar Lifecycle Duration:30:38
5 Automated Webinars Duration:47:49
7 Expert Panel Duration:44:15
8 Expert Panel (continued) Duration:27:34

Class Description

Ready to share your business with the world? Casey Zeman will teach you everything you need to know about creating, producing, and promoting online video events and webinars.

In this course, you will learn about the different equipment you can use to shoot your webinar, from your laptop all the way up to a professional production camera, audio, and lighting setup. Casey covers ways to use webinars to build leads, generate sales, and convert your community of live-streamers into paying customers. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about Google Hangouts -- from YouTube integration to using Google+ to promote events, and much more.

This course will give you the concrete, easy-to-apply skills to confidently share your business’s message with a whole new audience in a whole new way.


a Creativelive Student

Since I have been using Easy Webinar for a few months it was a pleasure to attend this workshop live and meet Casey in person. I learned a lot about how to take my already successful Youtube campaigns to the next level by including Google Hangouts. Casey is very knowledgeable and even though I have participated in the workshop, I have already reviewed the material again, simply because there is so much value in having access to this course again and again. The CreativeLive staff is simply awesome and I enjoyed meeting other, like-minded individuals who participated in the workshop as well.

Nara Lee

Brilliant class, worth every penny! If you are thinking of buying it, do it, it's super clear and detailed, love it x

a Creativelive Student

In word, Amazing! I learned more in 3 days with Casey than I could have in a year on my own. If you're looking to build an online audience from scratch or exponentially compound your existing audience, make the time to take this course. The great thing about owning the course is I can review whenever I want, I find myself going back over and over again to find just the right advice when I need it. Thank you Casey, and Thank you Creative Live Dennis Thompson